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  1. It takes less time to do it than to drive somewhere, drop it off, wait a day or two, drive back, pay them, drive home. A big part of this hobby is working on my own car. But I understand that not everyone knows how to turn a wrench.
  2. Damn dude, I was wondering what ever happened to your buy and build threads. Haha. Congrats on cheating Mr. Death. The ol Burns Pest car. He had another rail with the same motor, I believe. Unique package for sure. E85 is still around in these parts. And yes, at the pump.
  3. I used a stripper service, here in Phoenix. They dip the shit in a solution and it takes all the PC off. No abrasives, no torch.
  4. No, do not go in a star pattern. That will bend the ring. Once you get a few threads on each bolt and are ready to torque, mark one bolt as your starting point. Go around the ring, torquing every other bolt. On the second pass, torque the opposite bolts(odds and evens, if you will). Start low with your torque and work your way up to the final torque. Yes, you'll be making a lot of passes around the ring.
  5. Use the beadlock ring to work it on. Throw a few bolts in, spray soap/water, and work it.
  6. Zero rattles. Funco approved.... https://www.mcmaster.com/93625k44
  7. Send me more details and pics. Text 602-690-4648.
  8. I'm sure he started with the shovel.
  9. I can't imagine storing my stuff out there. I park my toy hauler at my house and sandrail in the garage. Everything is prepped and ready to go pretty quickly after I get back from a trip. I can bounce with about 2 hours notice. Things that are going to change? Well, I'm in the process of getting divorced and I'll have the kids every other weekend. I see a lot of Thursday night-to-Sunday trips in my future.
  10. Lol. It's the new turning brake style!
  11. I hate them. Rode in a couple rails that had them and didn't like the vision or swirling sand. Of course, I don't like full bodies/hoods either so....
  12. Wasn't it just a few years ago there was a thread here on GD ripping the kid a new a-hole for that video he made of himself "shreddy-ing" the streets of CA? Now everyone likes him?
  13. Why don't you just hire a professional to service it and stick to what you're good at. You know, like assembling Subaru cams.
  14. Looks good. Putting it on the side panels by the wing trunk would've looked stupid.

    CV Grease

    Yes, I know all about grease needles. But they don't work on caulk tubes.

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