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  1. This car rocks! It has 3" raised uniballs front spindles, boxed front and rear arms. Cycles 17.5 inches of travel with 4" of ground clearance. I have personally done a ton of fabrication work on this car and the chassis has been updated in all aspects including for safety. Cage is built out of .120 wall tubing.
  2. Deposit taken. Sale pending
  3. 2006 4 SEAT 2.5 Subaru Turbo long travel sandrail Up for sale is a completely rebuilt and updated 2006 4 seat sandrail. I purchased this car roughly a year ago and completely tore the car down. I had a custom hood and dash made for the car and bought new gauges and switches. I powder coated everything except the frame. I built new rear trailing arms for the car and installed new micro-stub disc brakes using the large bearing assembly. Built the arms using a 1” heim and Delrin for inside pivot. Installed new seats, new Crow belts, new rack and pinion, car-to-car radio with 4 headsets, new rear bead locks, new 2.5 semi-closed STI short block, Ceramic coated headers, Air filters, Plug wires, new 300M axles, new steering wheel, new electric power steering, new wiring, ETC. The shocks have been rebuilt and tuned for this car by Sean at Dunntech. I have rebuilt several sandrails over the years and take great pride in the small details of a rebuild. This car came out beautiful. My intention when I bought and rebuilt this car was to keep it and not to sell it, but a V8 car fell into my lap so I pulled the trigger. I have put far more money into this car than I am asking and whoever buys this car will not be disappointed. 2.5 Semi-closed STI block with Forged pistons, forged rods, nitrided crank and race bearing TurboSmart Eboost40 digital boost controller with 3 settings set at 8, 11, 13.5 pounds of boost. John at Outfront dyno’d the car and at 13.5 pounds of boost, car made 331 HP New plug wires, air filter, seals and gaskets, Built 091 Tranny with 930 CV’s. Tranny was rebuilt by previous owner right before I bought it. Tranny has 2 trips on rebuild. New Control Cables throttle cable 4 PRP black seats with adjustable headrest and front 2 seats have storage bags on back of seat 4 Crow seat belts. 3x3 for fronts, 2x2 for rear all with padded shoulders New Kartek, PRO-AM billet rack and pinion. New electric power steering with all new steering u-joints New switches, gauges and all new wiring for the car. New Rugged radio Car-to-car radio with 4 behind the head headsets New rear rims with beadlocks. New rear trailing arms with 1” heim joints New Micro-stub disc brake kit with 4 piston calipers. New 300M axles and CV’s New hood and dash aluminum work. Guy did an awesome job. New 40" LED bar, New 12" LED bar and 4 3" square LED lights. Hanging pedals Adjustable driver and passenger seat. I am 6’4” 230 pounds and fit great. My 5’8” buddy can also easily drive the car as well. New fuel lines and filters Inside of panels has new black vinyl Rear tires are Dunesport #2 cut and front spindle mount rims with 8.50 front tires Reinforced front combo spindles PRICE $17,500 Please call or text Matthew at 562-500-4977
  4. The SoCal Chassis Works car caught my attention. The fit and finish is on par or better than any car out there. I did not see a price so not sure how they stack up but I loved their car.
  5. I can't recall who it was that was building them, but there was a thread that had several different engines with his headers installed. I have searched for almost an hour and I can't find that damn thing. I must be getting old.
  6. I am looking at buying a 2006 DD car and am looking for some feedback from people who have owned one or have ridden in one. This model I am looking at has a 136" wheelbase 4 seater with a LS1/2D combo with triple by-pass on all 4 corners. My main concern is how does the car fishtail or slide especially with that long of a wheelbase? How does the car compare to lets say a Funco Gen. 4 or 5 comparing how predictable the car slides and how flat the car stays in its turns?
  7. Sorry but something doesn't add up. Those measurements quoted above are of a stock length FS3400. If this unit is +3' it should be 23'2" to the first cabinet and 26'5" to the kitchen cabinet. Thanks for clarifying.
  8. It's a no brainer, restore it and relive the tale whenever someone new comes over and checks out your amazing stable of toys.
  9. I am in the market for a 2D tranny and wanted to know whats the recommended R&P and gear stack ratios for a rear engine 4 seat car weighing under 2000 pounds? Engine is making roughly 375HP with 14.50 Dune sport #2 cut. Thanks

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