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  1. I have a 27 foot box trailer 5th wheel trailer for sale it is wired for 110 volt plugs and light.and has AC. Very heavy duty trailer was used as a construction office trailer. Could be used as storage or a desert trailer 2500.00 currently has a 5 th wheel hitch can also be a goose neck. It has barn doors at the back. Torsion axels very well built trailer.
  2. Ya I finished my swap back in aug. got all new sending unit. So no need for the ones you have. But thanks for asking. It looks like your Honda is running good. Looks like you did a nice job of switching into the Honda.
  3. I had this problem once. I replaced the IC V and that fixed it. But you have already tried that. And second was look for vacuum leak, that’s done. I can’t any thing more except all my Honda’s pop slightly at idle with a stock computer. I think that is normal.
  4. From the loop to duners dinner is about 21 miles. I could make it there and back on about 6 or 7 gallons of gas on my old Honda motor.
  5. Are these still for sale. Let me know. Thanks Lardog
  6. Selling headers for a Honda motor they will fit any 3.0, 3.5,or 3.2 motor. $250.00 they are in good condition and set up with a bung hole to run an 02 sensor. It’s best to call or text me 951- 775-2008
  7. Here is my dad’s 1999 Ford F-350 for sale. 2500.00 He has owned it since it was new. A one owner truck. Run perfect. Needs nothing. All repairs and maintance done by ford dealer. My dad is the type of guy who takes great care of his stuff. No body damage. Paint is a little faded the truck has a little over 400,000 miles. I was waiting to buy this from my dad but I got tired of waiting and bought a newer truck so I am just trying to sell it for him. Best to call or text 951-775-2008 Larry
  8. I am posting this for a friend. It is a Mazone mid engine roller everything is there and included except the motor.. Comes with everything you see. The tranny is there but it needs work not sure what's wrong with it, It has A arm front end with air shocks and fox rear coil overs. Comes with paddles and from emplaments tires. great Looking and handing car.. He wants 1500.00 for the whole thing. He could part out the car for more than that. But just wants it gone to someone that will use it. This is a great car at a great price with lots of good parts. You can PM me or call or text Dan @ 909-322-1256 the car is in Temecula..
  9. Thanks for all the reply’s. I am thinking of getting the hose and fittings and trying it my self. Like rebandweb. The price of taking to some worry’s me. I am thinking I will try who he bought it from. I saw them on the web and prices look good. Also that way I can take my time on making up the size of each hose.
  10. I am going to run E85 in my suby motor next year. Looking for the best place to buy PTFE fuel line and fittings around temecula or San Diego i have been watching video of how to install the fittings. It does not look to hard. Has anyone gone down this road ? Is it better to have someone make up the lines, or do it my self. so if you know a place to buy the parts or a place to have them made let me know. If you have any advice on this subject I would like to here it. i think I remember a place Vista that use to make colored brake lines that use to advertise to the off road guys can’t remember their name, not sure if they made fuel lines. Any help would be helpful. Thanks
  11. Set of headers for any size Honda 3.0,3.2,3.5 great shape 300.00 $ text me or call 951-775-2008. Come with the bung hole for the o2 sensor.
  12. I am selling my 3.5 Honda. 1500.00 dollars. It has one season on it. My last one went bad and started burning oil so I replaced it with this one. It is a JDM with about 60,000 miles. Runs great motor adaptor harness and headers flywheel. The whole package. Great compression. Did not burn one drop of oil all season. Call or text 951 775 2008

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