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  1. Yes I have!!!! Upgraded stuff, added stuff, powder coated things and still hasn’t sold.
  2. Sorry I don’t. I will be taking apart the shocks soon and hopefully the springs are stamped. If they are I will let you know. Valving I will not know.
  3. Bump. I can’t believe I have not got any questions. There must be someone looking for a reliable entry level sandrail.
  4. Had 2 Safe Glows and had plenty of problems. Went with Jeff @Whipsandshyt and love it!!! I run my buggy in Ocotillo and run the whips day and night. Have to confess I don’t ride to much at night. Have not had any problems with them. The clip to remove or secure the whip doesn’t bother me. Friends run 5150 and they are also good.
  5. If she has that good if a swing buy her a paddle with a good size length handle. Hope she doesn’t have to use it.
  6. Selling my Chenowth Explorer 4 seat with V6 Honda. has been a great reliable fun car!! Just recently added new seats, seatbelts, rear disc brakes, powder coated panels, wing trunk, spare tire, new tires and wheels. Went thru the VW 002 trans last year. Used the car for the first time this past weekend in Ocotillo. Car ran great. Just used this past weekend in Ocotillo and ran great! Asking $20k Car is stored in Whittier Ca Call/ text with questions at Juan 323-219-9272
  7. Safeco for everything! ST Clair Insurance who is on this forum
  8. Oh wow! Thanks for the great info. Just learned that there might be a lot of SXS near Slash X as someone posted La Ruta for Presidents weekend. will look into Mule Canyon.

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