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  1. Gotta use 2 timeshare weeks that we can never use because we are too busy. I can get them at Seapointe (LEGOLAND Carlsbad) So Cal Beach Club Oceanside CA (on Beach) Hawaii I am open to trade 450 quads / atc 250Rs / 27 inch buggy axels / 930 cvs / ATC 70s / Pretty Open Andy 760-443-754 EIGHT
  2. Great kids bikes / take off the restrictors and they go great!!!!
  3. Trust me / I called first, even tried to figure in dmv back fees, then said am I doing.....This is EXACTLY how I complicate my life! NO ! Someone Scored!
  4. One of the best most overlooked methods is to yell STOP to the person spinning the wheels and digging the hole deeper / We always get everyone around, Lift the tire that is buried and have someone on the sand FILLING THE HOLE while the stuck vehicle wheel is up in the air Always pull the front end around / Make sure sand is under wheels and have EVERYONE push if possible on the exit My 2 Cents!
  5. You should get an r2d2 wrap and put it on there. It would look sooo cool to see R2D2 cruising by sitting back there!
  6. Great Seller / someone will score!!!!!! digs the cruise missle!!! GLWTS!!!
  7. The gene pool in glamis is very shallow in MANY cases. Like everywhere there are some real Aholes but the difference is that they are equipped with lots of alchol and high powered machines / thinking there are no rules. Be careful out there....It can go bad real fast...…..Sometimes its best to let it go...…….It is VERY frustrating though
  8. Can it fit a 1973 atc 70 inside it / I have one that needs to go back there for a buddy?
  9. enjoy it now while it lasts / it will break off at the a arm very soon!!! @Sndsamplr All the ones I saw this weekend had them removed OR Zip Tied up on the front.
  10. PROUD Dad Right There!!!! One AWESOME Guy watching his KICK AZZ Girl and Her Hubby get their coins at the flagpole!!!! That Smile is PRICELESS!!!! That guy is my brother from another / They don't make em any better!!! @Stugots
  11. Its true!!! and to add insult to injury, He sprained his ankle (I gave him a make shift cane) and his tire went FLAT!!! It was a Carnaged filled weekend 4 Sure!!! It was sad seeing him walk across camp!

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