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    Sand toy market soft?

    If you have a clean Gen4 Big5 with a Subi, the market is NOT "soft".

    MLK weekend Free?

    Kind of a joke if you ask me.

    Disc rotor servicing

    x2. If it's just surface rust they'll self clean.

    Need Info on Funco Airbags

    Front bag would be easiest to buy from Grant. Pretty sure you're gonna have to take the shock apart to replace it. Bottom cap, pull the shaft out, etc.

    Need Info on Funco Airbags

    Rear bag: Firestone W01-358-6902 Nuts and bolts to R&R. Nothing special.

    E85 things to know.

    Yeah, some guys will "pickle" the car in the off season to prevent moisture from entering. I start mine up every couple of weeks during the summer. Haven't had an issue for 5 years since running ethanol.

    E85 things to know.

    Gen 3 would be 3rd "Generation", not "general", just an FYI. As far as E85 goes, if you're in CA, it's readily available. If you're in AZ, there are only a handful of stations that sell it. You may find some stations that have E85 signage but they're only required to sell Flex Fuel with a minimum of 51%. Unfortunately I've tested some as low as 47%. For the car, yes, it will eat your paint and/or discolor it if left on. If your motor was "converted" to E85 and previously ran race gas, you may or may not have the most ideal fuel lines, which should be ethanol rated. Storage: keep it in super air tight containers(55 gallon drums are the best, imo) as it likes to absorb water. You'll hear all kinds of opinions on how long you can store it. I myself, will store it all summer long in drums and use it the following year.

    Fifth Wheel Toyhauler Purchase

    Most of the new ones don't. They all come with the axles already "flipped" to eliminate the wheel well concern.
  9. That's some funny shit.

    Wall Sag

    So since it's the weak outriggers, or lack of outriggers within the wheel wells that are the cause of this, wouldn't it be better to jack up the wall? Maybe use some steel stock to span a few of the existing outriggers and floor jack them up, then re-enforce?

    Wall Sag

    CR3905 So is it the outriggers that are failing and not the main frame? Jack it up to compensate the failing outriggers to add/beef them up? I can see the issue within the wheel wells because there are no wall supports(outriggers) there. And I have seen a couple pics of guys using 1.5" square between the leaf perches. I assume that's to prevent the twist?

    Wall Sag

    Please help me wrap my head around this issue. As I understand it, the frame is actually sagging around the the axles from the weight of the box. Because of this, the walls are buckling since they technically won't bend from a vertical position. The fix is to jack up the very 4 corners of the frame to get it straight again, then add/beef up the outriggers that hold the walls in place. What I don't understand is, how is this going to fix the problem? It seems to me that the frame needs to be beefed up, not the outriggers. Obviously, many trailers have been fixed but I'm not getting it.

    What Is Your Dream Buggy? Post Pics & Build Details!

    My current car was my dream car for several years before I finally got one. Although I wasn't wild about the colors, it had all the right parts and components. The package was exactly what I wanted. Rocked it for a few seasons then did a full tear down and re-color. Now it's exactly what I want. Clean, simple, duning machine. The ONLY thing I would possibly consider would be a stripped down Gen 6(no hood no windshield, simple tin, minimal dash) with a built Outfront 6 cylinder(500ish whp) and a Fortin H-pattern.

    Guess the story

    Is this Doc's old group? Lol.

    So it begins, My Gen 5 summer 2018 conversion, Outfront Style

    So what did you determine on the turbo?

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