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  1. Wash 10... I would give you a wake up call if I thought you would answer!
  2. We have reservations june 7th- 11th, saint Anthony dunes wish I had seen your mem before we made reservations 😕 peps from the Glamis family page on FB Will be my first trip to Idaho!! https://www.idahodunesrv.com/ Going to be in Utah maryvale for the fall colors rally it is awesome, we went last year it's beauiful last years video september 21- 28th letme know if you need link
  3. What are you riding? and how you get it here fron NJ
  4. Howdy nieghor, A few of us in the group (early risers) love our 7am rides, your are welcome to join us! most of the group get up around 8am, then lollygag til 10am. the 7am ride is the best and fastest ride of the day. Here's what I look like at wash 10, can miss the big red flag on my canAm. we had a group out of az. old school buggies camp next to us thanksgiving, we made some great videos. I live near Delamo & Studabaker heres my email taylormichael643@gmail.com
  5. I'll Be There! wash 10 as usual with the Glamis Family, Swing by and introduce yourself if get the chance! can't miss My Big Red flag on my CanAm! As usual we will be making epic videos 🎥 one of the best rides is in the early morning leaving camp at 7:am most mornings Fast ride video for sure!! back in time for breakfast and every one else to get up!
  6. Thanksgiving this year was the best, met new friends ... these guys in the next camp Ken swan and peeps were the best. I hope they enjoy the video as much as I had fun making it 🙂 it is nice to video with peeps that cooperate SHOW MORE
  7. I love videoing Dan and Tyler with them Turbos are Bad ass
  8. High Flying Buggys, and a Fast Poker Run Glamis John Twitmire' One-off SU! Danzio 415 LS3 badass Turbo CanAms, Rzr turbos, Yamaha YXZ 1000 Turbo, Fast poker run From wash 10 to the swings, The flag Pole, Giddy Up!! 😉 Live_photo_video.mp4
  9. Jeff had his new CanAm/Funco adition delivered to wash 10 Just in time to make the run to Duners Diner!!
  10. My favorite video to edit.! I'm an early riser the rest of the group are "10 o'clock is good" to take the first Run Then there is Dan, Tyler and me, ready to leave at 6:30 am, 15 minutes after the sun comes up!
  11. Lot of fun over the Christmas week in to New Years IMG_1177.MOV
  12. Dan, Eric & Mikey Up at 6 am for a morning fast ride after heavy rain left camp at 6:30 we Headed for Olds's. I love the early morning rides, it's the best keep secret in Glamis., the best way to warm it up before the Nooners Wakey Wakey 😉

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