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  1. 2 fans is too much for 1 relay. Buy 2 relay pigtails and wire in the other relay. What size fuse is on the supply 12V side of the relay? My guess for the melting of the plug is excessive draw on the power wire with a failing connection from corrosion or a lose spade connection. Replace the relay as well for good measure.
  2. Is each fan on its own switch or do both fans come on at the same time?
  3. Don't be calling my girl fat! She is just big boned with oversized ankles
  4. I share your concern with tire height and look. I also share the concern with my poor little 2D tranny against the taller 14.50-17 Dunesport tire. I think I will try and find a used set of 14.50-15 dunesports and try them out my next trip. Making the jump to the 17" tires and wheels is a costly proposal.
  5. What width rim do you run with those 16.50-15 tires? My car has 15x12 rims now. What tire would you recommend John for my car?
  6. It's a healthy LS1 and was told 500HP when I bought it. Car probably weighs around 2500-2700 pounds. Car has 2" hollows in front, mid board hubs, by-pass all corners.
  7. Wrong tire That's a sand tires unlimited. I am looking for a Dunesport made by sand tires of America
  8. Not the Dunesport 16.50-15??? Send me a link if u find them
  9. I ran them all week at 20psi. Unpredictable slides that caught a few times and scared the shit out of me. I am sure the tires work differently on different cars.
  10. I thought the Dunesport 16.50-15 was the same height as the 14.50-15 @ 29" carcass height
  11. I feel the 10.75 tires throw the sand higher and my rear passengers get blasted every once in awhile. I feel the shaved Baja pros throw the sand lower and under the car.
  12. I had 14.50-15 on my last car and loved them. My concern with them is the lack of height. It's a big car and I am changing my front tires to Baja pro 35's.
  13. I've got a new sandrail and love it. Only issue is car does not slide as well as I would like. It's a 2d/Ls1 4 seat LT car running 10.75 front tires and 33 blasters 2pro cut tires on 15" wheels. Most old threads point towards the dunesport 14.50-17. I've done a search and cannot seem to find where to buy or if they are still available. Who has them? My only issue with the dunesport 14.50-17 is I need to buy new rims. Are there any 15" tires that compare in sliding to the Dunesports?
  14. Great handling cars. I had the exact car with same engine but in white. Car handled great. Good luck with the sale.
  15. JM PRO

    Fab Skills!

    Great job Matt. I am curious if by blocking off the gaps if it will hinder performance in any way. The burnt gases might not be able to escape or vent and will be forced to travel downward and exit the bottom of the unit. Let us know how it works. Thanks

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