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  1. yep and they all are trying to escape to NJ PA and FL seems like every other car on the road here has a NY plate on it
  2. https://www.businessinsider.com/two-decommissioned-missile-complexes-are-for-sale-in-arizona-2020-1 this could be the ultimate bunker
  3. after the virus is done with the USA in 18 to 24 months when a vaccine is finally be made. the govt will be broke the dollar will be devalued unemployment thru the roof run away inflation and the demoncrats will be able to blame trump. then Bernie will save us all.
  4. NY , NJ and Connecticut will be implementing the same thing i think ny did allready
  5. they are doing the same shit here closed all business in bergen county nj unitl further notice
  6. i have the hp put it in the beginning of this season still figuring out all the things you can do with the dash and v5. initally set it up very safe with not much timing ran a few tanks thru it breaking in the engine and letting it learn. last trip out started pulling plugs and adding some timing v5 makes it easy to make adjustments and the holly seem to be flawless so far. the car really starting to come alive 3 gear it just pulling the wheels up its been alot of fun getting the car to where it is . im new to the tuning so im learning as i go along i have a few friends street raceing around here and have ran the holly stuff for a few years so when ever im changing anything im on the phone at the same time making sure im doing anything i shouldn't be doing . I like that im am able make adjustment and if something starts going wrong im able to diagnose it . the terminator x wasnt out when i bought the Hp so cant help you on which one is better for your application . i have a ls6 383 with a 2.9 whipple about 13lbs of boost.
  7. Chevron in Palo Verde plenty or room to park or pay the extra few dollars and get it from the beach store
  8. Finders Keepers? California Penal Code 485. ... Under California Penal Code 485 PC, appropriating lost property is a crime if there are any clues as to who the owner of the property is. For example, if you find $20 on the ground, you're not legally responsible to go around asking passersby if they lost the money.Sep 1, 2016
  9. if i was driving the snow cat i would rather the wheels be locked up less chance of it rolling into the cat after going over a dune and it will follow better not trying to go its own way
  10. usually when you rev it the fuel pressure should rise your fuel pressure should never drop. pull the vacum line off at idle you should see the pressure rise
  11. almost sounds like a bad bearing the cage could be broken and the rollers are stacking up
  12. i never said he was a dirt bag in fact i said he was being professional but he has had a long history around here of harassing and intimidation tactics. he knew i had a cdl and a clean driving record and the 1 point ticket will transfer to nj with 2 points. He simply could of found a different ticket to wright without points he stated to me that this would affect my job with a cdl.............eddited to add he was sitting right at the end of ted kipt and probably pulling over anyone that was leaving boardmanville if i didnt roll through the stop he probably would of pulled me over just to check the pass and make contact he was probably looking for drunk drivers,
  13. i bought it before there was a recall Alba

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