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  1. Cool, so its still running around?
  2. What ever happened to this car? Still miss it
  3. Wow, its been 11 yrs since compound !!
  4. tsanchez


    Thought it got hacked
  5. Just be careful with post tension slabs,
  6. Me too, pork butt and two whole chickens
  7. Pork butt sale at frys .99 cents pound
  8. Weber kettle cooking is great way to start, I built a drum smoker using weber lid and grates, it works awesome
  9. Ill go with mint julep
  10. Finally a good picture Congratulations!!!!
  11. tsanchez

    March Madness

    I dont know what happened, my bracket wasnt joined. Oh well probably because I picked before the final was set
  12. Get dimensions of everything, make a jig to remount the upper arms in case they get ripped off or bent. Get general dimensions of the chassis for repair after an accident.

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