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  1. Ok stupid question I have Fox by passers and coil overs I put a new wheel bearing in and I am getting ready to charge the shocks with nitrogen do I charge them both at 150 psi or just the bypass? I have had internal by pass before so I never had to think about it
  2. Let me look I might I won’t know until Sunday switch pro is pretty good with customer service I would not be surprised if you ask they might send you one
  3. I want my money back...
  4. The nordlocs Look pretty cool
  5. The Super Duty has a big radiator with lots of cooling capacity if everything is running right the fan clutch isn’t used much so you never notice it. It is good for the 7.3 to work out a little. Just keep an eye on the coolant level the plastic recovery tank likes to crack
  6. Ok I am putting my cv’s back together what should I torque them too 1/2 inch 934’s
  7. How come it is the same car as last year?
  8. I have a rental in Escondido that need some help with It has the 1 st generation PEX pipe and over the years we had chase down a few pin holes So I think it is time a re pipe Is it best to stick the newer generation PEX or switch over to copper? Anyone here on the site do this?
  9. My buddy finished on a 1978 XT 500 for 40 year anniversary Dakar. Crazy cool stories
  10. It seems painting a few rooms and cleaning up a drive way is not a bad trade after the renter payed 1/3 of the mortgage it could be a lot worse...
  11. I have been working on it pretty much all day I tied the boat to the piling and let it run at our docks at seems that I can get it to shut down after about an hour under heavy load moved the ecu away from engine to see if heat had anything to do with it but no difference I pinned in wires in the harness going to the injection pump all checked out I might just bypass them tomorrow just to rule it out thanks grease monkey I will put the lift pump on the other side of the rancor (oops I think I have 4 boats set up that way much easier to bleed ) Got some fuel line seals and a new crank sensor I will play with those tomorrow
  12. Yes that inside the injection pump
  13. I have been trying to track down a intermittent problem for months it should be a very simple tractor engine but I am just stumped John Deere 4045TFM75 diesel on one of our tour boats Here is what I have done so far. 1.New filter in the Racor water separator 20 micron and new secondary filters. 2.added 5 psi marine electric lift pump between the tank and Racor. 3 New mechanical lift fuel pump 4 New injection pump ,fuel temp sensor and 4 new injectors installed and timed by John Deere marine mechanic. 5.added mechanical fuel pressure gauge at exit of secondary fuel filter before it goes to injection pump 6 changed out return fuel line to the tank 7 rerouted fuel vent hose so there it had no low points to catch fuel and block vent 8 inspected and cleaned every plug and connection through out the wire harness Including grounds. 9. Changed out Murphy power view gauge 10 New Ecu installed by John Deere Mechanic And I keep having the same problem I will start the engine and fires up fine every perfect no hesitation at all And it might run great for a few days But it dies and I can not get it started It throws code spn 1076 (Fuel Inj Pump Control Valve) FMI 5. (High Resistance) And will not restart it might fired up for 2 or 3 seconds but is pretty much dead but maybe 30 mins to an hour later if will fire up and run great again. The last time I thought I had it with new injection pump it ran good for two weeks but the just on the way back to the dock just before landing it died again When it happens I feel a small stutter the 20 sec later it dies no matter what throttle position At idle I have 6 psi fuel pressure and great flow under load it drops maybe to 3.5 psi John Deere says all it needs is 2 to 3 psi feed to run I took the return line off and found that the hose had an adapter with a 1/8 hole changed it out to a little bigger opening and seems to flow fine No change in fuel pressure. I also took the return off and put a 3/8 clear hose and just ran it back to the fuel fill to see if there where any air pockets that would show up but just some very very small bubbles hardly noticeable fuel temp coming out is 120 degrees It feels like the ecu is shutting down the fuel pump and will not let it fire back up Engine temp has never been over 183 degrees
  14. Had some problems with electrolysis when I redid the radiator for the second time I did the same thing we do on boats I had them weld in a bung and added a pencil sink never had a problem again
  15. The coast guard is involved they are no joke when dealing with weapons and drugs.
  16. Danny worked for Ford for years he really knows his stuff does ford ,off road pretty much anything mild to wild tell him Henk or Albert sent you

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