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  1. I have no horse in this race.... Been thinking about buying someone out....BUT.... Here is how I see it.... You have the biggest Sand show... You know you are behind on everything because supply issues, Covid and so forth.... You know all eyes are gonna be on what you bring out there, including the competition. And you bring out a car looking like that? In my opinion, that was a rookie move. That pre production car should have been tits!!! If it was me, I would have been burning the midnight oil to have those welds right and the plastics straight. If that meant not racing in the 400, then so be it... This was a huge deal for Speed UTV and in my opinion, There were alot of great things on the car, but the "glaring" things ruined the presentation for me.
  2. I had never met Chad, but, with what you all are saying about him, I am bummed I didnt. RIP Chad and my condoulences to his family and friends
  3. I am seeing 150-175 per hour down here in San Diego. Most shops are 1-2 weeks out on service.
  4. Ive had a old timer call it Lights out Bowl... Any old times here that can confirm it?
  5. They fly their Ribs in fresh from Texas every Monday am.... Very good steaks 😛
  6. Worst thing we can do is avertise this place on social media. With that being said, its amazing how may people have been going for years and never knew about it.. Lets keep it that way!!! The meat is awesome SHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Veterans Day is by far the best
  8. I might just buy one, IF, I can sit with Robbie and Todd next to their keg of beer @ SSSS.
  9. Since I have no "horse" in the race... YET..... This is exactly how I feel about all of this. Hence why I am still at the "Yet" stage
  10. I have to say... This thread is ALMOST as good as Robbies last show...
  11. My Padres are starting to heat up and get healthy at the right time.. WATCH OUT
  12. Wilton or Snapon (Made by Wilton). Not cheap, but I have never seen one break. I have a Bluepoint one in my garage That you can have for 50.00. Never used but has a couple scratches on it. PM me if interested

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