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  1. indianjoe

    CA street legal baja bug CBM LS *** SOLD ***

    Nice, that was a badass car. Now what are you going to do with that empty trailer?
  2. indianjoe

    CV issues

    That is a lot of welding. Nice job
  3. indianjoe


    I did zip on the old Dp looked good for about 3 years then started the flake only going to the wash and wax on the new one
  4. indianjoe


    Stupid question linear foot on a 36 ft motor home is that 36 x$10 =$360 or is that 36 +36 +8 +8= $880
  5. indianjoe

    Subaru in sand rail

    You gotta love this site
  6. indianjoe

    So glad this genius is our Govenor

    $124 for new tags on my 1970 Honda ct 70 that I have owned for 20 years. I have two of them maybe a little excessive......
  7. indianjoe

    BBQ hook up!

    Check eBay and craigslist I bought two top of the line Vikings BBQ s ,Heating drawers, stainless doors the whole Shabang For pennys on the dollar from people moving and or redoing the back yard just have to be patient and have the cash ready to go you will find it Quick search https://sandiego.craigslist.org/ssd/for/d/chula-vista-viking-bbq-grill/6873291402.html
  8. indianjoe

    Off road coloring book!

    Wow so cool
  9. indianjoe

    Need a plumber in Escondido

    Able is going to take care of it thank you
  10. indianjoe

    Need a plumber in Escondido

    So the house was built with 1 st generation Pex so needless to say I have had a few leaks to deal with does anyone have a hook up for re pipe guy in north county
  11. Now all I need is a drum for my Vepr 12 and I am set... lol
  12. And we have few of those coming aswell thank you
  13. Damn they where out of 10/22 mags
  14. indianjoe

    Mobile tire repair on a Sunday

    I just bought the TST 10 sensor system for the motorhome and trailer after I installed it showed me a slow leaking inside rear tire already got my money out of it...
  15. indianjoe

    Weird things you see at work or anywhere else

    I think it would be pretty hard to get 400 hp out if 166 cc engine

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