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  1. More buggy pictures Stock engine on E85 absolutely no turbo lag due to the custom insulation on the exhaust manifold and turbos plus two turbos spool up very fast.
  2. The GVWR is 9,900 lbs. That is combined trailer and cargo. I would estimate the trailer weighs about 4,400 lbs. price is $7,000
  3. 2 sand jacks $75/ea 55 gal stainless steel fuel tank with automatic shut off 12v pump. $100 SOLD 5-gallon plastic fuel cans Free GONE 5-gallon water cans Free GONE
  4. 24’ Hallmark Edge Series Box trailer 4 wheel electric brakes Electric tongue jack White aluminum sides Epoxy painted interior Air conditioner 2 deadbolt locks on side door Includes Easylift hitch Wide rear door (95”) 2 6v heavy duty batteries with disconnect switch QuickAir compressor with long hoses Bed and cabinets easily removed C TECH aluminum storage cabinet Folding stainless steel work bench Tool box (no tools included) LED rear tail lights
  5. There are some wonderful things happening in my life. Those things do not include duning so unfortunately I am selling my pride and joy. She is a Funco Gen 3. The Gen 3s were the last of the quick, nimble and light Funco sand cars. Incredible power to weight ratio. I want to find her a good home with a fast and sure duner who will take good care of her. She has been a great and reliable buggy who has brought me countless memories. Meticulously maintained and housed in a climate-controlled garage. She is tuned for E85 fuel to maximize HP. Currently a two seater, she could be converted back to a four seater since the back seats are included in the sale. She has 2 sets of exhaust pipes. Includes one set of quiet stealth pipes and my favorite, throaty manly megaphone stinger pipes. I am also selling my 24' Haulmark trailer and other dune items- see separate advertisement. 2001 Funco Gen 3 Twin Turbo charged Honda 3.2L with intercooler and fan Five point seat belts with wrist restraints. 450HP at the rear wheels Garrett ball bearing turbos Tial waste gates Motec ignition Dual plate Kennedy clutch and pressure plate and adapter AIM digital dash with fuel gauge Mendeola MD4S 2D with Funco nosecone and external oil pump and filter HID lights Bypass rear shocks with black tops. Spare non-bypass rear shocks. Vertex radio and intercom, 4 headsets 4- Beard seats, 5 point belts with arm restraints Gene Berg shifter Bead lock rims, Dune Sport paddle tires Extreme Fabrication rear axles (no more messy packing CVs) Spare steering rack and alternator 30 gallon fuel tank Large tool compartment and separate cooler/jacket compartment behind seats $25,000
  6. Is the house still for rent? If it is my daughter and son-in-law may be interested. Thanks
  7. How much liquid starch for back tires and front?
  8. I mixed up a mixture of antifreeze and aluminum radiator sealant years ago to stop slow leaks in my sand tires. Well it's finally wore out and I need to mix more. its been so long I don't remember the recipe. Can anyone help me out?
  9. I also use crows. My only problem is they keep sliding down to my wrists. Anyone have a cure for that?
  10. I don't know when the picture was taken, but when my Dad and I started duning 50 years ago we did not bring gas cans. we just drove over to the store, parked at the gas pumps as pictured, pumped the gas into the glass top and drained it into the buggy tank. One time one of the buggies had starter problems when we got to the store so he tied a rope to the steering wheel and let it drive in circles in front of the store, while we went into the store for refreshments. It was a lot harder to catch the buggy while it was moving than it was to jump out when we first got there. It was fun watching him try and fail multiple times before he was successful. Oh the good old days
  11. Very clever CYA new owners of the SSSS You can't fool us Notice how the price change after people complained Both flyers were posted on the SSSS web site Before SSSS After complaints at the SSSS Next year- look out

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