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  1. Nice! Mad respect to those header guys. It's a true art to do it right.
  2. Myself, along with a few other Subi/Funco guys have all tuned our cars to E80. We all live on the West side of Phoenix. We either fill up drums from CA, Tucson, or the magical station in Mesa. To get to E80, we cut it with flex fuel. Running a few percentages lower is the safer way to go as you will be running rich.
  3. I'm surprised you don't have one. They are a lot of fun. Just getting out and exploring is a blast. Jeeps are slow and bouncy. These things make quick work of trails...
  4. Got any pics John? Water-cooling my new one is something I've been considering as well.
  5. Parker, John is on the hunt for one of these spindle caps...
  6. I use my eyeball. I can't believe you guys think you can feel 1/4" toe in the sand. Lol.
  7. I've driven both. I think they're both equally as fun to drive. The advantages of mid-board hubs, bigger arms, bigger heims, stonger steering rack, etc....make the Gen4 more desirable to me.
  8. I couldn't be happier with mine. It's everything I would ever want in a sand car because it serves all of my needs while putting a huge smile on my face. It would take a lot of money for me to sell mine. Gen4, Subi, 2d. Yes, K.I.S.S.
  9. They had a turn of events at Gear One. Instead of being "negative nancy" on their thread, be happy people will have options for parts, in Glamis, moving forward. Support is what this industry needs(sand cars specifically). Gear One is trying to do that.
  10. Spite is unhealthy my friend. Haha.
  11. If you had a tool to make things even easier, would you use it?
  12. No sir. I just hate spilling that gooey shit. Lol.
  13. My point is, not ONE drop of oil spills out when I change my fluid. Linc is gonna hate this, but when I drain, out the back plug, I air up the front bags and drop the rear to get it all out.
  14. Why would you regret that? 4 quarts equal a gallon.
  15. Haters gonna hate. Simple fact, my 2d holds 1 gallon of fluid. If I lean it to one side, it lessons the chance of spilling out the fill hole. Air bags make that an easy process.

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