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  1. First off from the bottom of my heart I want to thank everyone who responded so quickly to the scene. Both Dan and I are so grateful for everyone who helped. Dan sustained 2nd and 3rd degree burns to his right side. He is doing better and as of yesterday. Keep the prayers coming because I know it helps! I know everyone is trying to figure out what happened. We still haven’t dug into the car to tell for sure. But what I can tell you is it was a fuel fire. Thank God I ALWAYS have everyone in my car wear a helmet! Without them it would have been really bad. I will try to keep everyone posted on Dan’s condition. I received burns to my hands and arms and only have a couple of fingers to type with so bear with me. Once again thank you for everyone’s help. It was awesome to see that people rallied and helped! Sincerely, Kirk
  2. I don't think I can deal with Marco if Mac isn't there J/K Looks like we better start working overtime on Mac's car. See Ya
  3. John, post some more pics! I've been too busy to come down and see the new master piece. the pics look really good. Btw tell Mac I've found the small bender and ordered 2 for us! Like always keep up the great work! See Ya Kirk P.S> where is my CRANK! hahahahahaha
  4. two 6 in and one 42 in. pm me the price.
  5. Real good John, first you break Marco then Adam. You need a sign on the back of the car that says "Follow at Own Risk!" See Ya
  6. Looking Great Matt. Now get back to work! See Ya Kirk
  7. I figured it out. It was the CDI. Now I know the PROPER way to wire these things up. It was a $30.00 lesson. But it runs now thats all that matters. Thanks.
  8. I've got a Lifan 110cc with electric start. I've followed the 5 wire diagram on Hooperimports.com. I can't get spark. I've checked the ground and all connections. Does anyone know how to check the CDI and Wires comming out of the motor. Below is how I connected the wiring up. Motor Wires: GRN = Ground BLU/WH = CDI BLK/RD = CDI YEL = Rectifier WH = Rectifer CDI BLU/WH = Motor BLK/RD = Motor BLK/WH = Kill Sw GRN = Ground BLK/YEL = Coil Any Help would be appreciated. Thank You.
  9. Buddie, Great job! Can't wait to see it over Thanksgiving week. Lets hook up for breakfast one morning. Mac and I will come down your way. See Ya, Kirk
  10. JustCoastN


    Hey Matt, Talk to Mac @ Outback he made one for me. See Ya
  11. Buddie, You better get to work! See Ya, Kirk
  12. Buddie, Can Mac and I come? We don't have Sandcars.net cars but we like them. I'll give you a call. See Ya Kirk
  13. Chummin thats the cleanest way I've ever heard of. I'm going to try that. When I have done them in the past I mix in a can (get it all over), Then put it in the grease gun (get it all over), Then pack CV's (get it all over). I think by the end I'm wearing as much as the CV's. Thanks for the tip!
  14. Matt, The car looks great! Get Jerry and lets go play. A fridat night full moon trip? Call Mac or John. See Ya Kirk

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