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  1. This is very hard news to read. Thoughts and prayors, brother. RIP
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
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  4. Chummin trying to hit on Lindsay. We were laughing at him because she was so drunk she thought Chummin was a cop giving her a speeding ticket because he was....
  5. Partied like it was Nineteen-Ninety-Nine. When in rushed the glowing, sparkling, pulsating Disco .....
  6. I'm still looking for that video... I thought I had it on youtube... I'll keep looking. I also have one of Paula and Hozay ripping it up to Iron man, I believe. Those were some pretty great parties. We do tend to "rock the house down" don't we?
  7. Holy Cow I can't wait!!! What a great way to start off the dune season! I updated the first post in this thread with some GPS Coordinants and a link to an almost useless Google map that shows the flagpole. LOCATION: 32.923452,-115.080752 This link should open up an editable Glamis Map showing the Flagpole See everyone there!!! Pastor
  8. I wouldn't miss this for anything! I'll be there, Woot Woot!
  9. Circumstances don't matter, nor actual value... Bottom line is that he asked what you wanted and you told him. Whether you were jewing him or not SOMEONE has to step up and be the "Friend" and in this case it would clearly need to be him. In other words... Why the hell would you spoil/ruin a friendship over an engine? If he didn't like the price then he should have said to himself... "Ok, fine, he must not want to get rid of it" and that should have been the end of it. Remember, this is a so-called "friend". Think of it like this: There could be ANY NUMBER of reasons you told him 4k. Maybe you had plans for that motor. Maybe someone else offered you 4k. Maybe you knew something about it that made it more valuable. ... maybe maybe maybe... As a FRIEND, he should RESPECT that and move on. Or make a counter offer or whatever. Friends don't get butt-hurt over a "deal" that never went down. Maybe time to reevaluate your "friendship".
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. I have an older Ford and I believe my button only keeps me from going into overdrive... As a result, I pretty much only use it when I don't want the truck shifting back and forth. Like climbing the hill up the I8... On the other hand, I've driven newer trucks and indeed, it changes the shift pattern to one much more suited to towing and on some models engages the engine brake more aggressively. (Possibly)
  12. Yeah, those were old days indeed. We went through a couple of forum softwares since then as well.
  13. Now this is a subject for me! I rarely ever turn on my cable box. There are lots of other ways to watch stuff. The hard part is just changing your habit. Can you imagine changing your TV viewing habits from "What's on right now that I want to watch" to "Just exactly what do I want to spend the next two hours watching?" It is a bit different. You folks with DVR's know what I'm talking about. You get to decide what to watch, not them. Anyway, here's my setup. The KEY to making it all work is the program XBMC for windows (X-Box Media Center) It's an open source Media center program. There are many flavors out there. Linux, X-box, Windows and others. What it does is put all of those different sources into one beautiful interface. For example: For Hulu I simply select Hulu from my menu and then search or browse for whatever I want to see. It then plays the show and automatically takes out the commercials. I can add a show to "Favorites" so I don't have to search it next time. Same thing with Youtube. Or, I can browse my extensive movie collection complete with full IMDB write ups and cast with show specific artwork as backgrounds. Or, I can browse my large TV show collection with episode descriptions and everything. Unfortunately, the only thing XBMC doesn't do is Netflix... but they're working on it! I can sill play it on the Web viewer onto my TV or use my Wii. How to get shows? I use Usenet to download anything I'm interested in. It takes a bit of work... maybe an hour every 3 days or so to manage the downloads. The only thing really missing is live TV like Football... or Baseball... but I hear they play that at bars... I guess I have to get out of the house every once in a while! :D Seriously though, I have noticed that the biggest difference is in the way you decide what to watch. It is a bit disorienting. Something like: "Do I watch another episode of True Blood Season 1, or should I watch last nights episode of CSI?" Since you are not limited to just what is currently on at the moment your choices become a lot harder. Look into the XBMC.org program, Get a good video card with HDMI out and start thinking about dropping that overpriced Cable/Dish TV!!! You'll be glad you did!
  14. Not looking good for Lance this year...

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