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  1. Not drastic at all in my opinion! After the first day of shooting the numbers trying to cross would drop exponentially. I think they need to set up 50 cal. sites every 300 yards and tell them shoot anything or anyone that crosses the border
  2. XXXL CJ


    I might have to put on some long pants today
  3. XXXL CJ


    :capn: Look at all those posers
  4. XXXL CJ


    What up Mississippi Mud Shark? What's going on Exotica? I'll tell you what, this state sucks. This humidity is killing me. Nobody belives me when I say Southern Az is humid, why do you think it's so green there BTW it's 101 and a dry 6% here Almost forgot 74 for a high where I'm at today
  5. If a older V-10 probably no problem with just the T/H and 1 rail, but if a Hemi might be a little much JMHO
  6. Bet he got paid real well too
  7. I think he hit the ref cause he was pissed he just got screwed. If that's the case then how come the ref didn't stop it the round before when Kimbo was on his back taking punches and elbows to the head and not defending himself for how long?? The ref keep saying he was going to stand them up again when Kimbo wasn't doing anything but eating punch's like he did earlier in that round Sorry Yoshi but new comer or not if you are getting 6 figures plus pay day than you should have better conditioning that to go ONE round. When he proves himself against a current (not a washed up Tank) ranked fighter and does something then maybe I will believe the hype, but till then I think it's all just a way to set a a PPV so people will buy and someone will make big money before he goes away as fast as he appeared. I would have liked to see that 1st heavyweight that won fight Kimbo instead of a guy that he whipped in their last fight. Kind of funny a guy that is 6-0 and beat the guy in the main fight is on the under card. Can't wait to see the Lawler - Smith rematch it was to bad that fight ended the way it did.
  8. I didn't know they let them out of the old folks home that long I remember seeing them in the 80's
  9. XXXL CJ


    I was being nice cause kiddies read these also
  10. XXXL CJ


    Getting better ????? At what laying on his back and getting punched in the head??If the fix wasn't in for him to win he would have lost, he was so gassed he could bearlly stand 5 min after the fight. As soon as he fights some top competition his career in MMA will be over. I hope that POS ref never gets to work a fight again. I'm sure we will see him more, probably in more of Kimbos fights to save his arse again and keep the publicity machine going so they can try to get some PPV money.
  11. where was Don King The ref did everything he could to make sure Kimbo won what a effin joke How does a guy with 2 mma fights headline??? Why wasn't the title fight with Robbie Lawler and Scott Smith the main fight?? Somebody tryin real hard to hype a guy who hasn't done anything but win against a bunch of noones. I see Kimbos career coming to a fast stop as soon as he has to fight some top competition The rest of the fights where great.
  12. Kinda funny how the price of a barrel of oil has doubled but the price of fuel has quadrupled in what the last 8-10 years good point.. didn't think of it like that.. And how many gallons of gas do they get out of a 55 gallon barrel of oil I know it's more than 55
  13. Kinda funny how the price of a barrel of oil has doubled but the price of fuel has quadrupled in what the last 8-10 years

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