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  1. Bring the shop with you. We will welcome you with open arms!
  2. You're right. That was bad on my part. Dammit!
  3. Not even close to true. But windshields do, and full roofs do, and full dashes do, and front hoods do. If you dune in sunglasses, you're not really "duning".
  4. $2.02 Sams Club, Phoenix. Sucks to be you in CA.
  5. I was interested...until that guy said "Dodgers Fan". Oh well, GLWTS! Nice Dodgers car!
  6. In case you haven't seen it on FB or Insta. Must own a Funco to participate. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSciXfae_aTgbfRUX3QMtfijOZtyQ1j_TJL2x0fUPOsCxt3b3Q/viewform?fbclid=IwAR1qizeOX4dDpYVD90vOi1vdFNcSOneDHjkhIdn1ZjdIgyfXrolmynQ2TZo
  7. Nope. It's the correct address. South-West corner of Broadway and Val Vista.
  8. Awesome belts. The cam locks have been perfect for me. 4 seasons now, no issues.
  9. 3 locations that sell the good stuff at the pump. These station owners recognized the demand for a higher E content. They're all usually 85% or more. 3565 East Broadway Road 1003 North 32nd Street 1925 North Scottsdale Road
  10. Bringing "flushing money down the toilet" to a whole new meaning.
  11. To answer your other question, you can run bypasses in the back but you'll likely have to put the bypass tubes on the inboard side. Or, if you're buying brand new, I have seen a couple G3's with the tubes(I think they were) directly opposite of the reservoir. Guessing those were custom made for Funco?
  12. Pretty sure the answer is no. But I'll ask my brother. He has a Gen3 and was looking into this a little while ago.
  13. Gen4 was not designed and built for V8's. They did however, start to make longer versions of the Gen4 to accommodate the longer, massive, top heavy, engines.

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