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  1. I can tell this was not welded by Speed UTV,,, lol... Looks great!!
  2. So true!!! The dude at Glamis Rescue is a complete rip off. When I had my can-am, I broke a 5/8 x 3 bolt. I went to him and got one. He charged me 18.00 for the bolt. I asked him if I got a jar of vasoline with that, and he says... Well no, but I saved your weekend. Ill drive to town or Yuma before I'd buy anything from him again!!
  3. Just curious on what tire you all are running on the front of your Sandrail. Ive heard good things about the Baja Pro, but they do not make it in a 17" yet.
  4. I have the right car, but it will be more than 30K and less than 70K, if that works... PM me for details
  5. CARB people.... This is still a major hurdle!!! Id bet my bottom dollar that no cars are out before next year
  6. You can call Elena at Dunes edge,,, She would be happy to text you a pic... 760-562-7753
  7. Im betting you will never know!!!
  8. I know for a fact that CARB wont happen for a min of 6 months
  9. Lets talk wheel spacers.... Pro and cons. I have a set of wheels I really like but they touch the rear shock. I was thinking of putting a 1/2" spacer in. Are these things really safe.. Does anyone run them? BTW.. Its a high powered rail
  10. It really depends what condition the car is in and what your goal for the car is. I had my 66 Chevy II done by Best of Show Coachworks in Escondido, Ca... The car turned out bitchen and the fit and finish was a 10, but it was not cheap. You may want to call Matt @ BOS and let him take a look at it. FWIW..... all body shops lag and Patience is a must when restoring a car, but I promise you these guy WILL do a first class job
  11. Anyone going to Glamis from San Diego area anytime soon... Looking to get a ride to bring my Moho back

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