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  1. Just wait until it's time to test Slappy! LOL
  2. This is very hard news to read. Thoughts and prayors, brother. RIP
  3. You heard it. Next year will be another installment of "Resident Evil" with Mila Jovovich. I just heard about this today and honestly, I was a bit surprised. Let me just say, I know these movies are not the greatest, but dammit I love this series! I've seen them all, several times and I just can't get enough. When the last one came out I was a bit disappointed. I kinda figured they were done, but apparently not! According to the trailer this will be out next year. So, what do you think? This series usually gets a lot of chatter because people who just like the show don't really care that it's inconsistent or that it doesn't match the video game perfectly. They just like it. And people who hate it REALLY hate it and think it's the worst series ever made. To them I say, Hey, people still watch Fast and Furious, so shut up! ;-) Anyway. It's been a while since I've been around here. I thought I would open with something easy. Pastor
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  5. :D That Beachhead dude is pretty damn smart! Look, you can twist the numbers all you want I think it's pretty damn clear... There are a whole bunch of hard working people paying the way for a whole bunch of less-than-hard working people, and I think many of us are getting pretty damn sick and tired of it. If you are a leftist you see nothing wrong with taking the hard-earned profits from the "rich" and giving it to the "less fortunate". That's how your system works. The problem is that your system fails when the number of "less fortunate" out number the number of "rich". That day is approaching very, very quickly. On the other hand, if you are a capitalist. If you believe in self responsibility and hard work and that what YOU earn is YOURS you believe that you raise the standard of living for EVERYONE when you foster a growing economy based on strong economic principals. Government money (your money being doled out at the whim of whoever happens to be in power) is bad economic policy and undermines capitalism. Your policy directly undermines mine. The problem is, how to you tell the guy getting his "benefits" that he should work more and spend less and become self-sufficient, when the other guy is saying he'll just give him more and more and more? One day that bill is going to come due. Will YOU be ready to pay it?
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  7. Chummin trying to hit on Lindsay. We were laughing at him because she was so drunk she thought Chummin was a cop giving her a speeding ticket because he was....
  8. Amen!!! Banshee Gal and Duuude! Good, old times! All you guys out there that think you can ride??? I dare ya to go on a ride with Banshee Gal!
  9. Yeah, I remember everyone giving Elsensi a good natured hard time, and Sam took it all in stride and proceeded to show everyone what a fat quad could do. That little jump on the flats behind camp.
  10. I see Fireball lurking... First two people to meet in glamis from GD.com... :D
  11. I happen to know that that sign still exists...
  12. I wish someone had a picture of the GD sign that Kurt put up on HWY 78. Anyone who seen it way back when knows what I'm talking about. That's the turning point that took GD.com from a personal web page for Kurt to post pictures on, to a full blown website.
  13. So, where the hell is Taco? Crash? I see BamBam on FB sometimes CRYPTONIMO!!!! Black Baja Dankie ChevyChick And of course, those who have moved on... Nate and Stacy ...
  14. Partied like it was Nineteen-Ninety-Nine. When in rushed the glowing, sparkling, pulsating Disco .....

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