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  1. I have been on a few camping trips with this car it handles amazing and well maintained ........someone is going to be happy.
  2. I just redid mine had chipping on the end of the axle 1/2 inch play when the axle was level I did remove the shocks to be able to line everything up .......came out perfect
  3. I think eye protection came in In the late 90’s
  4. We did it on foot with Sobe bombs.....
  5. I went from 150 to 220 psi the front end came up a bit for sure
  6. I sold your Manx to someone in Costa Mesa a few years ago I think I saw him here on the board once he just posted it for sale in Craig’s list not to long ago but I am not sure it sold that car was bad ass... lots fun times and would go anywhere
  7. I bought a few cars out of a garage and I need to make some room 6 cylinder Corvair engine the story on it was owned by a heli mechanic the car had some trans problems he was getting ready to pull the engine but past away before he could finish it I have all the manuals and part numbers with it I don’t really know much more then that located in Orange County bill of sale come get it $1750
  8. Ok stupid question I have Fox by passers and coil overs I put a new wheel bearing in and I am getting ready to charge the shocks with nitrogen do I charge them both at 150 psi or just the bypass? I have had internal by pass before so I never had to think about it
  9. Let me look I might I won’t know until Sunday switch pro is pretty good with customer service I would not be surprised if you ask they might send you one
  10. I want my money back...

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