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  1. This is my nephew. His is stock Rhino...sorta, it seats 4 and has a dif cage. The suspension and motor are stock. He breaks things fairly regularly (Rack & Pinion, something inside the Trans). That said, not sure what sort of life it had before he got it. He runs mostly in 2wd as a 660 bogs in 4x4. He starts out and then planes out (a boat term) and then runs in 2wd. I haven't riden in the dunes, but I have been riden around a bit.
  2. The Lagoon is a kick-ass amusement park....ride the Carnivore.
  3. My GF used to say.... Worthless as tits on a boar-hog. My catholic friend said it, 10 years later, as...a nun
  4. Tractor or Swimming Pole?
  5. It had a space-saver spare. But, it was about 30" tall. Helped a gal w/a rental car. Twas a mini-van. It had a small spare, and a compressor. At about 60#, the tire popped out and became a tire. Twas real weird when it popped out on one side first and then another 5 minutes it popped out all the way around. It takes a long time for a compressor to get that much pressure built up.
  6. 10 minutes ago, or thereabouts. I'm sitting here at the computer and there is a knock at the door. A fair-haired damsel of good complexion (think 180 out from that) damsel in distress was there... Do you have a jack... We might need a 4-way too... I see her car, about 75 yards away, a white Kia SUV....fairly new. It is on the ground on one side. I grab the stuff and walk over there. She has a dog. She says that it is a boxer...no more than 50%. The other 50% has a bad name and is outlawed in some cities. I change the tire. No sweat. Her spare is partially flat...like drive in the sand and then the highway. You have an air compressor? Yes....grrrrr. She got a flat because the tread had worn thru to the steel. Then the steel had worn thru to the rubber and then the rubber had worn thru. The rears looked like new. If I was guessing, that they bounced the front off something....curb, maybe, and the front end is tweaked as the tires had rubber on the outside...sorta, racing slicks. But, twas 1/16" more, something, than on the inside. A common theme...enough money to buy a nice car. But, not enough money to take care of the nice car. Don't buy a car from them.
  7. Grand Junction, CO. Rockwood...I am of the same opinion. I had about 1/32 worth of tread left. I wouldn't have even thought of it, but one of the front was screwed up from bad alignment and it vibrated. On this FWD, the fronts wear out so much faster and the backs have tread left.
  8. Anybody buy tires from Sam's Club? In my town we have Big O, Discount, Walmart, Sams and some small independents. I have a HFt manual machine, so Tirerack is a possibility too....not sure how Id do the balancing. Walmart is a pain, busy and to few workers. Big O is always digging for work....your car needs A,B, C and D. We bought tires in Las Vegas and Discount took my spare out. They teach their workers to immediately check the tire's date code, but they cant count to 5. Dont know if you've ever been to Vegas (I'm sure that you have), but in every direction, there is a bunch of desolation, like 100 miles of it, and they wanted to send me off w.o a spare...grr. The other day, I put my spare on and go in for 2 tires. The salesman comes out and does all his measurements and super secret computations. He says, you should change these 2....look at this tire....ohhh, it doesnt match. He looked at me funny when I said that was my spare ( as if they wouldn't screw that up)....OK we'll change the front 2 as they have tread on them (normally they want to put new ones on the back). While we're at the car, a cone.head almost hits my door, then he puts his car in P while still moving. When he took his foot off the brake, his car rolled backwards as the pressure was released. I'm thinking this will be quick, 2 open bays, parking lot sorta empty....then an 18 wheeler pulls in...where the heck does that guy think that he is going...he is gonna get stuck in here. Then he backed up to a bay...5 guys came out and unloaded it....while I waited. The conehead got out an hour before me and at least 2 persons jumped ahead of me (I think they messed up the work rotation). 2.5 hours later....I double check their work. I still have the ratty tire that they were supposed to take, and I dont have the best tire from the car. Last time.I was in there, same deal, they had to go look for tire that I wanted. Am I the only the that keeps tires for just in case?. They act like they aint seen dat b'for. They don't want to replace the tire from my truck (it bounces at 45, and pulls). I cant just drive my truck in there as they are snow tires and they wont work on them in the front (bigger BFG ATs in the back)....and I cant pull the tire off in their parking lot. I have to carry in. They say switch the tire to the other side and see if the pull changes (a directional tire). The pull did change. They've rebalanced it 3x (last time .5 oz off, whoop.de.do). 1 or 2 times ago, they turned it on the rim, to theorectically match the high spot on the rim w.the low on the tire (which acknowleges that it is not round). Sooooo, what good does it do to buy Road-Hazard, if they wont replace a bad tire?
  9. You left out the weight loss.
  10. https://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/wireStory/boy-dies-buried-sand-dune-state-park-84786076
  11. Back to LA and irrigation water.... 20 some years ago, I had an interesting conversation w/a guy that worked for the city of Tucson. We spoke about NG fueled 454s (running at a low rpm, 1,200, or 1,800 on wells (which is sucking Ag water out of the ground and ruining industry). Back on track....every city park, golf course (and water hazards), every city lake, (some cover many acres) every city building, is watered with reclaimed sewer plant water. They have water left over. What do we do with it? Put in the dry Santa Cruz river? (which would be good for the river and Riparian area as it would return it closer to what it was before Turcson came along). No, that would affect the environment and putting poop-water (which is Potable) in the river might draw negatives. That won't work.....thinking caps are put on. Lets put it back in the ground (in the aquafer and then drink it). The 1st part makes a lot of sense (not the stealing ag water part), but not so sure about the last. If we ate going to drink it anyways, why put it in the ground...OHHHHH, never mind.
  12. I had the same thought... If I may, I would like to submit to you, respectfully, that she is a good-looking woman. Please don't take offense.
  13. That means that they are good, and by the time they get to yours, will figured out how to do it.
  14. What kind of radiator? Aluminum, Copper? BG Stopleak is good stuff.

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