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  1. Thanks Kid, let me know when the next desert ride! pm me!
  2. This is a trip with Mazzi , you know my Schnoodle (Dog) no women on this ride Round trip to mono lake (Fabulous) Mazzi is an experienced rider, has hundreds of miles in the passenger seat! But for Mazzi it's all about the squirrels
  3. Have 3 videos to post. this is #2 hope you enjoy Some good riding!
  4. IMG_1895_HEVC.mp4 IMG_1905_HEVC.mp4
  5. Series of video's Glamis Mikey at Glass Creek at Mammoth Part 1
  6. https://youtu.be/xeFjMXq3i7A
  7. Mikey Cheese n' Crackers aka Big Mikey 5562 221 3084
  8. not enough choices, But I found one!!
  9. Wow !!!...are really that stupid big goverment Liberal or just naive .... they are there in large numbers to justify there Jobs. I witnesse in the washes they pulled over hundreds to give tickets to a capture public Check how many BLM asshloes where at olds hill during the week when hardly anyone was there
  10. I'll Be there !! Hold my Spot!!
  11. I can tell you that King Glamis is my hero... He is a consistent Conservative position..... King Glamis you can't fix stupid Or damaged goods like 'vmaxup'.... california is infested with guys that Have no Knowledge of history. they are not able to connect the dots Just exactly like vmaxup' He is such a great bad example of a piece of lung meat!!
  12. Hey Mikey, I know you're right, and I get just as wound up about it, I just try to cool my jets a little because there's no sense yelling at those who agree with us. TJZ06 is no liberal, he's a very smart guy who does agree with you, he just feels that the best way to fix the problem is by voting them out. I think the answer is: you're both right. We need to educate (nicely ) those who don't realize just how much the BLM and ICSO waste on "law enforcement" every year, and also vote for those who will bring about smaller gov't, lower taxes or whatever it is we want. Someday you'll both meet in Glamis, and I guarantee you'll like each other because all both of you want to do is dune! I know I go over Board some times, I will admit ... I do love my country to a fault. so much that when I see stupidity about the out of control Regulations government intrusion that thinks it's cool to have 80 thousand dollar buggy's to Write Tickets ....I get Pissed off

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