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  1. What tire pressure do you run? Ive talked to different people, and get different answers. Max pressure on my trailer is 80psi. I usually run somewhere between 70-75psi unloaded. I’ve been told to run the max, i’ve been told I run too much, and ive been told what i’m doing is good. I’m no tire expert by any means, so I figured I ask the group what your thoughts are.
  2. Yeah, after a little research, I figured that out. Lol! Appreciate app the info everyone!
  3. Left Glamis on Wednesday, and Honda was already set up for demo rides
  4. This is basically what i’m looking at doing. Normally those are powered by an 120 vac to 12vdc power source. Did you just wire the leds directly to 12v?
  5. I want to add a set of led lights to the under side of my trailer, and i’m having trouble finding ones that I think will work. I want to hook them up to 12v, without having to use a inverter. All the led ropes and strips on Amazon & eBay seem to utilize a 110vac - 12vdc inverter. What has everyone used?
  6. I have the stock one on there still. Thanks
  7. I appreciate it, but I upgraded them. I also have the stock ones laying around.
  8. 😂 I have upgraded the links, but if the arm breaks, i’m out of luck, I guess. Joe fab will just get some more business
  9. Took my Can am out the Glamis the weekend before Veterans weekend, and it handled great. That was our first time back in Glamis since 2012, when I had my Rhino. What an amazing difference. SXS’s have come such a long way. The power and suspension is incredible, and I know with tuning, both will improve. It took me wherever I wanted to go, with ease, and pretty much at whatever speed I wanted. It climbs hills, goes through whoops, and dunes amazing. In speaking with a couple people, they suggested that I remove the front sway bar, for better duning and transitioning. Does doing this really make that much of a difference? I suppose I could try, and see how it does, and how I like it, but I figured i’d ask first. Appreciate the feedback
  10. Wasn’t able to make it. I’ll have to plan for next year. Looks like an amazing ceremony, and I understand and appreciate the amount effort of all involved, but I am curious about letting the flag hit the ground. I was always taught, that under no circumstance, was an American flag allowed to hit the deck, or anything below it. Not trying to stir the pot, just looking for clarification.
  11. Yep, full frame. Just transfer your stock latches.
  12. Contacted Grant @ Funco, an he set me up with some of his doors. Picked them up yesterday after work, only to get home and discover the power had been out since 1:30. After wrangling up a generator, and getting the refrigerators situated, I was able to start on the doors. Upon opening the box, I discovered everything to be packaged up pretty nicely, and the finish on the panels and frames looked great. One thing that wasn’t in the box, was instructions. “I figured how hard could it be?” I’ve built cars, houses, power lines, electrical substations, etc., this should be a piece of cake. Well 3 hours in, with a small light and flashlight, and I had one side up. I called it a night, and messaged Grant to see if there were any instructions he could send, and he went as far as to offer up one of his guys (via. phone), to walk me through it. I didn’t take him up on it, because I figured I give it a shot when I got home, and had some light. 30 minutes was all it took Anyways, if you’re looking for a nice set of doors, for a good price, and great customer service, look no further than Grant and his team at Funco.
  13. Those look nice! Is that just a door skin, or complete door with frame?
  14. Looks good! My only concern with the skins as opposed to the doors with the entire frame, would be that they might be flimsy. Rattling is something I can deal with, or do like you did, and foam it or glue down some upholstery.

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