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  1. If you guys trust Harbor Freight jackstands, you're much braver than I.....
  2. Yup. I'm making more than I did at K&N. I'm staying home, keeping my expenditures low, and I'm about another month away from being completely out of debt!
  3. Dude, thanks a ton! I'll be looking forward to his call!
  4. Thank you. Curious to see what will happen with the industry. Can't help but think that there's gonna be a severe negative economic result from this shutdown for years to come...
  5. After talking to other who were also laid off, it's likely more of a "Thanks for your services". I don't think there's a "don't ever come back" to it, but I think that they just cut us loose and will just open up hiring once things pick up again.
  6. Thanks a ton! I shot them an Email with my resume.
  7. I appreciate it. It's drag, but it is what it is! Just trying to trust in God's sovereignty and know that He is 100% in control! It's hard to let go, but He's gonna take the wheel whether I like it or not! haha
  8. Was on here wondering who else had their job affected by COVID (less hours/furloughed/laid off)? I'm curious to know how much this thing has affected the motorsports industry. I was laid off from K&N last month. Was a killer experience, just a bummer that it had to end that way. If anyone knows of any companies hiring Marketing Positions, could you please keep an eye out for me? I love motorsports and would love to stay in the industry I'm attaching my resume, as well as an example of some media that I've done.
  9. It's coming up baby! Who's going? Who are you rooting for? And what rigs and toys are you bringing along?
  10. I've definitely had my experiences with moronic sand rail drivers while on my dirt bike out there. Stupid transcends income and ride type....

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