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  1. they make relays with a delay circuit built in . if you only have 1 output from your ecm for the fans you can use a delay to stager the starts on them https://www.summitracing.com/parts/hla-996152131?seid=srese1&cm_mmc=pla-google-_-shopping-_-srese1-_-hella&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIh__QmoDg4AIVQ1cNCh0ZoACNEAQYAiABEgJKhfD_BwE
  2. this might help http://www.precisionspeed.com/technical-support/ the yellow wire should be going to the sender if you have 12v+ on that wire something is wrong it might be shorted to another positive wire
  3. If the wire is disconnected it should pin in one direction and grounded it should pin in the other direction of the gauge isn’t doing that I would think the gauge is bad or the wire from the sensor is grounding out. I think this is your gauge https://c-a-i.net/DATwater_gauges.php edited to add link http://www.partdeal.com/gauges/temperature/oil-temp-gauges/datcon-smart-2000-transmission-oil-temperature-140-320f-polished-103180.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&adpos=1o1&scid=scplp77114048&sc_intid=77114048&gclid=EAIaIQobChMInN_38I-_4AIVAx-GCh29nAclEAQYASABEgJ9HvD_BwE also the sensor part number you have on datcon website is the high match sensor which is the right one for the gauge you have
  4. i would with the key on engine off have someone ground the wire at the sender and see if the gauge goes to full hot if it reacts its probably a bad sender. also try grounding the outside of the sending unit maybe the cooling line isn't grounded well. cant really tell in the picture but it looks like the t i connected to two rubber lines
  5. i thought HOV stood for (Heavy Oversize Vehicle )
  6. does it have adjustable rockers did you set the lash
  7. i have the same exact trailer fits a fullsize car no problem sand limo great trailer
  8. x2 great to deal with he has it all
  9. about 6 or 7 years ago these same guys camped next to us at pad 5 a bunch of good dudes they drove in from Louisiana i think. they stopped at tatum on the way and picked up 4 beautiful cars and a trailer full of race gas. they said they did alot of mudding with the rzrs and were pretty new to the dunes. the older man in the video was the boss he flew in in has g5 his company had to do with fracking oil wells a pump rental service something like that at that time they were just starting s3 powersports . the have come a long way in just a few years
  10. build the wall i dont car about the price . but if you do the math its about 4500 a foot for 250 miles sounds like a good job
  11. so if they can build 3000 miles of wall for 6 billion why does 250 miles or less cost 5.7 billion ??? does someone want to do the cost per foot
  12. can you jack the wheel off the ground and with it in gear turn the tire
  13. mabe i should start catching them quote Scorpion Venom, the most expensive liquid in the world. Scorpion venom costs a staggering 39 million dollars per gallon, Scorpions use their venom to kill or paralyze their prey, and as a defense against predators.Jun 23, 2016
  14. so which one of the three got you it looks like to me it was the guy in the middle with the medium tail but he has the thin pincers like the one on the left
  15. i did have several problems with sand getting into the small jack on the helmet kits making the music do funny stuff low volume clicking and so on. i never totally resolved the problem it was on one of the atv kits with the small blue radio but there was no intercom in the circuit
  16. is there a way to set the squelch level on the radio manually. sound like the squelch might be set to low. can you disconnect the radio from the intercom system and see if you still have the issue might narrow it down
  17. build a temporary wall from soild pvc fence might work
  18. I think just by tying the front bumper in would help a lot especially deflect I hit
  19. id just put a radio without the intercom setup and mount a aux speaker or mount it up high so you can hear it. alot of places dont have cell service so the radio is the only chance you have if you have a problem. my experience with the handhelds they do work good line of site been able to talk to camp at wash 10 when i was on the top of olds but couldn't get a friend two bowls ahead. if you doing a trail ride and someone is 5 min ahead of you and they are doing 60 on a fire road they will probably be out of range
  20. i tried to start my rzr once with a weak battery and the engine kicked back and broke a timing chain guide so i guess it is possible for a chain or belt to jump especially in a engine that has a hydraulic tensioner . i just put it in park and two straps when towing
  21. or get a belt sander or orbital sander they will clean up real quick
  22. ok so a designated channel may have it own problems maybe someone should just get a one way sign on a pipe there has to be a simple way to make it a little safer
  23. i like to hit jumps at the hill i have a friend on the radio once they tell me to go i tell them to keep it keyed up and keep saying go go go or ill stop if i dont have constant communication. ive had to bail out jumping down olds cause someone is coming up all the bystanders create a to narrow of a road to get out of the way of the landing zone of someone coming up. alot going on up there and very few choices if you have to abort. i would like to see rugged and pci come up with a channel labeled spotter in thier stock program list. it would be possible to get a clear channel when jumping
  24. i dont know if this will help you said he had to remove oil filter and cooler orings

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