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  1. I can't recall who it was that was building them, but there was a thread that had several different engines with his headers installed. I have searched for almost an hour and I can't find that damn thing. I must be getting old.
  2. I am looking at buying a 2006 DD car and am looking for some feedback from people who have owned one or have ridden in one. This model I am looking at has a 136" wheelbase 4 seater with a LS1/2D combo with triple by-pass on all 4 corners. My main concern is how does the car fishtail or slide especially with that long of a wheelbase? How does the car compare to lets say a Funco Gen. 4 or 5 comparing how predictable the car slides and how flat the car stays in its turns?
  3. Sorry but something doesn't add up. Those measurements quoted above are of a stock length FS3400. If this unit is +3' it should be 23'2" to the first cabinet and 26'5" to the kitchen cabinet. Thanks for clarifying.
  4. It's a no brainer, restore it and relive the tale whenever someone new comes over and checks out your amazing stable of toys.
  5. I am in the market for a 2D tranny and wanted to know whats the recommended R&P and gear stack ratios for a rear engine 4 seat car weighing under 2000 pounds? Engine is making roughly 375HP with 14.50 Dune sport #2 cut. Thanks
  6. Pointing out areas for inspection if contemplating buying a Tech 3. The picture is of the inner pivot bracket on a Tech 3. This style bracket came from the circle track industry and in its original style uses a floating spacer that would be removable along with the bolt. The long term problem would be the hole the spacer went thru would become oblong over time. The solution was to weld the spacer into place as it is in the attached photo.
  7. My only experience with a 5-link is on the car pictured above (a Tech 3) and there is no binding at all. Travel IS NOT limited because it is a 5-link. Travel is limited by axle length and cv angle and that applies to all styles of suspension. The Tech 3 pictured above has 17 1/2" wheel travel with roughly 4-5' ground clearance. At full droop the CV's are at a modest 20-21 degrees of articulation and the car could easily get another 1/2-1" of travel if you pushed the CV angles. Another worthy note is the axles only have 1/4" of axle plunge throughout its cycle which is a positive for CV life. I could understand your statement above if it was applied to an improperly designed 5-link, however Tech 3 did a solid job on the Geometry of the links.
  8. The track width does change as the suspension cycles but explain why less travel and what binding are you referring to that is associated with a 5 link design?
  9. That is one sexy ass car! The sister of this car is up for sale soon.
  10. Tech 3 cars are great cars. They are very stable at high speeds and turn on a dime. They don't fishtail as easy as a rear engine car but that will most likely happen with any mid-engine car. A few areas of needed bracing would be the rear shock mounts need a X-brace and the rear 5-link mounts have a floating spacer that needs to be welded to prevent elongating of the bracket hole. Front X-brace would be recommended as well. Is the one you are looking at have trailing arms or 5-link rear?
  11. Looking for a set of 14.50 Dunesports, preferably #1 cut. Let me know what ya got. Send me a text or call me @ 562-500-4977 Thanks, Matthew
  12. 1 bracket per side will be sufficient and easier to install/remove seats. Install the brackets so they are both on the same side of the tabs of the seat. In other words, don't put both brackets on the outside of the seat tabs, position one bracket on the outside of tabs and the other bracket on the inside. This will make mounting a breeze. You can run a bar or tube running perpendicular to the plates to stop any twisting.

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