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  1. I have a 2005 fleetwood gearbox with 120 gallon freah water tank i start filling it and about half way it starts overflowing out the top of the tank anyone know the problem?
  2. train

    Honda 3.5

    Yea on old's start 2nd finish 2nd maybe hit 3rd at very top
  3. train

    Honda 3.5

    Im running a j35a4 going to pull my mendeloa trans and have serviced never been done before. Looking for what everyone running as far as gear ratios and ring and pinion. dont no what in mine but the gearing is way off 1st is useless and 4th dose not pull and dune in 2nd gear the whole time could use some advice thanks
  4. train

    Honda Motor

    currently running the 3.5 that needs replaced
  5. train

    Honda Motor

    I just need a swap have a j35A4 either going with the same motor or was talking to someone they said go with the j32a type 2 more horsepower so havent decided on that yet
  6. train

    Honda Motor

    Dose anybody know anyone around the riverside area that install a honda motor in sand rail? Need new motor looking for someone who work with those thanks
  7. Looking for the best place to buy a honda J35A4 motor? Have one installed now just need short block if possible or a good deal or a modifed motor might be willing to pay for thanks
  8. For honda people i have a honda 3.5A4 in my car now needing to replace is there any differance in an 3.5A4 and An 3.5A5? Looking at the specs the A5 has more horsepower and torque and would i be able to use the same adaptor plate to the trans? THANKS 3. J35A4 (2001 – 2004) – this engine replaced J35A1. It featured a new intake manifold, its throttle body diameter was increased to 64 mm, and a new exhaust system was used. Also, there was an improved VTEC system, the diameter of intake valves was increased to 35 mm, of exhaust valves to 30 mm, the compression ratio was raised to 10. The J35A4 stock fuel injectors size was 240 cc. These upgrades boosted the power to 240 HP @ 5,400 rpm, the torque was 328 Nm @ 4,500 rpm.This engine was intended for Honda Odyssey and Honda Pilot.4. J35A5 (2002 – 2006) – this engine replaced the J35A3. Here a cylinder block with cast iron sleeves was used along with the new 2-stage intake manifold (activated at 3,700 rpm), an electronic throttle, an improved exhaust system, and more dynamic camshafts. The VTEC system is triggered upon reaching 4,400 rpm. Here the fuel system has been modified, and everything is controlled by another ECU. This modes increased engine efficiency, and its power reached 265 HP @ 5,800 rpm, the torque was 340 Nm @ 3,500 rpm.This engine was created only for Acura RDX. A
  9. i have away a way shocks on my sand rial and they havent been serviced since i have had it 5 years dose any body no a goos service shop located in riverside ca
  10. train

    New motor

    I'm going to be changing my motor this summer i have a honda j35a4 going to stay with honda is there any way to get more hp with out using a turbo am d I need a place to get a good motor any advice thanks
  11. I have holeshot extremes eliminators 14.50x15 competitors on my sand car what is compairable in size do you have available thanks
  12. train

    Trans question

    any reconmeditions on changing the clutch and what to go with?

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