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  1. I dont think so. I have some for King and Kenny has some for Fox if you need any.
  2. Thanks for everybodys help so far. This is a pic of the side.
  3. No these pics are of it right now. The way you see it in the pic the limiter straps are maxed out with nobody in the car and when two people are in the car it only sags down about 2 inches, thats why I have the springs as loose as they will go. If I tighten the springs down 2" like you say then with two people in the car, the limiter straps are still tight.
  4. OK I have a Buckshot X5 that weights "about" 2700lbs, the front setup is 2.5 with bypass. Now my problem is the way it is setup now, it rides very nice through all conditions but when I ride a wheelie and the rail is "about" straight up, when it comes down it will always bottom out but only when its all the way up. Now my question is, I dont want to effect the ride quality but I dont want to bottom out either. The top spring is 12x500 and the bottom is 14x600. Should I go with a bottom spring of 14x650 or move the collar down farther or turn the compresion up on the bypass. These are some pics of the setup now. And it is winter here so I cant test anything untill April.
  5. Here are some from silver lake sand dunes.
  6. BLU-BY-U,,,,, Jims car was a Extreme Performance NOT Xtreme Motorsports, there is a BIG difference
  7. I dont know if they tested the other guys, but I was 96db.
  8. What,,,,,,,,,,, You dont think that nice orange flag on the front looks cool? Yah I know, it sucks. Its the Michigan rules, you half to have a orange flag thats 10' high on the front of the cars. And also on anything else thats out there.
  9. I went round and round with Glen last year with the same problem you are having. It took four computers and 4 months. All I can say is good luck to you. This is the number I have for him. 480-577-5588
  10. Nice looking car...but I have never been able to get use to the flag being mounted in the front..Is that a by regulation in Mich or just they way they do it? 1611694[/snapback] Yeah its one of the many crappy rules at our dunes.

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