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  1. well for every good contact there is at least one bad. So Saturday late afternoon we decided to get out of the dune and get a pizza over at boardmanville drove my truck did not want any problems just driving over the tracks. I saw a blm sitting right at the end of wash road drove by no problem went had a pizza and 1 beer thats it had a great time. On the way back well i rolled through the stop sign at the end of ted kip rd getting back on 78 got pulled over pulling back into the dunes. I have a cdl and I don't know ca laws but here a dwi is .08 for regular licence and .04 for cdl i was fine to drive but just worried about my cdl. So officer Hermes came up a little less then friendly but never the less professional took all my info you could tell from the questions he was fishing for a bust or something and continued the inform me that i was pulled over for a moving violation for rolling thru the stop.I told him to be honest i never really noticed the sign there and since going back the sign is about 25 ft from 78 and is why i probably i didnt see it. But anyways he continued to inform me that there doesn't even need to be a sign there any time you travel from a county road to a state road you must stop its the law. Well he is telling me all this and im watching everyone leaving wash road rolling right onto 78 and just couldn't believe what i was hearing. After he cam back with the ticket he told me i should go to court because i have a cdl and could affect my job so he knew he was effing me. i have 10 trucks on a commercial policy and all my drivers have clean driving records now i have to deal with ticket my licence is clean i would like to keep it that way. so does anyone know any lawyers in elcentro to go to court.
  2. what kind of work are you limited to do in glamis when you are there
  3. i took mine apart you need special wrenches to get them apart the toerance for the wrench makes it almost impossible to fab up your own wrench they are a little pricey. about 350 for the 2.5 wrench set alittle over 400 for the 3.0 set kartec has them
  4. ya totally focused on replacing the rubber band
  5. i would check the tps also. if its dropping out the engine is getting the air and the computer thinks the throttle is closed. how is it when you drive
  6. my 99 f350 towed great stock tires drw back and forth from glamis to nj 4 times pulling a 48ft goose neck about 20k. never had a problem until i sold it and bought a 2017 f450 platinum with 5500 miles on it. so far new egr valve, new dpf. reprogramming 3 times, new nox sensors, and that was before i put 500 miles on it. then i made the trek across the country was a great ride comfortable quiet and it just liked to tow and go straight. i love the new truck so nice so the trailers have been in storage all season and the truck isn't towing much and some how i blew the transmission ford rebuilt it under warranty 14k on it now. the new truck is a lot better and safer the f350 always had a hard time stopping and i over heated the brakes a few times. all in all if i wasn't towing 2800 miles twice a year i would still have my 7.3
  7. so wilth the new 2021 speed sxs 1400 big bore will the helmet law apply ??
  8. i have a 17 f450 metalic grey a guy in a international threw a mud wave over the hood of my truck i guess he thought he was cool. i washed my truck didnt notice anything but it was at night. the truck is in az and im back in nj i really want to go see if my paint got effed hopefully it just a chevy thing.
  9. sound horrible everyone stay home its not worth it
  10. there are protection valves in the system that stop the air flo below a certain pressure. when you shut down the engine it will only drain the tanks so far . the compressor is able to produce more air than the leak.
  11. leveling valve is probably bad there is another valve 90 pound vlave that is probably stopping your air leak. the 90 pound valve protects the air system in the event that a bag poops you dont loose all the air and have no brakes.below 90 lbs the valve shuts and stops the flow of air to that circuit. like said above measure you bumper heights before you change it and put it up on the jacks so you don't become a pancake when you disconnect the air. that valve should be in stock at any good truck part store
  12. well someone should put that tesla sand truck on a dyno im sure the software would be able to tell you the power out put of the motor at the same time the wheel dyno is calculating the load
  13. try reading this it might help https://www.felling.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Double-Acting-Installation-Instructions-.pdf
  14. i just found a iPhone 11 in wash 10 . it was locked with Verizon service i hooked it up to iTunes and got the iemi number and called Verizon. they were able to call the owner and they had the owner call me. The guy lost the phone two weeks earlier on Halloween weekend and already had a replacement he gave me his address in Tuscon and i mailed him his phone. now his daughter is getting a new phone.
  15. i was looking at the trx250 actually was the first quad i was looking at its about 380 lbs and the rapor 250 is 330 lbs. I found alot of long travel kits and shock kits for the raptor. The raptor 125 i believe is close to the same size as they both use the same plastics and a arms the 125 weighs 300 lbs. i just wish recluse made a clutch kit for the 250.
  16. thanks she would fit on a 110 better she has a canam 90 it dosent go up anything in the sand but does great in the hard pack. i think im going to find a raptor do the suspension for her weight and wait for her to grow into it. ive seen the raptor 125 but the suspension didnt seem like it would be worth getting one. with all the rzr tracks the chop really makes it hard to keep the momentum up with the smaller quads. https://www.letgo.com/en-us/i/2013-yamaha-raptor-125_d50e2c6f-3109-4f2a-bc50-1ed1d44e5cb1
  17. what is the power difference between the honda and yamaha 250 and are they both around the same weight i was looking for a yamaha just looks like the suspension was better on the raptor and might be a little more stable than the honda .
  18. my son was 10 when he started on my yamaha 450r i put a recluse clutch in it, nerf bars, and left the nobbies on it for him he never gets stuck makes it anywhere in the dunes. the 450r is wide and low the extra power gets him out of any trouble he gets into he was 120 lbs when he was 10. my daughter just turned 9 im looking for a raptor 250 for her they only made them for 3 years.
  19. i didnt see them on you web site would like to get one for a pbs how do i order
  20. has anyone tried windshield adhesive stuff is real sticky
  21. swing your arm and leg in opposite directions
  22. when is a company totally reinvent these clutches just surprised there isn't a alternative that uses a hydraulic cylinder or a electric actuator to engage and shift. just seems like the clutches have to many small parts that dont hold up. if it is hydraulically operated the oil could also be used to cool it. i have stm clutches i like them not sure they are worth the extra money. it nice that they are rebuidable and i have rebuilt both of mine twice but for the price i could of bought a few stock ones. stm has great costumer support they did replace broken parts from a clutch that blew up on me about a year after i installed it
  23. after with got hit with sandy i got this https://www.costco.com/honeywell-20kw-standby-generator-with-transfer-switch.product.100466089.html during the hurricane i just back fed the house off the diesel pushers generator. i had to shut the main off in the house and shut off ant 220 circuits except for the one the rv plugs into. i opened up the auto transfer switch and jumped it out so it would back feed. worked great the only problems were that the rv generators do not produce 220 and we didn't have power for 3 weeks so finding diesel was getting a little bit hard. all the gas stations had a hard time getting gas being all the local refineries were flooded so even know the gas stations had generators they couldn't get deliveries in. the stations that had gas had crazy lines and would run out within a few hours of a delivery. for me the natural gas was the way to go the kit from generac came with the whole house transfer switch it has hookups for your air conditioner units so if you have more than one zone it will not start both compressors at the same time
  24. ok so its a recreation pass so if i drove in with a sponsors name on my rig or have a race team im technically working not recreating. btw i dont mind buying passes

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