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  1. Thank you for the kind words. Its nice when a plan comes through. Years of saving and living below our means allowed us to pull the trigger. Without going into details, 18 acres with the pond and a 5,000sf home with a bar and movie theater in farming community about 30 minutes from Lowes, Walmart, etc. set me back what a typical tract house in Murrieta is going for. Fortunately, a new hospital is being built about 20 minutes away and sheriff/fire/emt's are about 6 miles away. We're calling this our "adventure" and don't know how long it will last. I'm a born and raised kid from San Diego and am not sure about the cold and momma isn't sure about being away from the grandkids. Stay tuned!
  2. Well, things came together and I'm now sitting in a camp chair in my "new to me" dinning room in Michigan with a trailer full of our worldly belongings sits in the driveway waiting for the movers to unload. Left a typical tract home in Murrieta for this. Nothing better than seeing California in my rear view mirror! Today, taken from the road; This is my view from the master bedroom without snow; Have a 2,000 sf home in Murrieta for rent via S&L Property management if interested. RV access (will fit a 25' toy hauler when using a mighty mover), pool, conveniently located between the 15 and 215 freeways. Will be listed in the next week or so.
  3. It’s time to retire and move out of state. With that said, my buggy is up for sale. I am the third owner of this car (since 2007) and can say it has never failed me. Quick, light, nimble and plenty of power, the car is fun and fast. Other than routine maintenance including brakes, shocks, transmission, oil changes and filter changes, I’ve had no problems. Car comes with loading tires, paddles, and hard pack tires. $16,000 OBO. 2002 Buggyworks, 5 seat, Long Travel Sand Rail 126” wheel base, 81” wide front, 75” wide back (with loading tires) First registered in 2007; clean title in hand 3.0 Honda J30A1 motor VW 091 Transmission – Rebuilt 2016 K&N air filter w/outerwear 12 gallon fuel cell – sips gas! 2” Fox Shocks all around – Rebuilt 2016 Tires/Wheels · Sand Tires Unlimited Paddla Track II · Front Razors · Hardpack dual sport Front spindle to hub converters HID lights Magellan GPS with holder Rugged car-to-car radio w/2 headsets Wing trunk w/misc. tools Misc. parts, oils, jack, Located in Murrieta. Give me a call/text (951) 526- 48 two one
  4. I thought about keeping the buggy but concluded that a SXS would get more use. If the winters get too cold for too long, I'll pick up a set of paddles and head southwest to Glamis.
  5. Thank you for the kind wishes. Although Michigan isn't a popular retirement destination, the outdoor activities along with the lower cost of living is calling our name. I'm leaving a typical 2,000 sf tract home in Murrieta for this...…………… We have appointments with property managers this week to get our Murrieta home rented. 2 miles from either 215 and 15, cul de sac, pool, RV parking.
  6. After 34 years in municipal engineering, the last 17 years at a Water District in San Diego County, I'm retired. I just left my exit interview, gave up my keys, my ID, and slide rule (what's that?) and am waiting for 11 am for my final lunch. After lunch, its a quick 18 holes at Temecula Creek Inn and then home to momma for a celebratory dinner at a local restaurant. Our plans? Pack up the house and then beat feet out of Cali. Please don't ask why, I don't have enough time to type the list. We're off to Michigan to enjoy the outdoors. We bought a house on 16 acres with a 1 acre stocked pond and woods with deer, turkey, fox, and other misc. fur bearing animals. It will be nice to hunt and fish in my own backyard. Its 13 miles from Michigan International Speedway and close to several public lakes, hiking, hunting, and fishing areas. My first goal is to vote out the America hating Muslim sympathizer Rashida Tlaib. It will be nice to be in a place where my vote may have meaning, unlike conservative votes in Cali. You'll see my buggy up for sale soon. Take care everybody, I've enjoyed the banter, arguments, and keyboard heroics throughout the many years and will check in once in a while.
  7. I have it and whatever you do, don't do surgery until you've exhausted all other alternatives. I was diagnosed many years ago C-4, 5, 6. After 18 months of pain management, physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, and massage therapy I turned to surgery and had cervical fusion. Suffice to say, the symptoms (like yours) have gone for the most part. Further, my neck pain was greatly reduced so I can enjoy better quality of life. There is nothing worse than not being able to pick up your kids or grandkids because of pain. My suggestion, if you end up going the surgical route is to visit a neurosurgeon as opposed to an orthopedic. Remember, in addition to the bones, you're dealing with nerves and possible long term nerve damage and you want the best. I did and I don't regret it. Expect a minimum of 6 month rehab. Good luck.
  8. Juan Pablo Montoya must have run into the plane.

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