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  1. Putting on "The Big Air Show" NICE!!!!!!
  2. Anyone have any small dumb bells they want to get rid of......my daughter is looking for some. / Let me know what you have. 760-443-754 EIGHT
  3. went to grab a few parts.......hit the grocery store for some corn tortillas.......cold Modelo and some AWESOME breakfast carnitas / egg tacos!!!! MMMMMM
  4. For What / He is socialy distanced out exercising??? what was the charge? People are out walking everywhere?? I havent heard the ocean was closed...just certain beaches
  5. THAT is such a great bike!!!! I am watching this!!!
  6. Miss the Glamis trips Joel!!!! Have a great Bday!
  7. Jason!!!! Have a great Bday!
  8. I heard that the reason they closed Gecko and Osbourne and other places where there are " RV Paved Pads"...... They are only allowing "wilderness" camping like in the washes. This complies with the rules that are in place.
  9. @Mac Wern't we just talking about this?

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