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  1. Thanks I will check it out.....
  2. Anyone have one they want to get rid of....Or a place to buy one....Thanks
  3. Want this gone....How about 5K
  4. North County SD....San Marcos
  5. Total Power...lasted a solid 8 years. Just got a new one. The old one still works just cranks it over a little slow.
  6. Yeah maybe they are catching on who knows. Better to have someone paying a little less than not at all. Funny thing is I just went on and renewed my subscription for 4 month free. LMAO. After that ends I will do the same and see if they give me a discounted rate. If they dont I will cancel again and renew for free again LOL
  7. This is interesting. My subscription ended and they renewed at an elevated price. Every year I call and tell them I want to cancel my subscription. They send me to a a retention specialist and they give me a new discounted rate usually around 5 buck a month. I just went thru this again and they would not discount the subscription....So they canceled it. Pretty crazy
  8. How about 50 bucks...just want them gone.
  9. I just removed these from my car they work great. I went with HID. 2 lights with ballasts. 100 bucks located in North County SD

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