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  1. raptordevil

    Laughlin Regatta

    Is anyone going out this weekend for the Regatta? We are staying at the Edgewater. Doing the float on the Saturday and then hitting the lake on Sunday.
  2. raptordevil

    At Work and on GD.com how do u do it ?

    I have it on at work, just leave it in the background and check it every once in awhile.
  3. raptordevil

    Getting old sucks!!

    Those of you taking the Aleeve everyday should also be taking a dose of Milk Thistle also. Milk Thistle is a liver repairer. Look into it. And don't forget to take in as much water as you can. I try to do 1 to 2 gallons a day. Nothing is worse on the joints then dehydration.
  4. raptordevil

    Getting old sucks!!

    I have setup my workout per my age. I don't lift heavy much at all. I'm 5'6" and around 205. I don't squat anything over 225. My overhead press is never over 135. Don't deadlift. And I do a lot more stretching then I used too. Try not to do flat bench. I do more decline and incline. If it hurts when I do a warmup set, then I cut that workout out until it feels comfortable. I do more 12-15 rep sets, then trying to push the heavy weights to failure. I do more isolated movements. Here is a recent pic of my old man self.
  5. raptordevil

    Getting old sucks!!

    That's about the age I started focusing more on the injured areas and really built my muscles around those areas. Learn which exercises are bad and which are better for your body. Like I don't do deadlifts cause I'm old and don't want back pains. And when squatting only do medium to light weights.
  6. raptordevil

    Getting old sucks!!

    Sounds crazy but I started body building to get rid of all the pain in my injures. Have blown knees, ankles, wrists, all from working too hard and playing too hard. Now I have built so much muscle around the old injures that none of them hurt too bad anymore. Most I take is a couple motrin a couple time a month. I'm only 45, but I plan to keep this up as long as I can.
  7. raptordevil

    Sad News

    RIP Tank
  8. raptordevil

    The smallest 5th wheel T H

    But with the slide in, the 1000 doesn't fit width wise.
  9. raptordevil

    The smallest 5th wheel T H

    I had two friends that just went through this. One ended up getting the 900 and the other ended up with the General. One got the 28 SS Sport.
  10. raptordevil

    The Fishing Hole

    Is this off Alligators Point in Crowley?
  11. raptordevil


  12. raptordevil


  13. raptordevil


    I would love to get another one, but they don't fit my neck lol
  14. raptordevil

    We are "New" Toy Hauler Owners - It's been sitting awhile

    Also get a Solar charger from when its parked in storage. Got mine from Harbor Freight and added the solar controller.
  15. raptordevil


    Can't wait for Ozarks Dark is good

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