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  1. True! Also, come to find out, that flipping the shocks is required when installing the Geiser shock mount bracket. Resi’s will hit the bracket if you don’t.
  2. Just installed the Assault bulkhead reinforcement kit, Geiger shock tower bracket, and decided to flip my shocks. No real benefit, just like the way it looks. Question: How much of the plastics do you cut for clearance? Anyone have pics?
  3. I saw those Skat Tracs, but I also saw a set of 32” STI Sand Drifters paddles and 2-rib front tires with beadlocks for $1200. Anyone have any info (good or bad) on those?
  4. Looking at buying paddles and beadlocks for my X3 (Stock clutch). Which paddle tires have you had luck with? Which are ones to avoid?
  5. Got around to installing the Geiser radius arm plate, front & rear sway bar end links, and Assault Industries radius rod double shear kit. Decided to wait on installing the front reinforcement kit until the shock bracket gets here, so I don’t have to take apart the front twice.
  6. Just picked up this 2019 X3 Turbo RS last Saturday. Can’t wait to see what it can do compared to the last sxs I had (700 Rhino). Haha!
  7. I got a welder and fab tools, so it can easily tie into the frame 😉
  8. I’ve heard some stuff about limit straps being needed due to axles popping out at full droop. Anyone heard of this being a problem?
  9. I ordered those radius rod link support for the hub side. $100 is cheap insurance.
  10. Wow! Beautiful work! Love that dash and center console
  11. So far, I’ve ordered: •Assault Industries front structural reinforcement kit •Extreme Arm gusset kit •Race Driven front and rear sway bar links •Geiser Performance shock tower mount •Geiser rear link plate (may replace that when I do a rear bumper) Gonna look at doing the cage, bumpers, seats, harnesses, radius rods, and shocks. It’s adding up quickly. Haha!
  12. I’m in the Inland Empire, but willing to travel a little to ride.
  13. For those of you that ride during the summer months, where do you go around SoCal when the weather is too hot in the desert?
  14. Awesome! Definitely gonna look into that then. I like the idea of them being able to easily communicate with us. Thanks!
  15. I just took the kids out, and got them new MX style helmets, as they will more than likely spend more time in dirt bikes or quads, but i’m gonna pony up the extra cash for wired and plumbed helmets for me and the mrs.

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