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  1. POULE43

    It's Saturday 1/19/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    In. Beautiful palm springs for Sandstorm lacrosse tournament with my son great times for sure!!!!
  2. POULE43

    It's Saturday 1/12/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    San Diego seals inagural season home opener against Rodchester!! Great game with my wife and 2. Sons!!! The Sirens dance team was looking good!!!!!
  3. POULE43

    Sand toy market soft?

    BIG TIME!!!! You nailed it...….. Why people care how others pay for or what they drive is Its how people behave with whatever they have....Super Simple/ Don't be a Mcpenis!
  4. POULE43

    2 seat 3.0 Honda Mid Engine

    This Car Rips and is built for reliability..... Randy and ZT Fab spent a LOT of time …..$$$$$.....and energy to make this car what it is today. Somebody is going to get one hell of a car for less then a SXS price!!!! Nice Ride and SWEET Car!
  5. POULE43

    Buggy VS Rzr?

    Dear God that was hard to watch. The other side of that jump was not at all visible to the rail driver. SOOO SAD how many lives were altered in those few seconds.... Prayers are with the family who lost their husband / Dad Sooo Sad!
  6. Lets get this bike sold and to a new owner for the season!!!! Bike RIPS!!!! Possible trade for a YFZ450 Quad
  7. POULE43

    Camp Fire Permit - Happy New Year!

    Thanks just printed it for the storm Troopers!
  8. Cleaned up the garage and made a new control panel for the overhead Lionel train set in my office. Its gonna have 3 buttons across the bottom to control all the 1950s accessories. Soo fun to just hang out and fix trains and rc cars w the kids headed to see the new Clint Eastwood movie w the family good times!!!!
  9. POULE43

    Suspensions Unlimited sold!

    Congrats / You Scored!!!! NICE CAR!!!
  10. Just have the shocks dialed in...….Put in Jet Trim Seats...…..add the powersteering…...Squatcher had a 900 with those options and it was like a lazy boy! A LOT less $$$ and you already know that SXS you have...…….
  11. POULE43

    Fix for leaky suzuki/kawi petcocks

    GREAT Post / We did it on the LT80 too...…..the stock factory set up is a nightmare!!!!
  12. POULE43

    !! Woke up to a White Christmas in Carlsbad !!

    It was the end piece...BUT it was Juicy and very pink inside! It was AWESOME!!!!
  13. Merry Christmas gd.com peeps!!!! Hope everyone has a great holiday!!!!
  14. POULE43

    Shout out to Pro Seal Systems

    Got to hang out w Maria and Randy for breakfast today at Karl Strauss!!!!! He does incredible work!!!!!!
  15. POULE43

    Lets see those SCU's

    Love seeing all the SCU cars!!!! Here are the ones we have had love the SCU crew Don and Kathy are great people!!!!!

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