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  1. Loved the story!!! Have a couple of friends who are very well off and burn money like nothing. When we touch the subject of money ( which I normally don’t like to talk about) they act as if they worked hard for what they have. A lot of them have real estate because of their. parents. They get a little upset when I tell them that collecting rent, making phone calls is not the same as applying for a loan and then making the payment. Although I wish I had some of their property.
  2. Would you mind sharing the info on the one you have? How Big solar panels wattage do I need to keep 12 volt batteries charged ?
  3. Wow! Total BS. If that was my tent /canopy bottles would have been thrown at him or anyone else that would do that. So your racing and eff up so now you get to run over whatever you like. ? Nope! Also hate when I’m stuck in traffic and a motorcycle keeps reving his engine so I move to the side. Sorry dude you pass when you can. I move over when I can as I to was a motorcycle driver. Sorry for the rant.
  4. Where can I take my Fox shocks to get cleaned and painted? I would also want my coils painted or powder coated. They would have to disassemble and reassemble since I don’t know how. I would need a new sticker also. Who near Whittier/ Los Angeles do you recommend?
  5. What’s up with all these password protected chat rooms or whatever you call it. I’m browsing the unread content and then dozens of these password rooms show up. Annoying as hell!!!! How can I get the password or how can I make them not appear? Thanks
  6. When I redid my trailer with new wood I also used Behr from Home Depot. They have lots of colors they can make and it’s grainy. Loved that stuff. It’s on the thick side and not watery.

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