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  1. THATS the Spirit!!!! Stugots needs $$$ for a motor rebuild!!!! the boy is ON IT! @Stugots
  2. The Dunes shouldn't be closed there …..Period...…… To get issued a ticket and be OK with it goes to show how bad we just accept everything Johnny Law BLM says......Take it to court and fight it. Explain your side and see what happens......There is a very specific reason they wait where they do....Its because the closure there is CRAZY....They block any access to get to where everyone goes!!!!! The peeps in the south dunes got hosed when they re aligned everything a few years ago. Its PUBLIC land...It belongs to you! why is it OK for the BLM to be out there on a vicious sand digging machine that destroys wildlife …. Ill tell you....To Make MONEY on Tickets! Press hard there are 3 copies!!! Makes my blood Boil!
  3. 700 bucks PLUS $7 per month / No Thanks!!!! Ill keep the prisioners working at the Licence Plate factory if we have any left that we didn't release
  4. POULE43

    5.3 power?

    I gotta find it / It was on my phone but its cut off...sorry......If I had to guess its about 600HP to the wheels ..... (with a subi like LCG) G) Hope I cleared up any confusion!
  5. POULE43

    5.3 power?

    Here is my dyno sheet from the alper 5.3
  6. they just drained a giant white Igloo beer cooler of ice jackazz. Quit being such an internet troll and upholding the PPOG code of conduct. Dipchit
  7. POULE43

    EMPI axles

    I just ordered a set from RBP in Anaheim. Heard they were very strong. I have a 2D and 5.3 also
  8. That is a great Truck!!!! I would love to have that and the 54 Foot quad axel Warrior 5th wheel all pimped out and leave it on end of Roadrunner for the season Love the interior upgrade. Nice rig 4 Sure GLWTS!!!
  9. They were just fine without you. @CHEFFThey wanted a "Glamis Experience" Not some typical couple who travels to the RV parks across across the USA and puts out one of those signs and giant light bulbs on the awning with a few potted plants!
  10. I got lucky a few years back, my buddy had a surpluss of real Tempurpedic mattresses. He outfitted the RV for me so I have the same mattress in the RV as at home...……. Otherwise, You are correct....I woulds said the magic @Stugots words " Ill Take It" !
  11. It was a great movie for sure! I watched the 2nd video you posted @onanysunday
  12. Bump For @jhuerta Here is some of the other stuff I did with Jason......You will be very happy with the 5.3 swap from the 3.2 ! Call Jason and get rolling, he treated me well!

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