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  1. works with albins 5 speed h paterm?
  2. is she still for sale?. You looking for a smaller enclosed 20' interstate 2005 plus 9k
  3. those headers are beautiful,   would you be interested in buiding a set of SS headers for my Sand limo monster cruiser? DSCN2727fre.thumb.jpg.b7758101524e5e877a0666dfcc4d8a6b.jpgDSCN2708.thumb.JPG.240429cf6d2cc06c059c0bf9dd6e74be.JPG

  4. this is interesting , anyone have a video of this . Never seen it done . Sounds like less friction =less heat
  5. anyone need 10.5 x 17 -3 rib fronts , used 1 trip. looking for 12.5 x 17 3 rib
  6. justin looking for 2-12.5 x 17 3 rib fronts , have 2 new 10.5 x 17 3 rib just to small for this car , these are new not even a trip on them can you shoot me a price to 85031 thx
  7. I have noticed that most builders are using larger front tires, 12.5X 17 in most cases, is there better handling, seems that your turning radius is cut down.
  8. I have a FRE race engine in my sand limo its been changed over to operate on e85. I am moving to AZ and the car will be in storage for some time. I thinking of draining the fuel tank of E85 and putting in some 110 race fuel while its stored. I have heard that E85 could, after some time ruin the seals etc . what do you guy think. Thanks again.
  9. E85 is corrosive and offers poor lubrication compared to gas. You just need to make sure all the lines and seals are E85 compliant and then just regular maintenance. Standard rubber E85 compliant hose will fail faster than it does with gas especially in the heat, so just keep an eye on it for leaks talking about E85 how long is the fuel good. I have been running E85 in my sand limo for years, never had a seal issue, I use a fuel conditioner start it up at least once every 2 weeks till the fans come on But wonder if the fuel has a life span.
  10. Not sure how to clock the outer cover, does it have a reference point or marks showing the placement of the outer cover ? thanks for any help
  11. I have 934 gear one super greaser hubs on my sand limo. I am having trouble putting grease into the zerk fitting on one one hub. I took off the outer cover and noticed there is 2 very thin rubber seals, seem to be in good shape. with the cover off i can put grease into zerk and theres no problem, is the a certain position that the outer hub cover has to be in so grease get to the cv and big bearing. any one else have the issue? thanks
  12. are you still running the aluminum hubs, changed mine to the steel ones. Found out that the big seals wear into the hubs, causing a groove in them allowing sand and stuff to get in .
  13. What kind the marine one or diesel?. Yeah i start my car at least once a week , curious about the advantage of Rev- x vs Lucas thanks for the reply https://www.revxoil.com/REV-X_EBoost.aspx Thanks Grease that stuff sounds like its the sh t
  14. What kind the marine one or diesel?. Yeah i start my car at least once a week , curious about the advantage of Rev- x vs Lucas thanks for the reply

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