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  1. CONGRATS!!!! @jjoseph99 You Scored!!! Nice Bike 4 sure! Lets see it with some custom graphics and some LED lights / Whips!!!!! The Imperial invasion / 3 wheeler event is coming up soon!!!!!!
  2. Sunday night the entire road was shut down on gecko so the chopper could land. I was told that a OHV went into the canal and that an 8 year old girl was hurt. I kept thinking about it and this kind of stuff ALWAYS is upsetting ESPECIALY when a kid is involved. Any info / Update …….. This kid has been on my mind. I pray she is ok. The chopper was there for a long time. We were camped on pad 1 and hoping she pulled thru.
  3. NO HHHMMMMM - Get your azz out there / bring Audi / Gonna be FUN!
  4. GM!!!! Hope you are in Glamis ripping the GM52 all over the place!
  5. Anyone have an iPhone 6 OR 6s they wanna get rid of. Need it to work on TMobile Please call asap / Daughter dropped hers in water Andy 760-443-754 EIGHT
  6. I have a 300M set in Great shape that are a little over 26Inches / Call me Andy 760-443-754EIGHT
  7. Mike nice upgrade. I use 4 6 volts and will never go back. They are awesome. if you can get a solar pannel and keep em topped off
  8. Get this on the schedule 3 wheeler nuts!!!!! Gonna be a blast!!!
  9. If Im Sorry @I'm Sorry is asking..................Ocitollo Wells.....Right by the road!
  10. Was it "LIKE" 10 years ago OR was it in in 2009? So, ......whats"like" yore point......? Photo credit was edited in and you were given full credit of course...... PS: Only a couple of those pics were "LIKE ACTUALLY" from the invasion.....I just posted up the types of bikes that attend. Very Sorry that "LIKE" aaaahhhh you were offended 😁 Oh yeah..... I remember that pool! Fun Times Fireman....we be counting you IN!!!!
  11. It is a blast / Gotta get out there and participate in this THEN the golf tourney! I can't wait!
  12. G F Y S Potato Head!
  13. Happy BDay Kevin!!!!!!

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