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  1. And, do you wipe a bogger on it, use locktite (which color) or nothing???
  2. I agree w/all of dat. No shortage of those flags here...often on a coal-burner. SD51 Grand Junction, CO. The largest district in the state, or US that did yearlong, in person, school, all year last year. I have about 25 Middle School and 12 HS kids. I pick them both up....we meet 2 other buses, Chinese Fire Drill, then I go to the MS and one picks up ES kids, and the other goes to the HS. In the afternoon, same thing in reverse, but only 2 buses. I meet the HS bus and we swap kids, and each drop off a mixture of HS and MS. 87 rural miles a day. Still in my 1st year...started in January...started my route on 2/1, or was gonna start my route, but called in sick on my very 1st day w/Covie. 5 days later, I had a positive test back to show them...my daughter was positive that day. My 1st kid is at 0647, done at 0805. Back at 230 till 5.05....I thought that I was gonna have all day, in the middle of the day to get stuff done. But, I barely have time to workout, nap, and etc. My projects barely move forward.
  3. ebay, craigslist (you can make a search and it will send you an email on what shows up....in LA, SD, PHX, SLC). I sent a text to my nephew. He is in Lakewood...Or SW Denver....Oh, wrong Lakewood. He collects junk and rebuilds ATCs and etc.
  4. I drive a schoolbus. The other day, 3 HS kids get on and they all have Trump flags. A girl has that flag. WE are going round about it now. Yesterday, the 3rd day of combat she has it stowed. But, as she walks away from duh bus, she says, "Dave, how do you like my flag?" They've had enough clues, they should know that I agree w/the flag. I've told them over and over and over and over and over....and will again today, the F word ain't allowed on my bus. They asked me my political affiliation..."Are you the only one in Whitewater that likes Biden? Across from the school, there is a house that flies that flag. The city can't/won't do anything about it and it has been in the national? news.
  5. On a VW Baja...are the ball-joint and king-pin front-end cars the same, on the pan, where the front-ends bolt up?
  6. Just a short way from you... https://www.ebay.com/itm/174751877793?hash=item28b0060aa1:g:4V4AAOSw3~df49Yh Another one https://www.ebay.com/itm/124872187712?hash=item1d12f65f40:g:mZEAAOSw1C9hJW6I
  7. I miss Dove season...not to many in my part of the state (CO). But, deer and elk.
  8. All those.... I think Offerup is nonsense. But, I know people that have good luck w/it (for cars and trucks). You left out ebay.
  9. Did you see this? There is also a Classified Section on this forum, if you missed it....
  10. For me, put nude corn in a pot, bring it to a boil, and then turn the burner off and wait for it to cool a bit....10-20 minutes. They will still be hot when you take the pot off. Or, leave it clothed, wrap in foil, put in a put of water for 30 minutes, or more....sometimes in the sink. Then put then in coals/fire for 30 minutes. OR, leave it clothed, put it in water (like above), Then put them on the grill until the husks start to burn off....not sure the time, but 20-30 minutes
  11. That is not a cooler....from the looks of it. I could be seeing it wrong. Coolers are set.up so they catch a breeze. From the looks of it, that one doesn't. It should be perpindicular to the air flow. A filter should have a relief valve in it...unless it is going on a SBC, that has the relief in the mount.
  12. I have 2 Camry's now. I also have a Camry motor w/a blown headgasket. My kids totaled 3 cars in a year. I expect the running Camry to be next....any day now. OH....I also have a Mercury Villager. The son drives it...it is a re-badged Nissan Quest. 3.0 V6....another good motor. I have a line on a EcoTech....actually the guy has 2 of em. I 'd rather run the Toyota as they are possibly more durable. But, they are 125# heavier, and have 25 less HP than the ECO. But, I am looking at a desert buggy. Type 1, maybe even a Swinger...the kind of stuff that you see all the time for 1,000 bucks. But, it needs a motor. In about 1977 I asked an auto shop teacher what kind of motor to run. He said, in the desert 36hp VW, in the dunes, Corvair....That is fairly close to where I am heading. I don't mean hauling buttocks in the desert, lugging down, then nailing the gas, trails and etc. The kind of stuff that a SP is better at then a DP... boy did I open a can of worms there. He was a little behind the times, because a stock 1600 is way better than a 36hp motor, but that was his intent....and pretty good advice. For a lot of things, a stock VW can be hard to beat...if you like VWs (me, not so much).
  13. Has anybody got any experience with a Toyota 33-FE or 5S-FE engine in a rail. They were used in Camrys, RAV4s, Celiecas and MR2s. They are a 16v 4 cylinder and came as 2.0s and later as a 2.2. They are supposedly one of the best motors Toyota has made. Kennedy makes an adapter for them. They start at 125HP @ 5,400 and about 140# of Tq at 4,400.
  14. Alumaseal and Barg's? both work good. I generally don't use them in a car as they can clog a heater core. You can also use half a tube. Go to the radiator shop first. If not them....my Napa welds AL, or go to a welding shop..

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