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  1. I'm changing things up so I have a 48" rear suspension bench seat for sale. $150 Located in PHX
  2. But you will be able to verify if there is a horsepower loss when you put your car back on the dyno right?
  3. Convert to drive by wire and be done with it.....
  4. If the rail leaks, then it leaks fuel externally over the top of the intake. If that fuel gets into the engine, then you had leaking lower O-rings which would have been a vacuum leak/leaking boost during operation. The only way fuel can get into the cylinder is if the injector itself is hung open.
  5. You can also move the cable mount up on the pedal too.....
  6. Leave a rag in the intake?
  7. If you're running any fuel that you get from a pump in Phoenix, it's E10...... Just saying.......
  8. What does it really matter what tester you use as long as you use the same tester using the same routine to get the same results. As long as you run fuel that "tested" the same as you tuned with, then you should be ok.......
  9. Am I blind or is there nothing on there for E98 mixing to a lesser alcohol percentage? All I see is E85 and down but no E98 as an option anywhere on the page.
  10. Just to make your brain hurt a bit more because of the math, are you taking into consideration that the current fuel that we have in Phoenix is about 8% Ethanol with your mixing ratio?
  11. Yea, kinda like that but have the larger diameter on the inside of the mounting face instead of the outside so if/when there was a failure, then the larger diameter would not allow the spindle snout to pass thru the hole as a safety.

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