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  1. Desert Disciple

    International Women's Day

    So I got to thinking..... there are some interesting correlations out there...... Thoughts?
  2. Desert Disciple

    05 Honda 450r

    Fake news....... Really though, just make sure you're running a filter pre wrap. For the soft sand in Glamis, I'd just run one of their Airforce foam pre-filters https://www.knfilters.com/airforcewraps.htm?pkid=6500634&rw=1
  3. Desert Disciple

    Do You Know How To Tow?

    Drives me insane when idiots hauling trailers are in the #1 and 2 lanes...
  4. Desert Disciple

    SX / Motorcross

    Hey Chief, or should I say CHEFF, this is a supercross thread pal!
  5. Desert Disciple

    Transporting a Rail/SxS

    Hahahaha EXACTLY!!!!
  6. Desert Disciple

    Transporting a Rail/SxS

    Hahaha yeah there are some absolute kooks on the Glamis FB pages. It's rather entertaining.
  7. Reading this made me cringe. Dude, you really need to change that avatar. You're about as far as it gets from being a Libertarian.
  8. How about some pics of the interior unloaded?
  9. Desert Disciple

    Chevy crewcab turob diesel $1950

    Wow. That thing is AWESOME!! I'd check it out if I had a house and a trailer. Working on the former right now! lol GLWTS!
  10. Desert Disciple

    Never Talk to the Police

    Gonna be honest. In my personal experience over the years, police HAVE been "out to get me". Used to drive a 94 Regal when I lived in OC. ALWAYS had cops up by butt when I drove through cities like HB, Costa Mesa, Newport, etc. It just gets stressful and pisses you off when you can't go anywhere without seeing a cop divebomb over 3 lanes just to get behind you so he can run your plates and jam you up. Never had any tickets outside of one for a cell phone a few years back. I have been pulled over for absolute BS (turn looked "a little jerky", etc) and been basically cross examined on the side of the road. Stuff like that made me resent cops and not trust them. For me, it hasn't been a stigma. It's been reality. I don't necessarily hate cops, I just don't trust them and don't tell them anything more than the basics. "I am all for exercising your rights and not talking to the police if you’ve done something wrong, it’s your right, why incriminate yourself. We generally already know the answer to the questions anyways." You actually provided a great example reinforcing my perspective. Too often I'm pulled over for BS and the cop thinks he "knows the answer" and wastes 20 minutes or so of my life grilling me, only to find that I did nothing and have nothing, so he lets me go. After the first half dozen or so times of that, it got old.
  11. He posted on Instagram that BLM was giving him a hard time and trying to jam him up.
  12. Desert Disciple

    51st Baja 1k feeds

    He ain't got that live video feed though!! #Ballin
  13. Desert Disciple

    51st Baja 1k feeds

    Weatherman audio feed: http://score-international.com/2018baja1000/race/2018/src/weatherman.html Live Race Tracker http://www.score-international.com/2018-baja500/site/pages/race/index.html Live video feed:
  14. Desert Disciple

    Fatality at wash 16

  15. Desert Disciple

    Textron Earnings Fall on Industrial Weakness

    Hmmmm...... I might know a guy ?

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