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  1. man i love that buggy always loved old school!! very nice
  2. well they are right, some of us have to live thru others lol
  3. heck no buy it already!!
  4. sorry for your loss, but that's a pretty bad ass line up lol.
  5. thats cool as hell didn't know they had that, i'd love to have it but i can't even figure out my rugged set up now lol! looks like a good deal
  6. that's a hell of a set up and one cool winch mount!
  7. i could have sworn i posted for a number, but if deal falls thru let me know I have a guy in okla who was interested
  8. i have a guy from okla interested in the truck, I know you said it won't sell until trailer sells. he will email you, or pm me your number so he can call you. his name is leo padilla and he is legit. sorry you have to sell your stuff off to help with an aging parent, but your a class act for doing so man!
  9. i use a slider on mine, haven't towed very far yet, but seems to do good!
  10. what wheels are they? looks amazing, color combo all comes together on the rzr
  11. any better pics of the white gray pink one, that a good color combo
  12. we had same issue lol. i did the rear disc upgrade that was a great mod, i miss those days of little kids,

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