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  1. indianjoe

    Engine problem...

    Get a air gun and blow everything out. Also the coil connectors
  2. indianjoe

    Engine problem...

    What is your voltage while running?
  3. indianjoe

    934 CV talk

    Jason from Alper motor sports was very helpful when I was looking and had great prices as well Desert dynamics and CV ‘s is right up his alley
  4. indianjoe

    Clutch question

    Was there any air in the system?
  5. indianjoe

    Adding a oil cooler to a LS 7

    Most of the time the oil pressure is higher then coolant pressure In a perfect world most leaks would be oil in the coolant system if it happens
  6. indianjoe

    Adding a oil cooler to a LS 7

    Perfect thanks LRS that is what I thought I have a nice oil cooler in box in the garage and a perfect spot to put on the car last year when I was pushing it hard over a hot weekend it start running a little warmer then l like I don’t really have room for bigger radiator
  7. indianjoe

    Adding a oil cooler to a LS 7

    I know I love your car just getting mine where I want it .....believe me I thought about putting mine up for sale and getting yours
  8. indianjoe

    Looking for a Bosch fuel pump

    It is spare for my buddy we are running 4 of them in our camp that is why I wanted the Bosch ordered one from Summit should be here next week
  9. Set your dvr Rip to the tip 2018. 2 pm. Channel 7 ABC
  10. indianjoe

    Adding a oil cooler to a LS 7

    Was the cooler feed by the pressure side oil line?
  11. indianjoe

    Adding a oil cooler to a LS 7

    So I am thinking to add a oil cooler I am running a dry sump Ls 7 So my question is can I simply add the cooler in series with the pressure side oil line that goes from the engine to the oil reservoir or do I run it from my oil filter with adaptor plate. Oil tank
  12. indianjoe

    Looking for a Bosch fuel pump

    Where is a good place to buy a original Bosch 044 there are so many fakes out there. I went to Jegs but the did not seem have the 044
  13. indianjoe

    REV-X Transaxle lube

    So I was getting ready for a desert trip and was just going over the last little things on the car The plan was to change a leaky seal and do a quick oil change on the S5 run it for this season and pull the trans next year well that changed. I took off the side plate and glanced at the ring and pinion my hart sank a little So there went my weekend damn. I called Sam at Rancho he said bring it by and we will take a look I got a call a few days later it needed 2 shift forks and a ring and pinion he said I caught it just in time come pick it up at the end off the week ( they where great to deal with and they saved my trip) I got the trans back with a small box of parts and my buddy came over and helped drop the trans back in I picked up some Rev X from Grease Monkey. Put the car all back together and ran perfect all week My plan is to upgrade to a Chevy bell housing next year so I will run it for season and have a good idea how it did hopefully it will a look little better then the one that came out. Lol
  14. indianjoe

    Looking to rent a flat bed

    I need to bring my car back to Indio and had a flat bed lined up for the weekend but fell through I can go pick up my enclosed and drive back and forth but it would be a lot easier if I could rent a flat bed anyone have have a hook up I checked Craig’s list but most of them are gone to Sema located in Orange County

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