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  1. Going to have to "shush!" the EPA for a bit while they bring coal fired power generating plants back on line to charge all those electric cars 'they' want us to drive. THEN AGAIN, GM delivered 26 EV's in 4th qtr '21 Cant find any 'data points' to say how many were sold in '22 so far. Friend of mine says Ford is Mandated by gov to build 600,000 EV's in the next few years. They only sold 27,000 E- mustangs last year. (and I think they had a recall for all of 'em.) To me, they look like a Mustang with down syndrome. OR like every other "sport crossover".... I don't understand why Electric cars made by GM and Ford and most other independent brands, have to look like DORK mobiles. At least Teslas look like a nice sedan.
  2. I don't think I'd cary in CA. Even though CCW reciprocity might, sort'a be, legal for a little while... IF you needed to defend yourself, you most likely will have civil lawsuits for years. The criminal would sue if they survived and if they didn't the family or the state would sue, saying it was his last crime before he was going strait. They were a wonderful person and you took that from them. When I took the CCW class in Utah, learned in Utah you cant be sued civilly. Neither the offender or family can sue. I equate that to the "they needed kill'n" law I'm not a fan of "Constitutional cary". People need the education of a CCW class and competency on using a weapon. I see plenty of people open cary here. Was in Target a guy in front of me had a sidearm strapped on at the check out line... no one even looked twice. NO! sign on the front door saying (No GUNS allowed) Wont be the next mass casualty event!
  3. It’s interesting we’ve been staying, on and off, at Canyon RV park and for the last year and half they’ve been burying the Santa Ana river in a huge conduit. So it’s dry on top, but under is got to be flowing through the new tunnel….. curious what is the reasoning.
  4. But if there's homeless in the THEIR 'hood... Some head's gotta roll...
  5. Oh! That’s the place where the next mass casualty shooting will occur. Saw those all over Chicago a few years back, they’re up to 1541 shot so far this year….
  6. But, most are leaving for the correct reason... Cost of Living, a moral compass. I tell friends I hear GUN fire everyday, they're shocked... WHAT? I tell 'em yes people practicing in the hills (sanctioned shooting areas). And they're shocked we'd leave our house for months at a time. I tell 'em I just have the neighbor go over and flush and make sure the sink traps are full. Most don't even know their next-door neighbor. Heck we had a neighborhood "house party" to do our CCW training. so I KNOW all my neighbors are armed. The Cali-expats that have issues with all those things, move on pretty quick. Colorado and New Mexico welcome them... Shocked how many people don't do a demographic look, before they move somewhere. Only trouble is that dang mormon underwear does itch!!!
  7. We bought a house in Southern Utah in 2018, with a 3-5 year exit plan. That ended up being one year. The noise from Sacramento was becoming too loud to ignore. Yes, needed to be closer to friends and family, so only 6-ish hours back to family. And suddenly necessary this year with mother-in-law and a terminal illness. Been 'living' in the RV in SoCal for the last 3 months. It was nice to take breaks to come home periodically. So discomforting that California, as a location, doesn't feel like home anymore. But the WEATHER is great, and the wine at Costco is awesome!! And if you want to work, it's there in spades. Our observation: Most everyone pounded by fear for two years has had a devastating affect. (young people waking solo, outside with masks) It looks like it's becoming a population of working poor and young wealthy professionals. With the median price of a home being $1 million, that's a heck of a mortgage. If established in a purchased home in the last 20 years, it'd be hard decision to move to a different city in costal SoCal. I'd say at least half of my friends we've seen in the last few months have an EXIT CALI plan in the works. Sad for such a beautiful state. Did see on KTLA that Cali did loose close to a net 300K in population again in the last year. Article bent over backwards to blame everything except bad political policy....
