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  1. Not the answer you want to hear but if you want to slide you need to buy a Funco. Otherwise you can run in 2wd which I don't recommend in a RZR unless you carry a spare set of axles.
  2. Nice work ET3, 1-1, brap braaaap!!
  3. Subscribed, love these types of threads!
  4. Nice looking F250, is that a Raptor grill?
  5. 4 brand new take off tires and wheels from a 2018 Ford F150. Less than 100 miles. Located in Garden Grove, CA. Call or text 562-346-4556. Michelin LTX M/S2 - Size: 245/70R17
  6. Following this thread, agree with others the hot ticket would be to find one that is about a year old where the bugs are worked out.
  7. Beautiful truck with very tasteful mods. I know CA loves it because this would be the 3rd time they get to collect sales tax on the same vehicle!
  8. Congrats Bryan, looks like a sweet rig. Looking forward to hearing about your first trip report, I am looking at Eclipse for my next hauler.
  9. My guess is they were headed away from the beach, ouch!
  10. Busted both rear axles on my XP1000, was coming back from Olds to Gecko Campground and the lines flow so well on that run that my ear to ear grin apparently kept my foot on the floor and snapped them both after a hard landing. Had such a great trip up to that point I let the car sit the next day and rode in a buddy's Funco. Now the wheels are turning trying to figure out how I can make that purchase happen, entirely different ball game compared to a side x side!
  11. I need a new job! Props to BJ, he is a madman.

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