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  1. The SCOTUS opinion had to do with the Feds mandating vaccinations for companies with over 100 employees, which I have agreed with from day one. I don't thinks the Feds should have that power over private business's. I don't think there is a perfect answer to the issue. You and I could both give solid examples to back our points of view that the other would have a hard time arguing against. I am not even saying that I agree that its good policy for any private company to require their employees to get vaxed. My point is that nobody has the RIGHT to a job. You take that job willingly, and if you don't like the conditions, then leave and start your own business, or go to another company that has an atmosphere that suits you.
  2. Really? That's what you got out of that those examples?
  3. Please explain to me how a private citizen can "force" someone to get vaccinated? I was always under the impression that private business owners and employees engaged in a mutually agreed contract ? I guess that's where we differ. You feel that working for a privately owned business is a right. That's a very Progressive position....
  4. I said that I support PRIVATE employers having the right to set rules for their business. You're a Christian baker and you don't want to bake a cake for a gay wedding? That should be your choice. You're gay and don't want to bake for a Christian. straight wedding? Your choice. You own a hardware store and don't want your cashier wearing a burka? You set the dress code. Lets say hypothetically speaking, a guy that builds engines, has 6 employees, and his wife is at home fighting cancer and would pretty much be sure to die if she got sick. He feels that although he is a card carrying good ole boy that doesn't believe in mandates, votes conservative, has a sick collection of guns, etc. that even if its a miniscule chance that getting vaxed, and that telling his employees that as much as he hates to do it, they need to get vaxed because HE thinks it might be best for his situation, I believe he should have that right. His employees can either go along or sadly look for another job. Its not that I support anyone losing their jobs, its just think that its a slippery slope when the Government or courts can interfere with a voluntary contract between a employer and employee. I've owned my own business for over 30 years now, and I would never mandate that the people I work with get vaxed, but if I wanted to, I should have that right or they can work for someone else. BTW, most hospitals, including the one my wife works at, have mandated the common flu shot, or wearing a mask for a long time.
  5. Update. Wife just got home and told me they upped the pay to an additional $650.00 if they have a Covid patient.
  6. Of course not! Not sure why you asked? Maybe you misunderstood something I said before?
  7. My wife and her fellow nurses have been offered $350, on top of their usual pay, to work on their day off. She just got text upping that to $500.
  8. My wife is a nurse, and the latest policy is that you can go to work if you don't have symptoms even though you test positive.
  9. Did you not read that they are now admitting that almost 80% were overweight? This is a game changer that they are admitting what many (non fat) people have saying all along. That if you are not old and not fat, that you are not at risk. The reality is that those of us that fight the urge to be lazy and eat like crap are being punished because of those like LRS said "like to be fat".
  10. So even if not 100% accurate, even though you're' wrong, what would be acceptable? Sorry, but some people need to look in the mirror and realize that they are responsible for this hysteria. Eliminate 50, 60, 70 percent of the preventable hospitalization's and/or death, and we end up with a bit more than the common flu. Sorry to all of my proud, conservative, homies with BVDs that that could double as a Eazy Up shade, you're part of the problem , plan and simple. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/03/08/covid-cdc-study-finds-roughly-78percent-of-people-hospitalized-were-overweight-or-obese.html
  11. Big difference Crusty is that you're not a know it all that talks crap to anyone that disagrees with them. I have no problem with anyone being fat, skinny, or ripped. Just have a problem with those that account for almost 80% of the reason that we are in this mess, acting like they have all the answers when they can't even control themselves.
  12. I spread "fake news" saying that about 75% of those that have died from Covid were obese. Its actually more like 78% that have been hospitalized and/or died. Just wondering if some of the know it all's on this board that like to talk a big game and are 20lbs + overweight , would raise their hand and identify themselves so the rest of us that don't like more government control, and do their part by actually making an effort to not eat everything in sight and getting exercise, can ignore their BS, and call them out for giving the left ammo for the damage they are doing to our country...
  13. Says the guy that boasts about being fat and out of shape... Thanks for yore opinion..
  14. I wonder why more people don't talk more about the fact that almost 75% of deaths related to Covid are from obese people. The reality, is that if you cant see your junk without the aid of a mirror, then you are also a big (pun intended) reason why we are in this mess.

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