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  1. If you guys ever need insurance try this guy jr weinrich with farmers insurance we send everyone who buys a sxs or motorcycle from us he has good rates. He saved me a $1000 a year on insurance
  2. I just got the toyo open country Ct they are supposed to be designed just for diesels I like mine so far and they ride good.
  3. Was flying the chopper over glamis today. Unfortunately someone's rzr was burning hope everyone is ok. IMG_1068.mov
  4. What a tough bastard gets attacked then hikes out 3 miles and makes a video.
  5. Pre cooked meals at home like casserole sheppards pie and other easy things that are cost effective and simple to reheat
  6. Maybe try star island Motorsports in Prescott my buddies have all had their recalls done
  7. Congrats! I never wanted kids either but now I have a little boy that's about to turn 2 and I wouldn't trade him or my wife for the world it's an amazing experience.
  8. I hope this is true it will be sweet.
  9. Just watched it with my wife. Man it looked like it hurt.
  10. hunterb

    Compound Bows

    Nope no wait no paper work either just pay and go.
  11. hunterb

    Compound Bows

    How much are you looking to spend like everything else you get what you pay for I would recommend the new Mathews halon x with a CBE sight or spot hog sight, ripcord makes a good drop away rest or just a simple whisker biscuit will do don't forget you will also need a stabilizer peep sight wrist strap and quiver of your choice there are tons of them that are all good products also make sure you get the correct arrow for the poundage you shoot your local archery shop should be able to help you with that. Other than that good luck. Just took this picture tonight.
  12. hunterb

    San Diego

    Looking for a good fishing chapter in San Diego. I don't care what I catch just want to catch fish and have a good time. Thanks in advance

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