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  1. i made some lexan inserts and leave on until they get toast then pop in a new one.
  2. Transaxle is fine,just a thought for upgrade as they seem to be weak link.keep me posted on trip.
  3. looking good.Cant wait to see how it works.Might be a conversion I would be into doing.Ditch the expensive transaxle problem
  4. I went a different route.Mounted small trailer hitch(class 2) to steel skid plate on back of rail and mounted winch on small receiver bar. Put big 5k lb Dring in center of trailer floor bolted through to trailer frame.When ready to load rail I just pop in receiver/winch and pin it.Connect winch power leads to + post on starter and - lead to frame bolt.winch remote control is plenty long to let me steer car right on in. I like having ability to mount winch on rail to get someone out of a jam if need be.I may move it into my wing trunk and make flap door for cable so I can always have it on rail.
  5. Bored huh? He seems to be finding all the drama threads he can. Next will be revenge and extreme (bakersfield) jealous??? am i taking your job? Competition is a good thing LOL........that was fun shieat talkin......QSP still pounding sand
  6. We have Direct Tv Hd for house and just use older box for trailer.Its $5 a month for the extra box,Cheap and we get all the same channels
  7. Im assuming you have a 4 inch front pipe that replaced the original 3.5 one that had cat.If so you need one of these.Just splice it into proper place for factory look and keep bigger front pipe. http://www.alligatorperformance.com/produc...roducts_id=4079
  8. Added CB system to my old Sand Sprite 6 and it was worth every penny.Starting,various throttle positions,top end power.All smoother and no more float bounce from carbs in the rough stuff.Easy to adjust for altitude.HIGHLY recommend
  9. Mike L is the Allison man.Drove down to SoCal to have him do my trans couple yrs ago.Love getting the power to the ground.
  10. just put your level blocks under the tire next to it and roll trailer up on good wheel .Swap out bad tire quick and easy.Had to do it all the time when I had carlisle tires before upgrading to 16 rims with real tires
  11. this is common problem with air noise and pivot tabs.I have replaced and reset hundreds for dealers and customers.Make sure to get factory new part appx $150 for privacy.Aftermarket parts DO NOT FIT RIGHT.Get OE from dealer.Have competent glass shop do swap.The trick is when new part gets glued in do not latch glass shut until glue is fully cured,latching shut pulls base frame away from body slightly which leads to air noise later due to less tension on glass seal.Leave latch loose but make sure main plastic ring that is glued directly to body is flush and tight.Prefer 3 screw method of holding frame down than clip style as you get tighter fit.Check with glass shop and see if tech knows of this particular fix and trick when doing this set.If they dont go to another shop.This was a very common problem and a simple fix
  12. I always use denatured alcohol.Have since I was a kid as my uncle taught me.
  13. Ill be watching this thread for my future upgrade:sraptor:
  14. very impressive work.Cant wait ot see you back up at MTN.
  15. Sorry.We bailed on this trip.Going to coast instead.Wont be back up there until Aug sometime.PM me anytime.You can join our group.We have at least 4 LT cars at anytime.

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