  8. When we were down in SoCal for, what I think will be that last NASCAR race at ACS. We thought it'd be fun to do a couple days at Disneyland. HOLY CRAP it's changed in two years. We were staying at the Grand Californian the day they closed, March 13, 2020. First off killing the annual pass was dumb. We'd buy stuff with the discounts offered. I won't buy a $35 ball cap with a tiny mickymouse logo. I won't buy a long sleeve teeshirt for $75. Forget the cost of an entry ticket, and NOW you pay more for 'fast pass'. Rules are now, if you start on one side you cant leave to the other side till after 1:00, and if you try ( or do it by mistake) you get the third degree trying to get back to your 'approved side'. "You may not be able to get back in, let me call my supervisor" WTF! Disneyland isn't for families anymore. The majority of the guests we saw are single adults between 21-30, no kids. The new GIRLS styles, I think, are hilarious. MOM JEANS that'r badly ripped to shreds in the front, so bad that if they sit, their knee falls through. And expensive spandex outfits that'r really walking around nude with color. I see no under garment lines... So instead of being happy, fun, and entertaining it was stressful, annoying and the guests are now the entertainment And REALLY (he/him/ze/zim)'s BECAUSE SUDDENLY PRONOUNS MATTER, wearing princess dresses. Are you freeken kidding me!! Use to be the 'happiest place on earth' it's now stressful, maddening to be there. Done.
  9. Heard a younger (voted in 2020) ‘adult’ say, I’m voting Biden because Harris is hot…. Here’s your sign!
  10. Yup… was a large factor! 5.5 hours to Yorba Linda. Good thing, had to rush down last month.
  11. Home prices have leveled off the last few months… Other consideration is overall Cost of Living. In our area, Dixie Power is flat, $0.05.8 per kilowatt. Rocky Mountain power is around $0.10. Isn’t SDGE close to $0.40 now with on-peak higher. (read it’s the highest in the nation)… Other is water, trash, sewer, never more than $70 a month for all. Trash in SJC was $65 a qtr. Our water/sewer ONLY in SJC was $120 a month for a postage stamp lawn. Story I got was, person on the SJC water board of directors, meets once a month, got $100k a year for the trouble. It’d be nice to get that gig…
  12. We bought in St. George, UT in 2018. New build, did our upgrades that a renter couldn’t destroy easily. (Vinyl plank, cheap carpet). Had a 5 year plan to exit Cali. In 2019, my mom, only 72, suddenly passed of a surprise illness. That put life into perspective. Said, what’r we waiting for, love the area, off-road Mecca, great moral compass. Street legal RZR and Quad…. Started moving fall of ‘19… Wife retired her corporate job in January of ‘20. We’re out. Sold our, built in 1971, 1300 sf. PUD in San Juan Capistrano in May of ‘20 for near $700K. Felt lucky to get that (pandemic and all)… they’re selling in that ‘hood for closer to $900 now. And most are ‘70’s stockers, with some white paint. We are staying in the RV in OC for a few months taking care of older family. It’s shocking how SoCal has changed in the 2 years of being away. Most things are 30% ++ more expensive than middle America. It seems now, wealthy and working poor. Seems Cali has hit 3rd world status. The weather is great though!
  13. I like the training aspect... We lead a tour of some friends around Sand Hollow. They rented and the RZR's were BEAT UP. Rental place said they have a roll over at least once a day. The (stock) battery on one in our group had leaked all over and was mostly dead. The rental company buys new every year and sells the ones that'r least beat at the end. Said in 2021 they had a hell of a time getting replacement parts, especially fenders that were torn off constantly. And yes they should pass a noise level test. Because UTV's are street legal here, it will sound like an afternoon at Ocotillo Wells most weekends.... Moab is an odd and amazing area... They want the tourist $$$ but act annoyed that they come. You get the "look" until they see the Utah plate on the back.... The most annoying sound, other than a loud pipe, in Utah is, "Hi, I just moved here from California!" 🤣😂
  14. For us, our exit strategy started in 2016 with the "Spit California into 6 states" initiative. Saw a TV interview of a proponent of splitting the state. He said 'out loud' they wanted states were the super rich would reside and just have poor folks there to serve them. That the 'middle class' was just a pain in the butt because they complained too much. Basically a 3rd world caste system. And seems Costal California is nearly there in a lot of respects. Gated commutes surrounded by homeless camps (lets just call them tiny home communities). Started looking at the taxes we were paying. Figured at that time 60+++% of our income was going out in tax. Income tax State/fed, property tax, fuel tax, sales tax, new taxes on utilities... Nat. gas, water/sewer, trash pickup. Water bill went from $60 per month to $150 in about 5 years, with new taxes. The "golden state" to us, was tarnished brass. Now we work part-time, doing the same kind of work, and living really well. Our Electric here is a flat $0.05.8 per kilowatt. High desert area, 110º in July/August AC at 72º, our bill is around $100. Now too in California, with talk of 'home solar' incentives being massively scaled back, that's a whole other can of worms....

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