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  1. i know of a fresh rebuilt one for 12.5k. it’s not for sale yet but will be soon
  2. true statement!!! i don’t think anything is so called cheap anymore. it’s just the new price lol
  3. i appreciate it! really trying to stay low budget on the initial cost and build it the way i like it.
  4. really would like to get my hands on a 1970 chevelle if anyone has thought about parting ways with one. Don’t mind at all if it needs work, but obviously the more complete the better. Have searched the little bit of market i know but most things out are complete trash or just way overpriced for what i’m looking for
  5. Looking for a vertical metal cutting band saw. Single phase would be best
  6. Looking for a gas saver/ good commuter car for a young (19 yrs old just trying to make it) co worker. Been hunting on cl and offer up but everything out there is junk. His budget is tight but if anyone has a something that’s been sitting around they haven’t drove in a while or thought about getting rid of please let me know. Thanks
  7. Garagewerks

    Metal lathe

    Looking for a Logan lathe or something similar. Has to be single phase. Anyone have anything they are looking to get rid of or upgrade?
  8. I would take a one trip container. Dm some price info please
  9. I’m in banning. Preferably delivered but I can possibly pick up if I have to
  10. Looking for 20’ storage container. I know they are available online but trying to see what’s out there before I just buy something. COVID has these thing way overpriced too
  11. I’ll shoot him ur number. Thanks again to the off-road community
  12. I seen that but no number and no response to private message. If anyone knows him let me know

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