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  1. Yes, Utah did in 2013 for different reasons. Mostly because population is spread out. We drop off at the county office drop box. Here they actually use the safeguards like signature match with DMV signature. Watermarked Ballots. If the signature does not match they call you personally to make sure it was you. In a small population that works if there's a tiny percent that doesn't match. Seeing in a recent AZ audit that even if a signature didn't match or was just a line, it was approved. What's that saying... "...the people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything." A moral compass still exists in rural Utah.
  2. One of our hobbies here in Southern Utah... all us Cali expats, drive our street legal ATV/UTV, sit on the top of a mesa or Sand Hollow and poo-poo all the insane things going on. Some I hear, I think there is no way that's going on. It sounds like a "The Onion" or "Babylon Bee" article. Look it up, sadly, it's really going on...
  3. I have a question... My great-great grandfather (and family) were indentured servants (my guess is today's woke means the same as "slave") He was brought in from Scotland. Cant get more Caucasian than that. So, reparations for my grandfather?? I think not! No holiday for you!!
  4. We decided to get a little further away from Cali. Bought a house in St. George, Utah the summer of 2018. We'd been riding up in this area for the last 10 years at that point. Plan was to rent the house out for 3-5 years then retire. That was the year CA allowed ballot harvesting then delayed the tally for a week after the election (got the results 'they' wanted). At that point decided it'd just be a one year plan. Now the Rzr is street legal. Bought a big, 2 up quad (street legal) Drive out of the garage out into the hills, or over to Sand Hollow for some dunes or air down for some fun rock crawling. Finding the cost of living is half. (before the house buying boom) Seems about 85% of the Cali expats are like minded. The other's seem to have no idea why they moved here. Shocked it's hot in the summer months, and it doesn't rain much. In the spring and fall Sunday evenings reminds us of when you stay that extra night in the desert, and you hear a bike or buggy playing out in the distance. It's calming. And a majority of the COVID BS mostly ended last May. Kids all went to school in August last year. There was a mask mandate that ended on April 10 of this year. It's so nice going to a restaurant and seeing FACES. We see Cali plated cars pull in, people mask up, walk into the restaurant, see nobody else wearing a mask... WHOOSH it's in their pocket!

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