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  1. I'll have to ask my doc on this, I was 53 when i got it, you young buck!!! lol glad your ok
  2. customer of mine had a 21 year old kid who worked for him. great kid, first job, had been bullied his whole school life and wanted a job where he felt safe. kid did whatever they asked of him (grocery store), got the JJ vac on friday, had a blood clot on sunday and died monday on life flight. my buddies grand dad got the JJ vac on monday, went to er on monday night, they said your fine, pacemakers fine, go home. went back tuesday, same deal he said i think i'm dying, sent him home, side effects of JJ, found dead wed morning. I had it starting aug 27, my wife got it (fully vaxed for a couple months) but her's was much less than mine was. After my 60 days, i'll get the shot, after seeing how quick she rebounded and how bad my breathing was at the end, I'll take my chance now with the shot I guess.
  3. i'm in the grocery business and our warehouse is seeing 12% cuts across the board from vendors. Truck drivers are few and far between now, hell I have 1500 cases of sweet tea 2 hours away we can't get a driver to pick up lol. we are hearing from vendors this holiday season will be worse than last year as far as supply of goods. and getting worse every day.
  4. i agree, we have policies on all 4 of us, and my kids started the day they were born. I over insure, but better safe than sorry.
  5. and there we go lol, so simple i never would have thought about it thanks!
  6. got my 5150 whips for my new rzr turbo s and I'd really like to have a safe way to transport them, driving it home on the trailer I had a fear of losing them on the highway, so i pulled over and yanked them out lol. I've looked around, don't see anything that will accommodate a whip. back in the day in my enclosed we had the fishing pole holder but now i'm open trailer and no way to hold them. anyone have any ideas? I have a couple 3ft sticks and 6ft flags. surely there's a solution I just don't see one. thanks in advance.
  7. my new rzr sxs has 40k value and i pay 1600 a year thru farmers/foremost. i'm shopping around, hell i can't afford to drive the thing, but is street legal
  8. our nurse told us vitamin d (sunlight) is a great cure
  9. your right, nurse told me that they don't even test for flu, its covid positive or negative and thats it
  10. when i had a hydrating iv service come out a week or so ago when I had covid, the nurse was an ER nurse. 30 years old. the news reported a football player age 12 died from covid. she said you know what the news didn't tell you? he was 12 years old, weighed over 500 lbs and had high blood pressure and diabetes among other issues. I saw him in the ER, he didn't have a chance, but yet covid killed him. No his parents killed him because they didn't help him with his issues. he was walking dead before covid hit him, it just put him over the edge. RIP kid, noone deserves to die, but for christs sake, call it what it is at least
  11. my old neighbor that just moved had a volt, he had the 220v plug in his garage also, never had issues with charging overnite, I think he told me he could drive a month on a tank of gas/charging daily, as the base was just out of range daily for his charge.
  12. i was told to QT for 10 days as i tested positive. i was then told I should retest on day 15 to ensure I was negative. Dr. told me that even though i had no fever/symptoms day 10, you can still carry and pass it on up to 5 plus days after the 10 day QT. she said they have seen some cases where someone passed it up to day 20, so day 15 was their recommendation for retest.

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