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  1. the lug nut trick sounds good but my trailer has been in dunes storage for six years i dont think i would trust the tires to make it to gecko rd so i just stay in the washes. also the tires are aired down to 20 psi so they wouldn't get to far. not to mention its a goose neck instead of a fifth wheel the battery's are dead with electric jacks
  2. by the looks of it the charge is added after the sales tax. so are they add 2% to their total sales and not charging sales tax on it
  3. i had a deer in one of my grinders and had alot of electrical problems seem like they liked to have alot of splices and taps in the wire harness just covered with tape and a few diodes the same way. go over the harness real good. if you clear the code does it start or is the code active
  4. what kind of truck runs a 425/65 for a steer tire i have only seen them on the back super singles
  5. i have hankook tires on my DP i like them and have run them on some other trucks without a problem i dont know there the commercial tires are made but the have a manufacturing facility in the USA https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/hankook-tire-celebrates-grand-opening-of-first-us-manufacturing-plant-300538239.html
  6. so if your state doesn't offer a non commercial A or B licence can they write you a ticket in their state or do they require you to get a commercial licence ???
  7. the easiest and most cost effective might to get a exemption from the state to allow ohv on a 500ft of 78 at the crossing.
  8. the trails on the other side of the tracks is great best on a windy day in the dunes keeps the dust moving along. ive been to tumco gold mine, the calorado river, palo verde, up the bradshaw trail to general pattons museum, red canyon jeep trail, explored may different washes over to glamis north a great place for food, a few other misc gold mines,geod beds there is alot to see out there . all the trails are marked and you can download the maps and import them into lead nav. I hope they open up a legal crossing it would be nice to be able to do what we do and not worry about getting in trouble.
  9. i have lead nav and use the duel puck it works great and very user friendly just make sure you wire a good charger in the car. i use it for the music and nav
  10. omg i think i would have to be almost dead before i ever get into a basket
  11. diesel-e

    CV Grease

    in my cv i also mix bell ray never had a problem
  12. diesel-e

    CV Grease

    a 33 inch tire turns at 630 rpm at 60 mph. and like you said the bearings dont move that much unless there is a extreme angle. if some one wanted to do comparison with a heat gun i would like to see the results. i have a tub grinder here and have tried all kinds of grease red grease, chassie grease, timkin mill bearing grease they all seemed to do the same except the grease i use now which is from conoco phillips mining grease high molly ep2 and its only slightly better. 249.00 a pail the mill runs at 1800 rpm 880 hp from a c27 cat. the timkin stuff was 40 a tube so the price vs quality dosent apply to grease. i actually had more problems over greasing which can also make a bearing run hot
  13. i had a ls1 2d combo in the limo 1st 2 yrs great 3rd season started to make some noise needed a few bearings and gears ran it 2 more seasons and up graded to a pbs i think by that time the ring and pinion were on the way out. the only other thing that broke was a 934 drive flange it sheared off the splines behind china wall where everything seems to break lol. I had stopped in some real soft stuff and dumped the clutch and found the weakest link other than that i loved that trans shifted great. the last season with the 2d i knew i was upgrading the motor and trans so i wasnt easy at all and it held up to alot of abuse.
  14. they have a 8s electric conversion it make that car bad ass 50 mph power wheelies and the kit was pretty reasonable
  15. I used a hilift jack in one of the bowls behind olds worked great
  16. ive used a hilift jack a few time they do work great but they are big and bulky. i have a short version with a bar mount on the sxs. on the rail if you get stuck you can put the jack right in the center of the wheel and lift the wheel right out of the hole. rap a rag around the lifting pad to protect the wheel and a pice of wood would help with the jack sinking in the sand but it is not totally required. i only got stuck in the dunes twice many years ago once with out a jack and once with the first time it took a few hours and the second time i was un stuck in just a few minutes. also used it to do some repairs had to change a tire once out in a bowl worked fine for that to. keep some wd40 around cause the ratcheting like to stick with sand stuck in it.
  17. they didn't get the recall from polaris
  18. we use some of those real big sockets rebuilding hydraulic cylinders the stand/bench that takes the nuts off has two hydraulic cylinders on it that turns the socket and has no problem shearing off the 1.5 inch drive over 50 k ft lbs of torque. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DFWXIWLRjg
  19. this video was uploaded dec 2013 so this was probably a 900 nowhere near the machines of today
  20. it all most looks like he broke the right side axle which made him turn up the hill you dont see any roost on the passenger side wheel. i had a axle break in a bowl it allmost took me out i was on the gas came off a little roller and instantly went sideways
  21. diesel-e

    Electric 450

    so how is it a 450. mabe 450 volts
  22. so does that mean you can go to 7 11 and get a rocket launcher and a few machine guns ????
  23. i just hope it didnt end like polaris says it " a unintended thermal event" the pressures in a shock are alot higher during use just starting with 150 psi nitrogen charge then the added pressure of the spring on rebound i would be real curious to know the actual pressures inside a shock in thinking the would be north of 1000 psi
  24. ok my rzr turbo 2017 front shock started leaking in 2018 only a few months old and didnt sit much. I rebuilt them my self bought new seals from schmitty racing the stock seals were soft rubber and the replacements were harder maybe viton but seemed to be a much better quality. The shocks in the rail were rebuilt about 5 yrs ago bu shock therapy at glamis and they dont leak and they sit for 8 months every year in a trailer at gds in the heat. so i think it has more to do with the quality of the seals and the condition of the bearing in the head of the shock. if the bearing/bushing is worn it allows for the shaft to sit not centered also indexing of the coils on the spacer to prevent any side load. If they damaged a seal while the rebuild i think they would start leaking right away and leak really bad while in use http://www.kingshocks.com/products/parts/replacement-parts/ number 18 is the bearing i was referring to

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