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  1. Nice work ET3, 1-1, brap braaaap!!
  2. Nice looking F250, is that a Raptor grill?
  3. Following this thread, agree with others the hot ticket would be to find one that is about a year old where the bugs are worked out.
  4. Beautiful truck with very tasteful mods. I know CA loves it because this would be the 3rd time they get to collect sales tax on the same vehicle!
  5. Congrats Bryan, looks like a sweet rig. Looking forward to hearing about your first trip report, I am looking at Eclipse for my next hauler.
  6. Subscribed, I have been eyeballing Attitude bumper pull haulers for the past year or so. Would be great if they could relocate the generator so you could get some pass thru storage in the front.
  7. Regency? never heard of this, some kind of limited production model?
  8. Great build man, eagerly awaiting the end result
  9. I have that exact bike sitting in my garage in excellent condition, I do take it out to the desert a few times a year and let it rip. Love me some 2 stroke!
  10. Nice looking truck, it would be advantageous to format your pictures correctly so we don't have to flip our screens over
  11. Looking good TJ, enjoy the season, I always enjoy your threads
  12. UPDATE: I drove it right into my trailer with zero issues, it was about 1" from high centering but otherwise fit no problem.
  13. Thanks for the replies guys, this will save me $500 when I go to Vail Lake next weekend. More beer $$$!

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