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  1. GD.COM I need some help! I just bought some brand new Extreme paddles with all 36 paddles still on the tire. I need to cut off 18 of the paddles. I tried the oscillating tool with no success and I bought the KnobbyKnife tire groover and that didn't work for crap. Fullerton Sand tires is now closed and I called Pro Wheels who bought them out and they cannot do it. I have called Extreme and they wont cut them. I've called Kartek, Mckenzies and Skat Trak and all said no. Who can cut them and get factory quality cuts???
  2. Thanks guys for responding back. Really appreciate the help.
  3. Hi guys, I am buying a pair of paddle tires off of King Tim and need to get them from Glamis to Fullerton or surrounding area during the MLK weekend. I know they are big so I have no problem paying a fee whoever can help get these bad boys closer to my zip code. Appreciate any help guys Matthew 562-500-4977
  4. There is at least 2 different Combo spindle snouts on the market that I know of. The tapered part where the bearing ride is the same, its the weld on shoulder height that is roughly .110" difference in height. What that does is throw off the caliper alignment or it can make the rotor hit the spindle body.
  5. Hey GD folks, I am looking for a pair of used 37x12.5 or 13.5 R15 tires. Tires will be used for making paddles tires by Skat Trak. Please no plugs and the beads need to be good and hold air. No biggie if they are chewed up. Let me know what you got. I am located in Fullerton Matthew 562-500-4977
  6. 2 fans is too much for 1 relay. Buy 2 relay pigtails and wire in the other relay. What size fuse is on the supply 12V side of the relay? My guess for the melting of the plug is excessive draw on the power wire with a failing connection from corrosion or a lose spade connection. Replace the relay as well for good measure.
  7. Is each fan on its own switch or do both fans come on at the same time?
  8. Don't be calling my girl fat! She is just big boned with oversized ankles
  9. I share your concern with tire height and look. I also share the concern with my poor little 2D tranny against the taller 14.50-17 Dunesport tire. I think I will try and find a used set of 14.50-15 dunesports and try them out my next trip. Making the jump to the 17" tires and wheels is a costly proposal.
  10. What width rim do you run with those 16.50-15 tires? My car has 15x12 rims now. What tire would you recommend John for my car?
  11. It's a healthy LS1 and was told 500HP when I bought it. Car probably weighs around 2500-2700 pounds. Car has 2" hollows in front, mid board hubs, by-pass all corners.
  12. Wrong tire That's a sand tires unlimited. I am looking for a Dunesport made by sand tires of America
  13. Not the Dunesport 16.50-15??? Send me a link if u find them
  14. I ran them all week at 20psi. Unpredictable slides that caught a few times and scared the shit out of me. I am sure the tires work differently on different cars.

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