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  1. I had the same questons bout noise out of my 091, it has weddle gears in it. Then the second trip to the dunes, it kept gettin louder and finally after a full day of dunin, it started makin a spool up noise in 2nd gear. Pulled it and my builder said that the main shaft bearin was toasted. Should have it back by friday, see if that was all that was wrong?
  2. Where at in kansas is he located? Is it around the Wichita area? I haven't seen any of these at the dunes in Oklahoma, the closest place we got. just wonderin, would like to see one finished
  3. I was told that I needed a tach adapter to get a tach to work on my sandrail. It has a northstar with stock ecu/pcm. I have the original tach wire and tried to use it but the tach doesn't work. Was wondering what tach adapter I needed to use? Will a Autometer 9117 work, i read the description just said for mustangs on the summit add and when I called and asked, the sales say I don't need an adapter. I'm just installing a autometer sport-comp 5" tach.
  4. Don't mix dot 3 with dot 5 if there is already fluid in you pedal assy unless you plan on flushin all new fluid through it. if it is clear lookin, use dot 3, and if it has a blue/purple look than use dot 5. not sure what dot 4 looks like? dot 3 will turn a blackish color if it has been in there for a while and used a lot
  5. joshtyks


    Hey sanddunnesaddict, what ones do you have on your raptor? I have the none HID on mine and the bulbs break every time I go to the dunes and was wonderin if they made the new ones any better
  6. I'm new to this site, but not to the dunes/sandrails. I was wondering if all sand demons,tatums ride like shiat? I test drove one with a Mazda/Mindy setup but it had sway-away shocks, an older pair the car is 4-5 years old. I have riden in few other brand cars like buckshot, predator, and few other locally built LT cars that rode alot better than it did. I am lookin to either build from frame up or buy a used one if I find what I think I can afford or want and have seen alot of sand demons for sale and was wonderin if I should just stay away from them. Also, I have been told that there is a big difference between 18" and a 20" travel car?

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