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  1. diesel-e

    Best Jack to lift sandrail in the Dunes

    ive used a hilift jack a few time they do work great but they are big and bulky. i have a short version with a bar mount on the sxs. on the rail if you get stuck you can put the jack right in the center of the wheel and lift the wheel right out of the hole. rap a rag around the lifting pad to protect the wheel and a pice of wood would help with the jack sinking in the sand but it is not totally required. i only got stuck in the dunes twice many years ago once with out a jack and once with the first time it took a few hours and the second time i was un stuck in just a few minutes. also used it to do some repairs had to change a tire once out in a bowl worked fine for that to. keep some wd40 around cause the ratcheting like to stick with sand stuck in it.
  2. diesel-e

    Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

    they didn't get the recall from polaris
  3. diesel-e

    Affordable Quality Tools

    we use some of those real big sockets rebuilding hydraulic cylinders the stand/bench that takes the nuts off has two hydraulic cylinders on it that turns the socket and has no problem shearing off the 1.5 inch drive over 50 k ft lbs of torque. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DFWXIWLRjg
  4. diesel-e

    Question for the sequential guys

    jack it up and rock the tire
  5. diesel-e

    SxS dune roll video for analysis

    this video was uploaded dec 2013 so this was probably a 900 nowhere near the machines of today
  6. diesel-e

    SxS dune roll video for analysis

    it all most looks like he broke the right side axle which made him turn up the hill you dont see any roost on the passenger side wheel. i had a axle break in a bowl it allmost took me out i was on the gas came off a little roller and instantly went sideways
  7. diesel-e

    Electric 450

    so how is it a 450. mabe 450 volts
  8. so does that mean you can go to 7 11 and get a rocket launcher and a few machine guns ????
  9. diesel-e

    Shocks Leaking Badly with Minimal Use After Rebuild?

    i just hope it didnt end like polaris says it " a unintended thermal event" the pressures in a shock are alot higher during use just starting with 150 psi nitrogen charge then the added pressure of the spring on rebound i would be real curious to know the actual pressures inside a shock in thinking the would be north of 1000 psi
  10. diesel-e

    Shocks Leaking Badly with Minimal Use After Rebuild?

    ok my rzr turbo 2017 front shock started leaking in 2018 only a few months old and didnt sit much. I rebuilt them my self bought new seals from schmitty racing the stock seals were soft rubber and the replacements were harder maybe viton but seemed to be a much better quality. The shocks in the rail were rebuilt about 5 yrs ago bu shock therapy at glamis and they dont leak and they sit for 8 months every year in a trailer at gds in the heat. so i think it has more to do with the quality of the seals and the condition of the bearing in the head of the shock. if the bearing/bushing is worn it allows for the shaft to sit not centered also indexing of the coils on the spacer to prevent any side load. If they damaged a seal while the rebuild i think they would start leaking right away and leak really bad while in use http://www.kingshocks.com/products/parts/replacement-parts/ number 18 is the bearing i was referring to
  11. diesel-e

    Gas can on SxS floorboard?

    i have roto packs also i mounted them on the drivers side so if it was to leak it would be away from the exhaust pipe. ive also put gas on the floor i would think it is the safest spot away from heat and right next to the factory tank . Use a roto pac the are built alot heavier than the cheap cans from the parts store pricey but worth every penny in saftey.
  12. i few years ago i picked up a drum of race gas from this place might be worth a call https://www.yellowpages.com/el-centro-ca/mip/soco-group-inc-4823094?lid=4823094
  13. diesel-e

    Westinghouse Generator

    i like the point if the carb jets gummed up it probably be switched to propane and keep running. i wounder if you can get it run on natural gas when we had hurricane sandy here it was almost impossible to get gas for the first two weeks so natural gas would be a good option
  14. diesel-e

    Did Sandlimo close?

    and its a really nice shop he upgraded my car from a 2d to a pbs and a motor swap with a supercharger upgrade a few years ago . you can also find joe at glamis fab in glamis on the weekends
  15. diesel-e

    Ball Bearing Billet shifter for PBS and S4 S4D

    how much more for a plus 2 and what is the measurement from top of nob to pivot and bottom of base to top overall for pbs

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