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  1. id just put a radio without the intercom setup and mount a aux speaker or mount it up high so you can hear it. alot of places dont have cell service so the radio is the only chance you have if you have a problem. my experience with the handhelds they do work good line of site been able to talk to camp at wash 10 when i was on the top of olds but couldn't get a friend two bowls ahead. if you doing a trail ride and someone is 5 min ahead of you and they are doing 60 on a fire road they will probably be out of range
  2. i tried to start my rzr once with a weak battery and the engine kicked back and broke a timing chain guide so i guess it is possible for a chain or belt to jump especially in a engine that has a hydraulic tensioner . i just put it in park and two straps when towing
  3. or get a belt sander or orbital sander they will clean up real quick
  4. ok so a designated channel may have it own problems maybe someone should just get a one way sign on a pipe there has to be a simple way to make it a little safer
  5. i like to hit jumps at the hill i have a friend on the radio once they tell me to go i tell them to keep it keyed up and keep saying go go go or ill stop if i dont have constant communication. ive had to bail out jumping down olds cause someone is coming up all the bystanders create a to narrow of a road to get out of the way of the landing zone of someone coming up. alot going on up there and very few choices if you have to abort. i would like to see rugged and pci come up with a channel labeled spotter in thier stock program list. it would be possible to get a clear channel when jumping
  6. i dont know if this will help you said he had to remove oil filter and cooler orings
  7. on my 15 non turbo i put the alba tensioner in. i changed it because i tried to start it with a weak battery and the engine kicked back and the tensioner broke the guide it still ran and never jumped time. i replaced the chain guides and did the upgrade to alba
  8. lefty ...... left hand steer left foot brake right hand shift right foot gasssssss.. works for me i think left handed people are more likely to be mechanical thinkers
  9. park at osbourn . at the washes the futher down the road you go there is less dust and traffic i like wash 10
  10. but yet you can cook and sell all the food out of a trailer and not be subject to all these laws. time for a pizza bus
  11. i wish i could get 100 dune mile out of my rzr belt i keep 3 spares and have used a friends old can am x3 belt to get back out of the dunes to camp.
  12. how are your seat belts attached i was thinking of doing the same thing but i can only lift the back of the seat 8 inches before the seat belts need to be un bolted . i might just get rid of the bench seat and put two buckets with some type of disconect like in a rzr. another option i was thinking of https://www.kartek.com/parts/seat-loc-adjustable-sliders-black-black-anodized.html
  13. you can weld a thumb on any machine if it has aux hydraulics you can put a hydraulic thumb on they are nice. deere and cat are both very popular for used and aftermarket parts if your looking at a older machine run it for a while and try to bring someone with you that has some experience running machines they will know how well it operates and if the oil gets excessively hot there might be a problem with the pump or valve. bring a inferred temp gun with you and you can all ways take a oil sample cat sells the test kits and the can test the oil for excessive metal contaminants
  14. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/ssd/hvo/d/john-deere-120-excavator/6698554839.html most machines are piolt operated controls and you can move the hoses around to change the operating pattern
  15. i like that they fix your broken stuff for free i got a few belts and a axle just brought them the old parts and free exchange. i saw rzrs there all messed up front ends ect getting worked on. Nice to see them helping people out
  16. my ecu was mounted to the back of the head just unplug one of the ecu plugs and pull the engine. still had to unhook the starter and senders for the gauges.
  17. look at cat 318 cat 312 or a deere 590 they both are steel track around 36 k lbs. about the largest you can put on a tagalong trailer but they will be around the same price as a 60 k lb machines which you need a low boy for. if your not going to move it often get the bigger machine. with older machines take a good look at the tracks see how far the adjuster is out. run it for a while make sure the pumps are not making any weird noises and the hyd oil dose not get excessivle hot. most newer machine have the radiator is a separate box with a hydraulic fan which helps keep everything cool. if you buy a older machine stick with name brand stuff that you can get parts for daewoo got bought out by doosan not all part are still available i have a 2004 dl300 loader i couldn't get a planetary for but i found one used. i think volvo bought samsung
  18. is there oil in it check the oil pressure sensor . i think if you unplug the oil sensor it should run. i had a fuel pump problem as well it would run 15 min then shut down would wait 15 min and it would run again for about 15
  19. my car has 2 pc925 but 1 is usually dead and unhooked i have not had good luck with odyssey batteries if the get totally discharged they dont come back. i bought the odyssey charger it desulfates the plates and it works great it has brought a few batterys back that my other chargers wouldn't charge . 1 pc925 should be ok as long as it is in good shape and the engine dont have real high compression mine is a ls6
  20. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/wld-478-665957 warranty says truck wheels have lifetime warranty the link is not your wheel but you can read the warranty
  21. so nice how buttercup should be
  22. i think a rear engine car will slide alot more than the front engine you have. with all the weight at the back once you start the slide weight and momentum take over and keep you sliding until you hit the gas and get the tire to bite. to get that to slide you might need a less aggressive tire and over power it in a turn to get it to slide out
  23. air pressure has the most to do with how the tire reacts in a slide more air more slide
  24. someone would have to come out with a kit to remove the spool in the trans and install a air locker then a cutting brake would work. it would be a very difficult to do without coming out with a new totally redesigned trans there is no room in a stock trans to modify it for a dif . ive seen kits for the front wheels

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