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  1. Try Select Quote. I contacted them and they shopped prices for me. They found Travelers was the cheapest for me. I have 3 autos and Homeowners Insurance with them. They cut my cost in half on the homeowners. Auto is expensive because I have a 17 year old daughter driving. I pay a little over $3,000 a year on the truck, van and daughters Camry. They insured my toy hauler too, when we had it. Insurance on the sandrail is Foremost through Jeff StClair.
  2. Congratulations to those that received bonuses and to those Business Owners that can afford to take some extra care of their employees and give them out. I learned a long time ago never to expect a bonus. One year back in the late 90's company I worked for was a little tight on funds and did not give them out. I was disappointed, but understood and would rather be steadily employed. Lesson learned. After that I received them on a regular basis while I worked in the private sector. I always greatly appreciated it, no matter how much it was. I have been working in the public sector for 1.5 years, no bonuses anymore. No big deal, you adapt and adjust. I like what I do, where I work, enjoy going to work every day and the benefits are great. Just recently found out I may be getting an increase in salary and I wasn't even aware it may happen, nor expecting it. That is a bonus in my book!
  3. I heard a phrase about a week ago that makes the utmost sense "comply and you will not die". All of the police shootings that have happened over the last few years could have been avoided if the criminals would have followed those 6 simple words. Its common sense, which obviously these criminals don't have. BLM is a racist organization out there just stirring up even more trouble in most cases.
  4. It is sheet linoleum flooring with the wood look and some texture imprinted. Usually Armstrong flooring, comes in a 12' wide roll There are many colors and patterns to choose from, check out their website. You can find local suppliers via Armstrong's website, as well. Home Depot, Lowes and carpet companies would typically carry it or can order it for you.
  5. Great video. Look forward to seeing the new addition to the collection. I have always like the Funco cars and would love to own a Gen 4, 4 or 5 seat someday. Great family business.
  6. I have a 2005 WW, as well. Jim replaced my front and rear caps, rebuilt damaged framing, repaired some roof damage and resealed the roof while he was at So Cal RV Doctor, 3 years ago. Total cost was approx. $7,300. I battled my insurance company who paid for all except $2,000 of it. Jim told me back then it is usually around $3,500 per location to rebuild, depending on framing damage. However, he does it right. Haven't had an issue with mine since. He does use luan backing when he replaces the caps. Good luck with the repair process.
  7. Sounds like you are talking about my car which is the same as OB's orange one in the photos above. HRT/Chenowth Explorer TA long travel chassis. Mine is a 4 seater with 115" wheel base, single Fox shocks with bypass all around, 002 Bus Trans, 2.4 liter Ecotec, weighs about 1,400 lbs. Try contacting HRT Motorsports in Ramona, CA. Not sure if they still have the jigs for building these chassis. I'm sure if there was enough interest they could build several of them. I know they have done a lot of the beam to LT conversions on the Explorer's. I saw a couple of conversions in their shop last season. The rest of my group are RZR's, but I prefer a sandrail.
  8. After 4 years of owning our 2005 SLC 3705 I finally had the frame upgrade done. I did not take it to Jim Goodwin. Jim did my front and rear cap repairs 3 years ago and did a great job. I did not want to spend $2,500 to $3,000 to have Jim's shop do something that seemed fairly easy to accomplish. So I took it to HRT Motorsports. I had photos of one that was done, showed Todd, and he took care of it. Did a nice job, as usual that is why I am a repeat customer. I am taking care of the cosmetics, like resealing around the fender skirts and other misc. minor stuff. I notice a big difference in the side walls. Couple of the very noticeable bulges behind and in front of the wheel wells are virtually gone. See the photos below.
  9. Onanysunday, I feel your pain regarding the MH search. We started searching for a MH in February. Spent every weekend for a few weeks going out and looking. Photos of the rigs look a lot better than most of them in person. Even took a trip to AZ, had a deal all set to go. Got to the dealer Saturday morning, they were working on the MH. After a couple hours we finally got to go inside. Wife looked around inside and said nope! After looking at many rigs, we decided to stop searching and keep the 5th wheel for a couple more years. Most of the units we looked at were not as clean inside as our TH. It amazes me how people do not take care of their stuff. In 2 years we will find and buy something in the $45 to $60k range which is more to our liking. Your MH looks good after all the hard work.
  10. I bought the Poli-Glo kit several months ago, haven't gotten around to trying it yet. Going to try it on the ramp door of the Warrior tomorrow. I tried the ZEP treatment a year ago on the ramp door. Did not like the results at all. After 4 coats it was streaky and looked bad. So, I bought the ZEP floor stripper and took the ZEP off, which made the door look worse. Had the sides of the trailer polished a year ago, that did not go so well. They did a terrible job, had to come back and repolish the next day, which made it better, but not to my expectations. The area I polished and waxed on the trailer looked way better than what the detailer did on the rest of the trailer. Now I am going to follow the directions to the T on the Poli-Glo and see what happens.
  11. Forgot to mention, I did have an issue with noise in the steering column. There was a technical bulletin on it and it was fixed many years ago. No problem since then. Towing will be night and day difference. You'll barely feel that your trailer is back there. Congratulations!
  12. What the others said above. I have an 06 Dmax dually, stock, with 130k on it. I am still on the original brake pads after 10 years, and that is with towing a 35' and 38' fifth wheel on average once a month during that time. I let mine warm up for a minute when cold before leaving, let it cool down for a few when towing. Do the regular maintenance, which I do, and have never had any problems with engine or trans other than glow plugs going out periodically. I was told by my mechanic that glo plugs were not really necessary in warmer climates like CA and AZ. Enjoy the new truck. Love my Dmax!
  13. My daughters and I Thanksgiving weekend 2015 at Buttercup.
  14. Started both of my girls at 3 on electric then a 2003 Kawasaki KFX 50 quad. My oldest is now 16. She went from the 50 to a Polaris 90 automatic for a couple of seasons, then we bought her a Honda TRX 250 2 or 3 years ago. I showed her how to shift 1 time and she jumped on and picked it up quick. Youngest is turning 9, still riding the 50, but is getting to big for it. I may have to upgrade to a 90 for next season. The KFX 50 has been going strong for 13 years with no major issues.
  15. Interesting to review the comments from 3 years ago that started this thread and see the new one's. We have talked about getting out several times. I love the desert and so do my kids. We finally got back into a sand car 2 years ago after not having 1 for 6 years. 3 trips into last season and the VW motor throws a connecting rod New Years weekend. So, I brought the car home, put it in the garage and let it sit for a month. We went out to OW Presidents weekend last year and I did not have anything to ride, but had a good time, kids got to ride and it was great to be out there with friends. Decided to replace the motor and go Ecotec. Got it finished just before the end of the season and had to wait until this season to go back out. Best decision we have made. Had a flawless season so far. Gas-up, fire it up and go play. That's the way I like it. Gets me anywhere I want to go and its reliable. We are also splitting our trips between the South dunes and Ocotillo Wells. Made 3 trips to OW and 2 to the sand so far this season. Hope to get at least 1 more trip in. Now we are looking at changing accommodations, buying a clean used gas MH and new 20' flat bed, selling the fifth wheel toy hauler. This would make it easier to set up when we get there (jacks down, slides out, done) and packing-up to leave. I've been doing this since I was 4. Took a 13 year break when I got married and started a family. I don't see myself getting out. Half the fun is the camping, being around friends and meeting new people. I would like to start going to Glamis more than the South dunes though. I need to work on that.

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