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  1. Happay B day you 70 lovin Fool!!!!
  2. GREAT DOGS!!!! we loved ours.....His name was Benny...…..He died in 2010...…..we got a yellow lab now and they are VERY different dogs. Lab has high energy Here is our lab ….ALWAYS looking for socks!!!! CONGRATS on your awesome new family member!!! She is beautiful!
  3. I will take em for sure!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!
  4. POULE43

    A+ Build

    I WILL Trike Nab this bike!!! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Congrats!!!!
  5. Ill take the 2 fuel jugs and 2 clear water jugs!! / Thanks for thinking of me Robert L!!! just saw derwoods reply....whatever he didn't want
  6. Not mine, just passing along https://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/mcy/d/el-cajon-atcs/6915127308.html :poule:
  7. That's Walt in Havasu (one a day )….call him up...those look great
  8. Hope they have light bars and accessories at the sand show!! Sandpsycho will be upset if they don't.....He loves these things!!! Just AWESOME!
  9. Matt, Keep these for the bbq cart!!!
  10. Spent an awesome day with my son at a lacrosse tournament. Here is a pic of the crew and all the dads
  11. Hanging out on East Coast at the 4H lacrosse tournament....... perfect weather and some incredible games!!!!! go Mad Dog!!!!! Go Seabass!!!
  12. no way / tell him you will meet at the bank in the am, If he wants to d paypal because of a credit card tell him to take a cash advance and offer to pay the cash advance fee so he can't stop payment on you like he can with paypal…...don't do it!!!! also depends if its a big item.....up to you but unless I knew them, I would be hesitant on something like a car, rv,....rail....etc
  13. Not if the entire thing is on Casters!!!!
  14. POULE43

    ATC 70

    Carbon fiber fenders / Just tuned / Black douglas wheels / Black powdercoated forks / Give it 2 days...asking $1275,,.....Thanks!

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