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  1. Any thoughts on a dual master cylinder?
  2. Correct.... I was thinking....that the big rear tires can use more braking power (due to their increased weight, and traction) the front less (if they lock, they will kick up rocks). But, now, I am thinking of just increasing the rear's strength.
  3. I am working on an old-school street-legal buggy. It is on a shortened pan. The front brake hoses are shot and the Master Cylinder is shot also. It has drums all the way around. I am going to change the rear Wheel Cylinders to 7/8" (stock is 3/4"). I want to increase the braking power on my large rear tires. I want to avoid using a proportioning valve...never used one. It had cutting brakes and I think they are coming off (not sure that I want them on the road). Here are the Qs: Should I change the size of the front WCs to 3/4" (the fronts are 7/8" stock, rear 3/4 stock). I am thinking that might be an improvement. I see that the Master Cylinder is available w/3/4" and 7/8" pistons. I think that 3/4" is the way to go. I can also swap in a dual MC, but it would be a Disc brake MC. They come in 3/4 and 7/8. Thoughts?
  4. The main thing, that I was thinking of was getting the holes lined up...easier to stick em on a stud. Supposedly, bolts are stronger than studs....but for everything else, including trucks weighing over 5,000, studs seem to work just fine. Need to watch for stud's heads hitting stuff inside the drum
  5. Stinky

    Highway Star

    That has to bad for it....
  6. I just got an old-school sand/street car w/a swingaxle trans. Would there be any advantage to replacing the VW style lugnuts with studs? Every other car, and trailer that I've had, has had studs.
  7. CL... I buy off of Marketplace, but it is a BS site. Offerup seems like a joke. Just watch for BS on CL.
  8. Stinky

    Highway Star

    The power line that comes from Palo Verde Nuclear PP might cross places where a foot of snow happens. I've seen them close I-8 due to snow....2x in the same year....1987, or thereabouts.
  9. Yes there is a negative...your tire patch, on the ground, may be distorted. AND, or course your suspension won't like it. If you look on the web, you'll see worn tires, w/an example of worn in the center (Too much PSI), and worn on the edges (not enough PSI). Your tread and sidewalls are supposed to flex according to the load. Here is the scrub...if you are too low, bad things can happen. If your are too high, your ride will be off, but I can't think of any other negatives. BTW, 80 PSI is a shi@load of pressure. If your tires need more than that....
  10. I have some aluminum rims, w.paddles. They are Honda wide 4, about 7". My ATV is 4 on 110mm (about 4 1/4"). I want to make adapters out of steel plate. Would 3/16" work, or should I go up to 1/4"?
  11. We had a 2 stroke blow this week. It clatters like crazy....rod bearing? Anyways, some of the folk around camp said that the driver blew it up because he didnt periodically let.off the gas and that you need to do this on a 2-stroke. You ever heard of such a thing?
  12. You keep welding w.no protection and you wont be able to see, day or night.
  13. A welder's UV goes thru eyelids
  14. I have a HObart Handler 140. I got it at Toolking, before they went outa bizness, twas on special. It is a fluxcore 110v. I drag an extension cord to work on things. Yes, it is susceptible to low voltage, like mentioned. It loves 1/8", and sometimes exhaust...it loves exhaust on new pipe, rusty pipe, that is thinner, not so much (blows holes). Before that, I had a Lincoln Handy-Core. It needs a brain...something, and they cost more than what the thing is worth. I am holding it watching for one in a pawn-shop. I got it at Home Depot. It is in the hobby line, or something like that and Lincoln....tough to get parts. I have welded up to 1/4" w/it. Multiple passes, gusset and add design like crazy (I am crazy to weld that thick, as it doesn't penetrate enough). For example, my last hitch, I did a receiver. Instead of just welding the box on the bumper, I cut a hole in the bumper, put it inside (which doubled the amount of weld), and I put 2 gussets on it. I have about 20" of weld on that box (a 1" weld, properly done, will lift a ton. Long-story-short, get a 110v fluxcore, especially if all you wast to do is handyman stuff. Like I said...it loves 1/8" (bed=frames, angle iron, square, etc.) BTW., my last rail was built w/a 110v fluxcore.

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