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  1. blackmagic250R

    WTB: AnYthing Tabbed for a SBC

    Nothing out there lurking???
  2. blackmagic250R

    Anyone Have An Amazing Mattress?

    Custom comfort Craig, showroom in brea or anahiem. Locally built, best money I have ever spent
  3. blackmagic250R

    WTB: AnYthing Tabbed for a SBC

    Anyone got a sand toy tabbed for a SBC? Anyone blow up a rail or Sand Jeep? I have an old outlaw 410 motor wanting a second career. thank you!
  4. blackmagic250R

    Revenge Racing Predator 5 seat dual sport~~twin turbo V8

    What do you mean by needs a tune?
  5. blackmagic250R

    S4s refreshening costs?? Looking at a rail with one

    Thank you!! I appreciate the feedback. So really, no additional costs than running a 2d car.
  6. Hey guys! seems like my never ending quest for a car continues indefinitely. Looking at a car with an S4S behind a twin turbo redline Northstar. Just wondering what a freshing costs on such a car. Trans was refreshened 20hrs ago by wright. Seller has reciepts from previous shop that “pulled and took to wright”but the cost was lumped in on an invoice with a large maintence overhaul. Seller doesnt have physical wright invoice. I read some people love the trans, others hate them
  7. blackmagic250R

    Honda 3.5 stored 3 years

    Lots of good info, here is a trick i also learned from firing up sitting projects. You may not need to service injectors, u can pull the line from the fuel pump and using a plastic syringe pump marvel mystery oil or mix up a gallon or so of 40:1 two stroke fuel and prime the fuel system. Injectors can loosen up without a problem. Unplug every coil and pull the spark plugs, turn the engine over until u can see gas vaper being forced out of the cylinder via the spark plug hole. Let the engine sit for an hour, and now do an oil change. U want to make sure any fuel from priming the engine is now leaving in the old Oil. Now with fresh oil leave the spark plugs out, coils still disconnected and now disconnect the injectors and pull power from fuel pump, turn engine over until oil pressure gauge shows pressure. Hook everything back up and fire her for real. You now have primed the oil system and injectors and shouldnt hurt anything in the process
  8. blackmagic250R

    Continue the story without finishing it

    On my face........was the phrase he needed to say to the right people to finally get back into the business
  9. blackmagic250R

    How To Buy a Funco. Help a Newbie Out.

    Thank you to all who responded!!! Cookie thank you so much! Gen 3-Gen 4 I will take what I can find! Thanks again for the trailing arms heads up and motor talk. i have followed John@outfront a lot and bugged him since I was 18 lol id love to own a car with one of his motors! But like said C&G also has a great reputation! Thanks guys! I’ll be sure to post on what I drag home!
  10. blackmagic250R

    How To Buy a Funco. Help a Newbie Out.

    I did and he did not respond to my texts from craigslist. I happened to be in pheonix with a truck too!
  11. blackmagic250R

    How To Buy a Funco. Help a Newbie Out.

    The day has finally come to add a mini van er.... a Funco to the fleet. With the wife wishing to do more "back seat duning" than riding her own ATV and kids in the future some day I think the time is right to add a sand rail to the family. I am set on getting a Funco. We were able to dune with a group that had a fleet of Gen 3 Big 5's and they seemed to fit us the best a long with desired ride. The wife like's the ease of getting in and out and the potential to stick 3 people in the back. Where I am seeking help is what would you recommend to a Newbie who is getting into the game? What did you wish you knew when you bought one? I am pretty set on finding a 2D car with a Subie 2.5. Is there anything else you liked? My Price Range is about 23k and it seems that should be an obtainable number for a good quality rig. I have been told to check all hiems obviously and then I was told the rear pivot support area's are known for cracking and so to keep an eye on that as well. Obviously keep an eye on the CV boots, check for slot and also that the axle will pivot back and forth within the cv. I hear the front racks like to crack away from the frame (witnessed it myself) and so to check that area. just looking for input from you all. Thanks!
  12. blackmagic250R

    Horsepower wars 2018.

    It's Like asking how much something costs..... Those with the cars even close to the HP needed to rumble are contacted way before anything ever hits the forum....
  13. blackmagic250R

    Making a Motor Live

    DING DING....if you have a Rat empting the sump you have a problem with drain back somewhere. Only one I have ever seen had rollock disc crap impeding the oiling holes at the mains, cam galley and slug in the cylinder heads. It was an older road race 427 that the owner swore by Pennzoil..... WHAT WAS WAX WILL ALWAYS RETURN TO WAX. I have been noticing on some of the new Power Strokes and Duramax's the oil temp gauge is a dummy gauge.....you can have a 30 degree swing in temp and it does not move.... you can only tell the difference through the digital display. I know when I was building a lot of the aircooled porsche and vw stuff we use to say for every 10 degrees over 275 on a race car for an extended period was at least a weekend at the track. Once we had multiple coolers and a car down to a max of 275 for oil temp those engines would double in life expectancy. Had multiple engines running 2 seasons at competition level power. and like J Alper says these motors on tear down were so much happier!!! I think it is a testament to the fact that the oil in your engine is not just lubrication but ALSO a secondary cooling system....
  14. blackmagic250R

    WTB 4 lug vw Paddle tires

    Anyone have cheapy 13.00 ish 4 lug vw pattern tires and rims laying around? Coming from Anaheim
  15. blackmagic250R

    Wtb wrecked VW Sandrail

    Thanks!! Been scavenging the best I can on craigslist.

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