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  1. I'm heading out tomorrow morning (Xmas eve) if someone could chime in on the most current conditions of the roads from maricopa to gila bend and also ogilby road that would be cool. Thx
  2. Looks good!! I have been wanting to do a hood and roof on my spyder for a while now. Did you make a dash as well? I ball on a budget
  3. I ran 934's with stub axles on my sand pro 2 and never had an issue. The following two owners haven't had an issue either..
  4. All I know is that car is been for sale for a long time
  5. Car looks great the owner is very happy. Another Spyder II/black widow makeover coming soon Stay tuned everyone lol
  6. I have two and can run them parallel. Worth all the money if in good shape. I like the fact they are easy to move by yourself.
  7. Its the same one that you commented on before OB, back when previous owner had it as a roller. car has been completely gone thru with a lot of new parts. I have driven this car and it dunes amazing and also hauls the mail. Turns like a small car but has that big Buckshot smooth ride. This car is turn key ready to go.
  8. As motor vehicle website has the basic one and it's free
  9. X2 I ain't saying who the GD member is. I would't stoop that low.... But I found this. Among other things. So I understand correct, the name in pic above is our thief correct?
  10. I think you should say who the gd member is...
  11. holy cuss word that thing Is nice... And Yeah take your shoes and socks off before coming in.
  12. And that is the current market, have a friend that sold one just like this a couple years back for 8k I believe
  13. I was over at Scott's house today and the car looks good. Nice job buddy
  14. Cool! A couple observations - I'm amazed at how this car and my big 5 are the same length - 15' I'm thinking the weight is approximately the same too 2500lbs And these manufactureres have their own specific build details too - both top notch Looking forward to understanding how Tatum does things - and I agree the car is well maintained, but I still will check it from nose to tail Always a good idea from season to season, I will begin pulling all front end grade 8 hardware this Summer and replace it as I found a cracked bolt that sheared inside a stationary/welded spacer on the lower left a-arm. I would definitely go over that car. I didn't think it was up to par maintenance wise from my observation when I looked at it... I always look at my surroundings and what is around me when I'm looking at things to buy. The first impression that people will give you goes a long way with how they take care of things. Just my .02
  15. Nice job with the build, takes a big commitment to finish a project like that.
  16. Pull police out of those areas and let the cleansing begin. Stop wasting money and resources on what can't be fixed. New Orleans is the perfect example. If there were no ports down there the government would care less about that area. Let it go under water where it belongs.
  17. If you can find the same thing for less expensive elsewhere go get it. Otherwise here is the deal
  18. It only takes eye balls to know that ride doesn't make sense.
  19. I'm waiting for the reg on my new Duramax as well. Ouch
  20. looks like a real friendly environment lol
  21. Well how much extra is that gonna cost

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