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  1. The second one with the flamey guy shows the level of government hack there are out there. If you’re listening to them, you are a retard. Sorry I can’t say it nice, oh well.
  2. Opposite side of Olds valley is still my fave sunset stop. Can’t miss us. Buncha old guys on quads.h
  3. I have I shocks on my 660 Rhino. Stock travel. Excellent upgrade.
  4. Oool. That’s why my neighbor’s roof ended up in my back yard!
  5. Ok, Went through all 29 pages to make sure this wasn’t posted. RIP Chester
  6. Maybe, when it comes to lock downs, masks or jabs we should all just say no. Or, better yet, make our own decisions. If we want the daddy government to give us a check, wipe our butts and take care of everything that scares us, we can just be the next commie victim country. What’s more, it’s nobody’s business if someone wants a shot, or not. If your worried, take the shot, wear a mask and rub your troll doll with purple hair, whatever floats your boat. Just leave me the f alone. just my rant. carry on.
  7. Once the dollar has been destroyed, you will see something new. It will not be good.
  8. For me, I didn’t buy into the mass hysteria when this all started. The mask this just looked plain ridiculous to me (too many reasons to list). The daily scare and control of what seemed to be fake numbers and manipulated data. Then you get this BS election. I don’t believe anything from corporate or MSM. Now it seems like they will do anything to get a shot in any arm they can. No one is allowed to question the “science” without being cancelled or thrashed to oblivion by the media. I’ve been in the public the whole time. I’ve been sick a couple times, but never got tested. I just decided to keep living my life and staying as healthy as I can. Less stress and state of mental peace is the main thing for me. I will not be getting the shot. Someone else’s safety is not my responsibility. That’s not a popular outlook these days. This all feels like at spiritual battle to me. Stuff today and the trajectory we are on just looks like the worst parts of the Bible may be on the horizon. That’s all I got to say about that.
  9. Why are they so anxious to get us all on their team? There’s more to this than making a few bucks off a shot. The stats don’t make sense. Nothing about C19 has made sense. We are being scammed and maybe sold a really bad bill of goods. Do your research about this shot before you take it, is all I can say.
  10. Live bee removal across the street from the house I was on today. Crazy thing is these were all girls.
  11. Sure babe. We’re friends.

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