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  1. IT WAS!!! Got to see some peeps that I haven't seen in YEARS!!! FUN TIMES for sure! Had a blast walking around seeing the builds and wishing I had lots of $$$$ to buy a fleet and outfit an army of buddies and live in Glamis! Favorite parts of the day was to hang out at the Boardmanville Bar and see Kevin and QG & Skywonder! (Tres 70 Regatta @ Boardmanville 2020 gets my vote ) Great Peeps 4 sure.....Tailgaiting with Stugots, matt86, sampler audi & maria in the back of the truck bed with icey cold rolling rocks and solving a lot of world issues was another hilight! Also got to see pennywise and mindy….sat in the SCU for about 15 minutes making engine noises wishing I could roll that baby out of MY trailer!!!! Finally Got to have a kick azz Mexican dinner with Trapster and crew then headed home with Sampler and reviewed the days plan to get him into a SXS with a few aftermarket accessories. Tim at SDR is a Rock Star! His attention to detail is AWESOME....his cages and LT kits are beautiful and some plans are in the mix to get Sampler rolling on 4wheels and a steering wheel asap! The willingness he has to talk someone thru a big decision and not forget what glamis / offroading is about really hit a home run ! Only SSSS purchase was my boardmanville T shirt & a frosty cold dos equis ! Can't wait for the season to get rolling and some dune time in with the family and friends. See you in the sand! PS: Best Car in the SSSS IMHO / Alex, you are going to regret selling this car!!! Its a BEAUTY! SCU R4 !
  2. Have a great day you lovin fool!!!!
  3. Hitchhiking a ride to the Sancho got a ride with a buddy off Tamarack : poule:
  4. I have these on mine. Paid a mobile guy to put on 4 last week. They are great. I did the fronts last season.
  5. Congrats to the newest member of the atc 70 family! He is already texted " This thing is soo much fun running around the neighborhood!!!" THAT A BOY!!!! Lets see the pics of that Sterdy 125 (here is all I have) conversion BEAUTY!!!!
  6. LOOKS BRAND NEW!!!!! Nice Job
  7. They look brand new / You are gonna be making a few more trips to Grant with the way those came out! NICE!!!
  8. I want the car / garage / house...…… NICE SETUP.....Love all the TVs above the benches!!!!
  9. Best Set up IN MY HUMBLE OPINION Gigantic 5th wheel (Older one / fully remodeled and pimped out for 15 - 20K Rhino line roof and leave it at the dunes) Plus a cargo trailer if you have a buggy OR a nice flatbed Get the Motorhome For everything else kept at home always ready to go. The last thing you want like TJ said is dragging and abusing the moho thru pismo / sand / mud / high wind of blasting sand...etc If you could, Id keep your current 5th wheel and save for a nice used pusher My 2 cents...…..sounds not as simple, but when you look at trying to make one work for everything, why not have an older 5th wheel with a little make over action to make it pimpin and let it die in the desert instead of batteling and worrying about a georgoues pusher being destroyed. My goal is to have a 45 foot Warrior and a disel 5500 truck for towing 4X4 leave it at dunes edge and live in North Carolina. ...There Ill have a moho on the property for everything else in life...…...Dune Time...fly to San Diego for the winter and buy everything I can OUTSIDE California. No $$ for Gavin Newsome!
  10. Sooo Beautiful! KX 85cc 2 stroke motor https://portland.craigslist.org/clc/snw/d/oregon-city-honda-atc-70/6973066045.html
  11. AWESOME!!!!!! The peeps on this website are INCREDIBLE!!!! Thank You A. Duner!
  12. I think STUGOTS read your post....Just called him and WOKE HIS AZZ UP (Its 9:30pm ) Night Night Everyone!
  13. My buddy Sheldon (Best Mobile phone repair guy in the business!/ keep this number boys for when you break your screen OR need a new battery)……...OK Back to topic.....Like new paddles and razors mounted on douglas rims that are for a DS 650 (may fit other hubs / do your research) $150 OBO CALL SHELDON # 760- 521-1123....Located in North County San Diego

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