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  1. just to remind a few people......this was the mentality of half america....sad part is it's true! just for laughs dont me or anything burning my name in effigy (spelling)
  2. Just spent a few hours in a Verizon tonight with a friend over some phone issues and getting anew one. There were 6 droids being turned in due to issues and people wanting out of them, mind you this was in a Hemet location, I could not imagine a busy store. I thought the new motorola was sick as hell, but after trying to use it for business purposes and viewing the office aps and stuff I was not so happy. But it's the first and give it 6 months when google gets the droid system better and the phone manufactures get on the ball. Too bad they pushed the phone out the door too fast, cool phone not great.
  3. Well you can always call your carrier and do a IMEI or ESN trace to see if anyone is using it on their account....that will tell u who found it, just a thought
  4. great looking truck but lets see some performance pics! I watch stock 4x4's, f150's climb the hill, I wanna see some bad (_|_) svt roost shooting pics......lol...j/k dont break the damn thing yet!
  5. Call mendoaza's offroad ask for dan or john tell them jay sent you great guys....6234353928 if you watch any of the dune tour you tube videos I made spunnindustries the one from glamis has the dupont car in it they built that plus others
  6. my roomate has a paint problem right now and as soon as the guy finishes, after two months of screw ups, i will be sure to post the whole story. All I can say to business owners is, times are hard as you guys claim they are and only a select few have the cash in hand to pay you to do trick work. I recomend starting to take care of people cause you wont be around long screwing people over! God I hate DB's
  7. BTW my real DJ name is DJ SpunN just so some dont get lost when they come lol. I will be the little italian guy not the asain dj! BTW this weekend is going to be nutzo!
  8. I just did the video shoot at pro armor this saturday and wow I saw the doors! very effin nice and about 10 min to install. Mounts to factory points comes in black of silver and they have the net style ones also if you dont want the metal door. Very good doors and video will be on youtube very soon promise plus the pro armor site
  9. Chuckee....Show your girlfriend this post, and if it doesn't make sense to her, maybe she shouldn't be in the business. Just sayin Seriously thanks for the concern and info. But it's a whole different deal than your normal cell phone sales position. And I'd be very happy if she got a paycheck at all. I've been doing everything I can just so she can keep her utilities on and her house not forclosed on. Does anyone want to take me up on this offer? If not I guess I'll goto the bank and make her mortgage payment. I understand anything is better then nothing.
  10. Kyle come on you know better we are east county, bro's are sullin, SRH 951 and up that give us bad names for how we dress and what our half naked women look like! lol well I have flat bills and so do punk skaters who wear tight jeans....just saying.. Sucks that happend though and yeah normaly it fits the profile, just like a cereal killer....normally a middle aged white guy, just sayin
  11. just giving you a heads up thats all. I made a lot of money doing cellular and managed for almost the whole time. you can rock at it and do well but you can also lose your butt if your not careful thats all I was saying.
  12. Ah nothing like Authrized Agents coming out to do sales. I remember those day in my past. Lot's of good things that you can get going with a AA maybe some savings on phone sales and what not, but also there are a lot of promises that people can make and blow lots of smoke. After I went to corp I relized a few things, one thing is how big the AA is and were they come from. glad to see there are people getting into the game and I wish her luck just be careful of Charge backs and such, you can get a 6k paycheck and next month get a 1k cause people cancel features. Tell her to rememeber the 2's and she will kill it!

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