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  1. I had some wheel nets made at the sand show and Love them http://www.macscustomtiedowns.com http://www.macscustomtiedowns.com/category/WheelNets
  2. I am a nobody and Rancho did a great job and had it back to me before the quoted date ..... (the week of Halloween ) I was very impressed
  3. So this is a odd ball one I want to put a surveillance system on a charter boat we have needs 1. at least 6 cameras 2 .We lose WiFi connection while out on the water for about 4 hours at a time ( no need to view live while it is out but needs to connect to WiFi when it is back at the dock preferably automatically) 3. We switch over from shore power to generator during the trip so it needs to reset it self after power loss. We have one of the Costco Lorex systems in the office and I am not to crazy about it it seems hard to view remotely ( lots of problems with the app) I would prefer to have the cameras in one of the enclosed domes so people (crew) can not mess with them. Do not really need them to be motorized once they are aimed we are good. what brand should I be looking for? I just want to check bar sales and potential trip and falls afterwards
  4. Is it me or are most of the single tracks all mowed over by the damn SxS it used to be so much fun on the bike in Ocotillo
  5. Thank you sir I was going to try meet up with you but just like thanksgiving having too much fun Always seems to be not enough hours in a glamis day
  6. I am in wash 6 and my tanks filled and pumped what is the phone number for the guy that comes by and takes care of it?
  7. Man I am itching just looking at the pictures I bet that was a good shower afterwards..
  8. Great advice on Funco does anyone know if it would be possible to update the gen 3 to bypasses? or should we just stick with what we have
  9. So my buddy bought a gen 3 When he took it out for the first time he felt that was very stiff ,so much that any kind of small chop just rattles you. I got my nitrogen bottle out to see what they where set at and they where at 200 psi on the shock cap it self says 150 psi so we where going lower them but when we did a bunch of oil sprayed out it did not seem right to me would it be possible that they might need a rebuild? I thought the oil and nitrogen where separated by a bladder
  10. I have been on a few camping trips with this car it handles amazing and well maintained ........someone is going to be happy.
  11. I just redid mine had chipping on the end of the axle 1/2 inch play when the axle was level I did remove the shocks to be able to line everything up .......came out perfect
  12. I think eye protection came in In the late 90’s

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