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  1. Awesome pics Scat Sorry we missed the flag ceremony, but so glad we where able to catch the cake cutting ceremony and visual show. Thank you again for all you do.
  2. that was a fun trip! 7 years sure does go by fast! my daughter is just about as tall as me now too! OMG!!! I did not realize how long ago this was.. Sarah is on the far right side of this pic and she is 5'9 now, just a little taller. My oh my time really does fly.
  3. OK Guys, need your help. Need a GMC diesel truck repair guy near Corona. Got in the truck to go to work, got a block down the street and check engine light came on and engine started clattering like the lifters where going to come out. Will need to be towed some place and AAA will only tow 7 miles for free... any suggestions are appreciated...
  4. That was a fantastic day.. I have never seen so many grown men with their chest swollen with pride and tears in their eyes... Great job to all that contribute...
  5. voted great video's all of them....
  6. duneluvr


    Good read Randy. Glad to hear everyone is fine and doing well. Sounds like you need to try out for Survivor
  7. Happy Birthday to the BEST husband in the world.
  8. duneluvr

    R.i.p. Lacey

    So sorry for your loss, she was a beautiful soul and will be missed to you both. Tom, Tina & Sarah
  9. Count us in.. don't know what we are bringing yet, but we will be there...
  10. THANK YOU everyone for the b-day wishes... I AM having a great day/weekend..
  11. Frank, Our leak is under the kitchen as well and our insurance will only cover damage to the house, so NO insurance help..
  12. Need plumber help ASAP!!! We just found out we have a leak in the slab of our house and need help ASAP!! Can anyone recommend a good/inexpensive plumber in the corona area?
  13. Gonna be a NO SHOW.. Maybe some other time

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