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  1. 2010 Polaris rzr 800 S- New engine only 6 hours on it , With warranty , extras include ,Intercom radio,sound system with subwoofer ,lights LED bar custom roll cage built-in cooler, front bumper, set of dirt tires ,set of Paddles and front tires for sand , 2 extra belts , LEDs in front bumper, fiber optic Orange led whip ,twisted stitch custom seats , and harnesses and ump air filter system $8,500 posting for friend (310) 463-0627 Santos
  2. Posting for friend 1994 Yamaha banshee extras. T5 full exhaust ,Green sticker bike, comes with a full set of dirt and full set of sand tires , Air filters ,$2,500 (310) 463-0627 Santos
  3. Tried texting is it still available and where is it located
  4. fttorq

    PRP Seats SOLD

    Do you know if they are Standard width or wide
  5. YIKES! Hoping i dont have one of those hanging out underneath the steps of my motorhome!
  6. Thanks for the heads up! Wish we would have planned a sooner weekend with more action, but oh well. Hoping to get some good rides in at least.
  7. Heading out to the dunes this weekend(I know its a little warm). Have a couple buddies who have never been. Wondering how much of a ghost town its going to be....hoping they get some nice riding in, and possibly see some cool stuff as well. its a long shot, but hoping there will be some people out....
  8. Chicken eff*er (Cali Kid) come to gecko f the washes make sure you bring some dust mask if you still go to the washes @ robseg we will be on probably 2.5 have bounded rv and a 2 Chevy with a white trailers
  9. looking for some other cars to dune with we will be on gecko we will be there thursday night to sunday
  10. where heading out thursday night we usually camp 2.5 or 3 some friends flake and some other ones want to try camping the washes so we will have a car and a razor or 2 the more the merrier
  11. we"ll be at pad 2.5 or 3 on gecko where heading out wednesday through sunday we have a few cars some sxs and quads bikes big group the more the merrier
  12. We're heading out tonight going to be 2.5 or 3 were always looking for more cars to dune with
  13. I built my own maxxrhino you can get tubing already bent I just bought a few u bends and cut and mitered tacked and test fit once to all fits perfect just weld it up

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