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  1. Yes, it does look awesome if you are a R&R kinda dude.👍
  2. The fact that there are people who put this sham up to us the people and expect us to believe anything he says is just an insult. I wouldn’t waste my time getting the time of day from any of these people because it would be a lie. Anyone who buys this is beyond brain dead, they are a sock puppet and that’s being kind . FJB and all those behind his stinking wrinkly ass!
  3. I also saw that to add one drop of the “Lugols” iodine to the nebulizer mix. My oldest son and his family went the delta and they used this for breathing treatments. Also, just had the omi-whatever go through my other son’s whole house hold. Breathing treatments definitely helped and everyone was over it in less than a week. I just got over a cold and used the same treatments.
  4. Hate to say it, but going to the hospital is not an answer if you’re un-V’d. Remdesivir and the vent is the only way they want to treat and the track record is not stellar. I just started care with a naturopathic dr. It’s an answer for me for now anyway. Sorry for your loss.
  5. Definitely prayers for the family. Tragic.
  6. Look up the CDC VAERS reporting on V-injuries and death. Realize VAERS is under reported 99% and we’ve shut down entire programs with as little as 50 deaths. We’re just getting played by the big P!
  7. GKids soccer games yesterday, getting well from a cold, practicing my finger picking.
  8. Damn. This sucks. RIP.
  9. Been watching this thread and not sure exactly how to comment. I can only say I’m self employed. I will never take this shot. It’s experimental. Many here have taken it so, I’ll leave my explanation at that. What’s really true is this is a trial run. The puppeteers will have another planned crisis in the future. There will be some mass event and new requirements will be imposed on society so it may return to “normal” at some undetermined future point. The antidote to the virus of the virus is to refuse to play. No masks, no shots, no tests. Non-compliance by mass numbers and this all stops. I can only say I fervently pray for this nation and the young ones who have to stand against this burden. Bless everyone.
  10. Ok, long story and I’m going to cheat here. This is a pic of me and Cheyenne about 7 years ago. She’s passed about 3 years after this pic. After Cheyenne, I adopted a GSD/Rhodesian mix who folded into our family the first year but in year 2 started aggressive behavior and biting visitors. I started a year long regimen of training and aggression modification but nothing helped. After the mix bit my 38 year old son who he had been around since I adopted, I had no choice but to euthanize. It broke my heart. That was about 18 months ago. The poor pup had been abused and many trainers told me they sometimes never get over it. Now, maybe I’m ready again. Anyway, I am really jealous of everyone’s photos and look forward to posting fur pics of a new baby whenever I can get one. I believe in rescue but am thinking of a pup this time around.

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