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  1. Thanks Dune Marshall, my wife and my Mazzi vie for the next ride all the time!! but now we have 2, no room 🙂 sorry to hear about Summer girl it's tough, enjoy them while you have them I always say, you know your going to at live them 😐
  2. My Giant Schnoodle MAZZI "Dune Dog". Best Friend. Forever Loyal. Trained her to be a "Dune Dog". Trained her from a pup and took my time to make her comfortable riding the Dunes. To my surprise, after she adjusted to the goggles, SHE LOVES IT. Next, off to mountain trails. Check the video at the end of the link for Mazzi's next adventure. https://youtu.be/hRLfGSLXdUw
  3. This last video is 160.5 mile round trip to Bodie. Bodie is a old mining town live in the 1800's there where 18,000 people living there it's in it original state, pictures and video Goodn'
  4. This is my twin brother driving the X3 for the first time
  5. Mention Free Camping!! Mazzi & I took a morning walk!
  6. This is the best place I Have Been Laurel Lake
  7. Thanks Dune Bandit, this is great info, specially if Glass Creek is full do you have the coordinates for the Hot spring, we would love that to be a destination!
  8. Billye , Pat my twin bro & I are going to Mammoth again Sunday morning 8/11/19, any one up for a trip you are welcome 😃. probably Glass Creek the some place we were last time . how long will we stay? subjective! 😉 Check the video
  9. Thanks for sharing! been looking at Utah to explore, now Sand Hollow State Park is my #1 on my list to visit Thanks
  10. I put a small blanket folded so she could lean on me and look threw the same window as me when we hit high speeds
  11. We would of loved to have you, but we are anxious to go but I will report back after! ;-) be sure to watch my video before you go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPLuH2SNjMA&t=14s
  12. I think we lucked out we had 5 Riggs and we got them all together there is a lot of camping but it is first come it free!
  13. I get the X3 back this next week, I have it over at SXS Industries dialing it in a few of us are taking off for Class Creek to do another Great trip part 2. any one interested ask questions weather is going to be perfect let me know
  14. Check out my trip to Glass Creek! it was amazing one of the best places I ever rode Fishing 30' from my camp
  15. Glass Creek campground it was free with a stream running thew it and access strait to the forest, Awesome!!

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