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  1. mxracer458

    2015 polaris rzr HCR long travel 26k

    Could also sell minus the long travel and just put the stock suspension back on. All the stock suspension including the shocks have 0 time on them.
  2. mxracer458

    2015 polaris rzr HCR long travel 26k

  3. mxracer458


  4. mxracer458

    feeler thread... hcr polaris 1000 long travel kit

    if you not feeling it don't respond....thats pretty simple
  5. feeler thread, just seeing if there is any interest. Complete kit, everything you would need to make your car handle like a dream, kings are rear internal bypass, resprung and valved by suspension by ed.,everything is powered coated silver. springs on the car is black. roughly 500 miles on the kit and shocks. kit is still on the car. this is the boxed a-arms not the sand edition. 7500. i have the car listed in the sxs section. i could get better pictures up.
  6. just pulled them out of a new car. both pairs 50$ shoot me a text at 951 357 8388
  7. mxracer458

    2015 polaris rzr HCR long travel 26k

  8. mxracer458


  9. mxracer458

    SX / Motorcross

    ya i think sticher you can get it. If you get the app for the iPhone they have archives of all the shows. I usually listen on my way to work durning the week since its usually a 4 hour show. They have one on one interviews with riders, mechanics,and owners. Good deal if you like moto. You would be surprised what you hear the riders talk about when there is no tv involved. They have a fantasy podcast for there pulpmx fantasy which is awesome.
  10. mxracer458

    SX / Motorcross

    if you guys want the real low down on what really goes on with the riders and not their tv interviews you need the pulpmx app and its live radio every monday at 6pm with rider interviews and the low down from steve mathis. That really gives you the truth of whats really going down in the sport. Not the bs that ralph and ricky give you
  11. mxracer458

    SX / Motorcross

    tomac has to find something because right now he's way off the pace. kenny left the door open and web took advantage.. even ken said he would have done the same thing. As for the bowers/barcia inicendent. The move in vegas was not nearly has bad as this hit. Ya bowers walked away with a broken leg ,he hit the right spot at the right time. Bowers said alex ray is sketch and dangerous but this move was a little over the top for me. Could have been really bad. Bowers has and will always be a dirty rider. He came from ax so thats his nature. I personally dont care for him nor barcia
  12. mxracer458

    connection for car headliners

    anyone have a hook up or know anyone that does headliners? 03 silverado extra cab. Just looking for a new headliner.
  13. mxracer458

    2015 polaris rzr HCR long travel 26k

  14. mxracer458



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