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  1. I know exactly where that jumping rock is. Used to stay at the place right next to it.....it was called Bender's at the time...not sure what it is now. Also stayed across the way at Buckskin a few times. We refer to it as "Turbo" rock because it resembles our Boston Terrier, now. Ohh, and Thanks Chum!!! so how much did that cost to have that rock carved to look like your dog,lol
  2. thanks 4 the b-day wishes, i just found the page , and yes it is cold little snow right know. been drinkin alone for 37 days and its hard to get drunk alone.
  3. david vs goliath, screw the lawyers buy a large sling shot. good luck guys. no fights here, just cold beer and party cove,and crocked police. guess that would be a fight. peace
  4. well im not going this weekend one of you peeps can have my spot-enjoy and be safe- remember dont bitch it takes all the fun out of it.
  5. oooh shiat, somebody has some explainin to do.----- thats okay honey weres your sister?
  6. why what happens when the sun goes down--------- fun fun some bs alot more fun---- explain to the wife were the scratch came from, cant wait to meet up again. good times!
  7. I couldn't agree more crap dungoat i remember a night when you rode with me saying lets roll this thing and have some fun---- we had to tell you to just relax and have a good time
  8. oh yea were leaving in the morn-beer -ladies- gamblin-drinkin-relaxin c-mon.
  9. jimmy- jimmy who, thanks scott. I love u man. ooo u mean jimmy bzzz. lol
  10. jimmy- jimmy who, thanks scott. I love u man.
  11. red-necks teachin red-necks. ouch
  12. i agree the new points system sucks, tony doesnt deserve # 1

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