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  1. Quicksand

    Ground Up Build

    Thanks Schmidty. I installed the rear springs and the rear ride height is as expected. The front settled about 1" after moving it but is still about 3" higher than designed. I'll run it next spring and hopefully it settles some more. A couple of people in the front seats will also compress the suspension some more. Somebody in another thread said pushing on the front end should cause the front suspension to compress 5-7". Is this accurate in general or just one person's setup? My front suspension only compresses 1-2" when I put all of my weight on it.
  2. Quicksand

    Ground Up Build

    The 4” and 8" numbers are related to ride height change (20 inches overall) which would correspond to the 2.4” and 4.8" of shock length change (12" overall) respectively. I think I used 4.8" when referring to shock length change but I'll recheck.
  3. Quicksand

    Ground Up Build

    Well, I would have to consider my first attempt at springs to be a big failure. As indicated above for the front, I purchased 175/275 for a combined spring rate of 107 which is about 10% over what the FOA spring rate calculator indicated (96). The top spring (175) is 12" and the bottom spring (275) is 14" in length. After installing the springs today, the ride height is 4" higher than designed. I was planning for 40% droop (8") but these springs are only resulting in 20% droop (~4"). The shock is a Fox 12" coilover and the coil adjuster/preload nut is 1/4" from the top of the threads (just tight enough to snug up the springs with zero preload). If my understanding is correct, since the shock has a 31" extended length and it currently measures 29", the springs are reacting to 2in x 107 lb/in = 214 lbs sprung weight instead of the 265 lb corner sprung weight that I used in the spring calculator. Using this calculation of 214 lbs, to get 4.8" of shock/spring compression (40% of 12") would require a spring rate of about 45 (214/4.8 ) which doesn't seem right either. I verified the dimensions used in the calculator to be correct. I'm hoping someone might have some insight and recommendations. Thanks
  4. Quicksand

    Transaxle work in UT ?

    I'm not aware of any transaxle shops in the Salt Lake area. I ordered my Mendeola out of Arizona when I bought it. I'd also be interested to hear if anybody knows of one in the area. Most of the parts that I purchased for my build were from out of state. However, I recently found a shop called Midnight 4x4 in SLC that has a lot of fabrication parts for Rock Crawlers, desert racing, and buggies. They recently rebuilt a Fox shock for me and I just purchased my Eibach springs from them.
  5. Quicksand

    Honda 3.5 throttle body

    I made a bracket that bolts into existing, unused holes in the riser and routed mine under the intake manifold. After determining the pedal throw I then cut a piece of steel and welded it to the where the factory throttle cable would connect. That piece also has a small hole at the top to attach another throttle return spring.
  6. Quicksand

    My summer upgrade vw to Honda.(finished up)

    Nicely done.
  7. Quicksand

    Ground Up Build

    Given the available spring rates, I'm thinking the following: Front: 275/175 (Primary Spring Rate - 107) Rear: 450/300 (Primary Spring Rate - 180) I have Fox 12" 2.0 coil-overs in front and Fox 16" 2.5 coil-overs in rear. I can't seem to find much on determining coil lengths. Do you just buy equal length Main and Tender Springs each being equal to the stroke of the shock? Longer Main and shorter Tender?
  8. Quicksand

    Ground Up Build

    Using the FOA calculator and subtracting 100lbs for un-sprung weight gives the following. Seem reasonable? Front: Total Wheel travel (in): 20 Sprung Weight (lb): 265 Distance 1: (in): 16 Distance 2: (in): 27.375 Droop %: 40 Spring Angle (deg): 0 Calculated Spring Rates: Individual Spring Rates (lb/in): Main - 240, Tender - 160 Primary Spring Rate (lb/in): 96 Adding 10% results in Main - 265, Tender - 175 (Primary Spring Rate - 100) Rear: Total Wheel travel (in): 20 Sprung Weight (lb): 700 Distance 1: (in): 19 Distance 2: (in): 26 Droop %: 40 Spring Angle (deg): 0 Calculated Spring Rates: Individual Spring Rates (lb/in): Main - 413, Tender - 275 Primary Spring Rate (lb/in): 165 Adding 10% results in Main - 450, Tender - 300 (Primary Spring Rate - 180)
  9. Quicksand

    Ground Up Build

    Schmidty and Rockwood - When I indicated 800 pounds I was referring to the rear corner weight that I would use for calculating the spring rates using a calculator like on Eibach or F-O-A. Were you thinking the 800 pounds was the planned spring rate or did I misunderstand your posts? On another note, what are considered the "better" springs nowadays? I have a local source for Eibach. I was hoping for black springs but Eibach only come in silver or red. I'll post the spring rates once I calculate them to see if they seem reasonable. Thanks for your input!
  10. Quicksand

    Ground Up Build

    It is finally alive. Pushed it out of the garage yesterday and started it. Runs great, fans turned on at the correct temp, all pressures and voltages normal. Link to Google Photos Video I also put it on the scales to get an overall wet weight and rough corner weights to calculate springs. The corner weight variation side-to-side is probably due to the hard 3" PVC pipe cut lengthwise and clamped around the shocks to hold it at ride height. I could have adjusted the collars to balance it better but it wasn't that important for what I needed. Planning to use 800 lbs for rear spring calculations and 350 for the front spring calculations.
  11. Quicksand

    Sand Rail Battery

    If you're open to other brands the Total Power TP-1200 is 24 lbs and 700 CCA.
  12. Quicksand

    Howe PS Pump Pulley Adjustment

    I just used a 4" holesaw to cut a spacer out of 1/8" plate, drilled a couple of holes for the bolts, and shimmed the pump out. Put it right where I needed it. Thanks for the additional info.
  13. Quicksand

    Howe PS Pump Pulley Adjustment

    That's what I thought. Thanks for the quick reply.
  14. Quicksand

    Howe PS Pump Pulley Adjustment

    I have a Howe power steering pump and a Howe Honda power steering bracket. Eyeballing the power steering pump pulley, it appears to be 1/8"-1/4" out of alignment (too far in) relative to the crank and alternator pulleys. Can the pulley position on the pump be adjusted? There appears to be a 3/8" hex "socket" at the center of the pulley and one can see threads on/in the pump shaft. My other alternative is to cut a plate of appropriate thickness to place between the pump and the bracket to properly align the pulley with the crank and alternator.
  15. Quicksand

    Borrow a Jamar caliper?

    I don't know if this would work but is there any chance you could plug that inlet and use one of the bleeder holes (probably the bottom so you could still bleed the air from the top) as the inlet?

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