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  1. My advice is to never assume that your real estate agent is looking out for your best interests. Both agents involved work for the seller since they don't get paid unless a house sells. Be careful what you tell your agent you can afford and set a target price under your budget. Also thoroughly inspect and research the house you are buying.
  2. I've had two sets of BFG's crack long before they were worn out. I also had a set of Michelins on my truck that were cracking and one of them blew out on the freeway. Not fun at all. I ended up trying a set of Bridgestone Dueler A/T's this time around. They were cheaper than Michelin/BFG's and if they crack before they are worn it won't cost me as much. BTW, the original spare tire under my Dodge is a Michelin is cracked all to hell as well and ts never been in the sun.
  3. May I ask why your 2006 5.9 needs a rebuild? I have a 2005 Cummins and the injectors are my biggest worry. I'm looking at getting a better fuel filter setup in my truck to hopefully avoid my injectors going bad. From what I understand a 2 micron filter is what these trucks should have had from the factory.
  4. Go bigger if you can afford it. 3/4 ton or bigger will usually have better resale in the long run and you won't be looking for a bigger truck when the toys get bigger.
  5. The older seats were better IMO. Same with the dashboard. Why Dodge changed the interior for 2006 is beyond me. The 2002-2005 interior is the best looking on the Ram and the 2009 - current is a close second. The only thing I don't like about the 2005 and newer trucks though is the G56 six speed. The NV5600 was geared better and more reliable. I loved the one my 2002 had. I hated the G56 so much I went with the automatic in my current truck. BTW, nice looking Mega Cab. What mods did you have?
  6. Dire Straits, Money For Nothing anyone? One of my favorite vids from the 80's.
  7. Herman Cain...he's black and Republican.
  8. I didn't vote for "Dirty" Harry. But I understand why all the hotels backed him. He already helped MGM Resorts get funding to finish City Center, but they are still losing money and their partner in the project, Dubai World is going broke. Guess who they'll call when they need a bailout? Harry already helped them once and I'm sure he will again. BTW, the high unemployment rate is due mostly to the number of people employed in construction. IIRC the percentage of people employed in construction was like 30% of the workforce where elsewhere in the country it is like half that. The boom here couldn't continue forever and had to end sometime.
  9. Quicksilver

    Now What

    Tax brackets by percentage and by the year: http://www.moneychimp.com/features/tax_brackets.htm Notice that before the "Bush Tax Cuts" those who earned just over 300,000 had a tax of almost 40%. Its not fair when the rest of us pay a lot less. I see no incentive to work harder or be more successful when the government will put you into a higher tax bracket. Right now the tax is at 35% but will go back up to almost 40% if Obama gets his way. I meant that she has credibility within the tea party. But then again, I've been wrong before. She lost her cred when she walked away from the governor post.
  10. We have a 2004 Rage'N LX. Lightweight it is not. At 29' you know its back there. It has been a good trailer but has given us some problems. A tire blew the first trip out with it and the gas tank cracked, which we had to have welded and braced. Aside from that though we are happy with it. I don't see much of a problem getting parts though as most of the stuff that breaks is made by companies that are still in business.
  11. What's stopping us now? Apathy You have freedom of speech You have the right to vote These 2 weapons are far more powerful than the ones you mentioned. Our forefathers fought and died in pursuit of these basic rights. They realized the strength of these simple tools over the weapons of opression. Would I fight to defend these rights? - Absolutely Would I participate in an armed rebellion against a government so many have given their lives to protect when I have the tools to change its course? - No I see alot of folks "stocking up" against their perceived concern that the government is coming to get them. While I advocate being prepared to defend ones home against all threats foreign and domestic, I fail to understand why these same people don't exercise the rights given us by our founding fathers to correct our current situation. I agree 100% What we do need are more conservatives going into education. Right now most of what our children are taught in school is highly liberal and the children never hear the conservative viewpoint. Thay take the liberal viewpoint as being fact. I think I had one conservative teacher throughout my school years and he was my junior high school history teacher. I learned more from his class than any other history class since then.
  12. What surprises me is the amount of money parents will spend on a car for their teenager. Even if I was rich there is no way my kid is getting an expensive new vehicle for their first car. If you want something nice you have to earn it on your own. JMO
  13. In SoNev we've had to smog diesels for about 9 years, and its every year!
  14. Amen. Let the government in CA figure out the error of their thinking and politics; AZ already has. Do not give CA any bailout! Sure, it sounds great to welcome in everyone from around the world, but there have to be limits to how many come in, and CA is clearly over the limit. So, what did you two fine Americans do regarding the last two presidential elections? Let me guess, Bush then McCain? You want to focus on the symptom (illegal aliens) yet ignore the problem (lack of enforcement of immigration law). At what point will you stand up and demand accountability from the person you're voting for instead of allowing him / her the comfort level of knowing they'll get the "lesser of two evils" vote? News flash, California is in the predicament it is because BOTH POLITCAL parties agreed to voter redistricting that virtually guarantees neither party will lose representation. In layman's speak they're no longer worried about being personally reelected they're concerned with getting their respective party's endorsement. Rail all you want, go off, hell, kick me in the happy sack if that will help you sleep at night. When yore ready to do something about it give me a call, 619 994 4047 Philip. Both parties have been dodging the issue, I don't disagree with that. I was a Ron Paul supporter the last election. It is going to take something like what is going on in Arizona to spark enough public outcry so that something is done at the Federal level. I believe that was part of Arizona's intent in the first place.
  15. Amen. Let the government in CA figure out the error of their thinking and politics; AZ already has. Do not give CA any bailout! Sure, it sounds great to welcome in everyone from around the world, but there have to be limits to how many come in, and CA is clearly over the limit.

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