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  1. @sausage450r I met your wife, WAY better looking then Robbie. Wanted to give a shout out to @JohnnyAirtimefor the SUPER clean install of my gooseneck, airbags and compressor setup! He's pretty much a perfectionist and you can tell from his work. Last thing I need to do is visit the hard to get hold of John Woods for the Hydra tunes and his tranny valve work and I'm done for awhile with the truck.
  2. I'd have to go back and find the comments again, but seemed to be general build quality, roof, leaks. I'm leaning towards the Genesis brand....but need to sell my other trailer prior to pulling the trigger on new.
  3. Took a pic of the mail girl the other day, I don’t know about “Effie Hot”.... could have been a bad angle.
  4. I like the Torque lay-outs....just don't hear good things about the build so staying away from this manufacture in my TH shopping.
  5. I'll be sure to watch for her, 😎. They put the dimmer knob there, stupid spot and will look for a stubby knob to make it less noticeable. I'm supposed to get in with John when he comes back from vacation in April. I can bring the valve body home with me to save you shipping. Hoping all I have left is air bags/compressor, John's valve body and tunes and a rear diff cover and I'm done. As long as it'll pull what I need and be reliable, I'll be happy with no truck payment, low insurance and registration costs. I wont be the fastest thing on the road but hopefully fast enough up the grade that I don't get laughed at 😁
  6. You passed by my street in those pics😎. Latest on my truck and high EGT’s. Matt thinks when the Bully Dog was pulled off some sort of programming was still left on the computer, he thought some sort of double program was in there...so he wiped the computer and rebuilt the stock programming based on the vin. I pulled an empty 18’ dual axle trailer up the hill towards to Alpine. In this video the pedal is smashed...He fixed the high EGT issue but I’ve lost a lot of power. My next stop will be John Woods, valve body and His tunes on a Hydra. IMG_0216.MOV
  7. Any chucking with that thing? I remember long ago I had a replacement pin box on my 38' Forest River that moved the turning components under the 5th wheel vs turning in the hitch, forgot the brand but it also had an air bag you could pressurize to reduce chucking. Rode pretty good....how does the goosebox ride compare to the standard 5th wheel setup?
  8. I’ve gotten a few messages in the last hour from some Gov friends that Trump is going to use the Stafford Act to mandate a 2 week lockdown in the next day or two. No flights, border crossing. Not sure of all the details and I’d be calling bullshit until I got the same info from someone I trust. Haven’t dug into the Stanford act yet.
  9. My truck doesn’t have anything in it now, so debating on installing a gooseneck hitch setup or bed rails. Any reason doing one over the other?
  10. This was getting on it on the i8 just before Tavern, 20 lbs boost and temps shot up within seconds. Just dropped it off with Matt so he can dig into it. Thanks for all the input! FullSizeRender.mov
  11. I was probably letting off at the time of the photo to keep the EGT's down. I drove it to work today to pay more attention to the boost, was just staring at EGT's and trans temps on that drive from El Centro. Coming out of lakeside going up the 67 hill in 3rd I got on it, almost WOT and saw a second of black smoke, then it cleaned up, boost shot up to about 25lbs but my EGT's hit 1,300 after about 3-4 seconds. Felt like I had plenty of power, just hitting the 1,200 degrees way too fast. @Lovesdunes, do you think that KC Turbo balanced assembly would do anything for lowering EGT's? Matt (Matt's Caddy Shack) wants the truck back and is going to drive it around and log some things. I noticed a small oil leak at the dip stick base that I'll probably have him fix while he has it.
  12. I paid $18K for mine, but it was pretty clean with lots of new parts.
  13. It was pretty windy, CHP close a lane and had a crane and big tow trucks trying to pull a wreaked semi up that went off the road. When I first saw my EGT hitting over 1200 I was turning 2,200 rpm’s at 10 lbs boost (3rd gear, 60 mph). I’m going to get the HPOP pressure tested, truck runs fine but I’m reading where these loose pressure over time and can effect fuel delivery.
  14. I crawled around to look today. It’s in the exhaust manifold. I’ve got a 4” exhaust from the turbo back. Someone said I should check my Hpop output, seems odd that might cause high EGT’s. Anyone here test their Hpop pressure before?
  15. I wish I knew more about this truck, still need to figure out what gears it’s running, know nothing about the turbo. Speedo is around 7mph off. So that photo is in 3rd, doing about 60mph per the GPS and turning 2,200 rpms and I’m hitting 1,200 on the EGT. Thats at the bottom of the grade as it’s starting to get steep. Thanks for the info, going to look into these things, gotta get this figured out.

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