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  1. Yep that is what they are I have OCD and never liked the intake snouts on the UMP’s not being symmetrical
  2. The EIDL is the 30 year loan option the 10 k advance is part of it 10 k is forgiven the rest is just a straight loan at 3.75% for 30 years first 12 months no payment even if you do not qualify for the EIDL you can keep the 10 k The PPP is a loan is that can be 100% forgiven if you follow the rules. (75%. / 25 %)
  3. Just an update EIDL got funded today
  4. Bryan I looked it up Applied for EIDL loan April 1st received $10 k April 14 got email to open porthole April 19 th to verify identity approved April 22 nd
  5. I got the 10 k advance from the EIDL last week that I understand even if you opt not to take (or get denied) the 10 k will be forgiven the ppp will be about 2.5 months of payroll that will be forgiven if you do the 75/ 25 % rule (that got funded yesterday) This morning I got approved for the EIDL (much larger amount). ( 30 year loan at 3.75%) all done via email Feel free to PM me if anybody has any questions I might be able to answer over the phone I just got off the phone and yes you can apply for both as long as you do not use them for the same purpose
  6. Just signed documents and funded
  7. Just got an update I have been approved just waiting to sign the documents My initial application was on March 24 (loan number started with a 2) then I had to resubmit the streamlined version that was done on April 1st (loan number starting with a 3) all applications starting with 2 needed to be resubmitted and got no preference in line The most helpful person I found was a gentleman in the Sacramento SBA office not the “My Pillow 800 number” on the SBA website the hardest part is when you apply they do not email the loan number to you you have print it or take a screen shot it is really hard to get info with out that number hope this helps
  8. I have been with farmers and merchants for years (moved form Wells Fargo). They have been more then great
  9. I am not sure but I thought I read that you can not do both so if have received the the advance then it would be subtracted form the disaster loan but I could be wrong it has changed a few times I also heard that the advance is $1000 per employee maxed out at 10
  10. PPP as far as I know I just saw it show up in my account when I applied for the disaster loan they asked if I wanted a 10 K advance
  11. Quick update I just received a 10 k bank deposit this morning from sba with farmers and merchants
  12. State Farm just sent a letter 25 % discount off next months bill
  13. Farmers and merchants bank just sent an email today with forms to fill out and return Farmers and Merchants Bank shares your concern over the COVID-19 impact and as such, are prepared to begin to process your application for the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Attached above is SBA Form 2483 for your use in applying for this program. Please complete and return it to us as soon as possible. The SBA will open up on April 3rd for small business and sole proprietorships and starting April 10th for independent contractors and self-employed individuals. We have also supplied you with a borrowers Information sheet which may answer your additional questions please read carefully. It should be noted that SBA has not issued its final guidance and may require additional documents. However please be prepared to supply “source documents” for calculating the eligible borrowing amount. We are suggesting that you connect with your payroll company (ADP), Payroll Tax, CPA’s, tax returns, etc., for these source documents. Most importantly, we want to reiterate that we are here to support you. For 113 years, F&M Bank has served our clients through earthquakes, wars, depressions, recessions and countless other challenges and we remain entirely committed to you, our valued customer. Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you shortly.
  14. I had some wheel nets made at the sand show and Love them http://www.macscustomtiedowns.com http://www.macscustomtiedowns.com/category/WheelNets
  15. I am a nobody and Rancho did a great job and had it back to me before the quoted date ..... (the week of Halloween ) I was very impressed
  16. So this is a odd ball one I want to put a surveillance system on a charter boat we have needs 1. at least 6 cameras 2 .We lose WiFi connection while out on the water for about 4 hours at a time ( no need to view live while it is out but needs to connect to WiFi when it is back at the dock preferably automatically) 3. We switch over from shore power to generator during the trip so it needs to reset it self after power loss. We have one of the Costco Lorex systems in the office and I am not to crazy about it it seems hard to view remotely ( lots of problems with the app) I would prefer to have the cameras in one of the enclosed domes so people (crew) can not mess with them. Do not really need them to be motorized once they are aimed we are good. what brand should I be looking for? I just want to check bar sales and potential trip and falls afterwards
  17. Is it me or are most of the single tracks all mowed over by the damn SxS it used to be so much fun on the bike in Ocotillo

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