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  1. I have a question... My great-great grandfather (and family) were indentured servants (my guess is today's woke means the same as "slave") He was brought in from Scotland. Cant get more Caucasian than that. So, reparations for my grandfather?? I think not! No holiday for you!!
  2. We decided to get a little further away from Cali. Bought a house in St. George, Utah the summer of 2018. We'd been riding up in this area for the last 10 years at that point. Plan was to rent the house out for 3-5 years then retire. That was the year CA allowed ballot harvesting then delayed the tally for a week after the election (got the results 'they' wanted). At that point decided it'd just be a one year plan. Now the Rzr is street legal. Bought a big, 2 up quad (street legal) Drive out of the garage out into the hills, or over to Sand Hollow for some dunes or air down for some fu

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