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  1. My mom and her house where hit by an F4 tornado on May 9. She is wheelchair bound due to a stroke and has been diagnosed with cancer. Please help as much as possible. A go fund me account has been set up.. https://www.gofundme.com/wandaspencer Thank you my wonder friends and family
  2. Sorry for the delay... Family is safe, no one was hurt, just "stuff" was damaged, no bodies ( thank god). The town is Boswell, near Hugo and has not had a tornado hit the area in iver 30 years. So when they built there, they thought they where fine and safe. I guess Mother Nature had a different idea... Thank you all for the prayers and wonderful offers.
  3. My mom, aunt,uncle and cousin live in a small town in Oklahoma. Today a large tornado went thru their town and hit all three homes. Leveled them all. I am really upset knowing that Now my family is homeless and there is nothing I can do here in Calif. ;( Please join my in saying a prayer for all those hit be this tragedy ... Thanks
  4. Awesome pics Scat Sorry we missed the flag ceremony, but so glad we where able to catch the cake cutting ceremony and visual show. Thank you again for all you do.
  5. Laurie, It is going to be a great weekend. I am getting excited.
  6. Mike, I am the one you it will be good to see you again.
  7. You are correct Crowbar, as a matter if fact Speedy shares the same day as me, but mine is the big 5 0 and that makes ME more special ( this time). Sure hope you and Kathy will be there to help celebrate.
  8. I have made Apple Pie for this occasion
  9. Courtney, I AM going to be 50 on the 8th Yes the ole blue hair did rob the cradle, but remember, we have been together 35 years...

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